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 posted in Jewel Quest Mysteries: The Seventh Gate on Aug 13, 12 4:34 PM
I am using the iPad and when I put a color in it won't stay. Any sugestions?
 posted in Rescue Team 2 on Jun 6, 12 8:04 PM
Finally figured it out . Don't complete bridge on rt side, or wood shop, or wood at top near wood shop. Don't release second worker.

Get wood on rt, clear on bottom and left up to bridge, collect wood and food as you go. Then do bridge on left and food shop. Now release one worker. Get food and wood except for exceptions above. Clear the gold by removing only one blockade per group. Clear big boulder and bridges on left, get gems.
 posted in Rescue Team 2 on Jun 5, 12 5:07 PM
Can't figure this one out. Which way first, etc? Please help with level 18

 posted in Rescue Team 2 on Jun 5, 12 4:59 PM
Thank you for this help! I never figured this out.
 posted in Rescue Team 2 on Apr 6, 12 12:36 AM
Only clear one small rock to free one worker. Otherwise, wind thru without clearing boulders. Keep using the "lets run" from the beginning. Keep sending one person ahead to clear the wood or build the cafe and the others clean up after as long as they are blocked. Gold, and gems and some of the food. Send the one ahead as far as he can go to clear the wood each time, letting the others get the rest.
 posted in Rescue Team 2 on Apr 6, 12 12:10 AM
Don't rebuild the lower wooden bridge after the earthquake, which gives you the last 50 fish you need.
 posted in Rescue Team 2 on Apr 6, 12 12:08 AM
I finally got it! Before building boat dock, build both houses collect the gold and build the oil pumps and the saw mill. Build the house near the boat dock at the same time as dock and quickly get the speed boat by the dock as earthquake warning sounds. Then do not rebuild the lower wooden bridge. Also don't tear down the large bolder between the saw mill and the oil pumps. Finally you get enough fish. Also collect one fast food before earthquake and the second one just after.
 posted in Hidden Wonders of the Depths 3: Atlantis Adventures on Apr 5, 12 11:12 PM
When will this be available on the ipad?
 posted in Snark Busters: All Revved up on Apr 5, 12 11:09 PM
I am looking forward to this version on ipad. I have Welcome to the Club and really like it. Is there another version besides these two?
 posted in Hidden Wonders of the Depths 2 on Apr 5, 12 11:01 PM
If you have gotten thru 25-9 and there is no more to buy for the ship, you are finished, it just doesn't say you have won, but you have. Whether you buy more fish or all of the fish doesn't seem to matter. You have to reset or restart the game, to start over at 1-1 and have it score correctly and to continue correctly.
 posted in Hidden Expedition: Amazon ™ on Apr 5, 12 10:48 PM
If you are where I think you are, the same scene where you put the pulley on the rope: across from the pulley diagonally is a place for the lever.
 posted in Snark Busters: Welcome to the Club on Apr 5, 12 10:35 PM
You will find the unicorn in a different room, eventually. Look at the walkthrough for more help.
 posted in Snark Busters: Welcome to the Club on Apr 5, 12 10:33 PM
For the lost pot, go back to the index of topics for Snark BustersWelcome to the club and click on Pot Lost-Welcome to the Club. There are some suggestions there.
 posted in Season Match on Apr 5, 12 6:11 PM
You have to collect each trophy first, before you can play the trophy level. Click on a trophy in shadow and see what you need to do to have that trophy. Have fun!
 posted in Season Match 2 on Apr 5, 12 6:09 PM
I am on ipad, so no mouse, and no help. Sorry.
 posted in Season Match 2 on Apr 5, 12 6:07 PM
Diane, use the knife/sword. Thrust it toward the grassy area going diagonally thru it. //
 posted in Season Match 2 on Mar 29, 12 8:07 PM
Are you refering to level 29 in the Arcade Mode? The big block of blocks, lol. Usually I have to use the knife to slash thru it to open it up better. The knife can't just be clicked on, but moved, and use a thrusting motion slashing across diagonally.//

Hope that helps.
 posted in Rescue Team 2 on Mar 29, 12 7:59 PM
Agree with the iPad 1, can't get enough food to complete the top or East section before having to build the pier or waste more time waiting, which didn't allow getting gold either. I tried holding back getting each fish until there was over the amount of oil, so it wouldn't run out. Didn't work either. Guess we just have to settle for Silver on this one and know we can't do any better.
 posted in Rescue Team 2 on Mar 29, 12 7:12 PM
I build the port ASAP, earthquake, etc. i need to get the boat to pick up one more fish to make gold. I have tried and tried. Is there a max number of fish or is it time, or if you don't have oil fast enough, tough luck???? I am building the oil pier first thing??

Help if you know how to get one more fish. It stops giving them way too early.
 posted in Hidden Wonders of the Depths on Mar 19, 12 12:44 PM
There is a game 2, but not available on ipad yet. Would love to have it, as I play this game over and over also.

The circles , some you just click on, others you have to place them where you want them to work.

1. A knife to cut thru chains

2. More time

3.lightning to zap a whole verticle line.

4. Fan that changes all tiles

Not sure of the order of the rest.

A hurricane that cleans up most of a horizontal line. ( if a chain, it will remove one layer.

+ that is like the hurricane, but will work in horizontal and vertical at the same time

Another circle that will zap sporadically.

And I think there is one more, you'll have to try. It is the last one and I don't use it much.
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