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 posted in Mahjong Towers Eternity™ on Nov 2, 17 4:59 PM
Bfg have thrown this game because of the $$$ they cant make on it via other device download due to the "technical limitations" of those devices & for that -

the bottom line is PC players who legitimately own this game have been descriminated against

the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people, especially on the grounds of (other synonyms that fall into other areas of this meaning etc have been removed)

synonyms: intolerance, narrow-mindedness, unfairness, inequity, favouritism, one-sidedness,
 posted in Mahjong Towers Eternity™ on Nov 2, 17 4:52 PM
Those of you suggesting Bfg bring it back temporarily for the downloading of layouts is pointless - the game will only hold a maximum of a little over 200 layouts for it to be able to be played & that will include some lag with a file that size until some are dropped -

the game was designed for continual never ending play hense the name including Eternity - meaning so long as people were playing & sharing thier creations there would always be new content to download

technical abilities are huge these days & for Bfg to claim that is the issue surrounding this game is a lie when it comes to PC playing

they have both PC & Online game sections available - both of which this game falls into both categories - thier reason for taking it down in this case has therefore been proven to be unfounded - they are denying the "technical limitations" are around more modern device playing - anyone who knows this game & how it works knows full well trying to play it long term on other devices besides PC would not be possible in the long term - other devices do not have the requirements available that a PC does for running it in the long term
 posted in Mahjong Towers Eternity™ on Oct 21, 17 2:59 AM
Your information in relation to this game is incorrect - there are no built in layouts other than the 10 provided when the game is installed - once these are played there are no more - the game needs a server for downloading all other layouts to play & thats all it needs -

the only technical limitations this game has is if it is installed onto devices like cellphones - the game was not designed to be played on them - it is an online pc game -
penalizing pc players who own this game is ridiculously absurd considering there is a pc & online sections options available to play in Big Fish

im not interested in any game code - i want the game i bought & paid for reinstated to the server so i can play it - its my game - it can be played without the official Mte Forum & other sites - all it needs is the server connection & layouts site for the ability for the game to be able to internally download the layouts
 posted in Mahjong Towers Eternity™ on Oct 14, 17 3:44 AM
BfgBeruna alot of us have been playing this game since it first came out & purchased it - its my understanding that its been shut down without warning to anyone that plays - the Mte Official Forum is also gone - i bought this game along with many others & we want to play it - we now cant even play the versions that were bought from other sites that were paid for that we own - where do yas get off thinking ya'll can just please yourselves when it comes to what others own who have ligitimatly purchased this game wether it be from here or elsewhere - thats a low blow on the part of Big Fish Games considering your the only place now who runs it - or should i say do so no longer - not a word has been said anywhere about it - there are players out there who DO play it regularly
 posted in Mahjong Towers Eternity™ on Sep 15, 11 6:45 AM
LOL Libtard - oh i agree with you 100% there
 posted in Mahjong Towers Eternity™ on Sep 15, 11 6:38 AM
Aaaahhh...just found a link for you in another post
 posted in Mahjong Towers Eternity™ on Sep 15, 11 6:37 AM
try this link
 posted in Mahjong Towers Eternity™ on Sep 15, 11 6:32 AM
Hi Laura - am aware of this prob - new link created & will have that info back up over next couple of days -

once done will try relocate the old one in the threads to update it - apologies
 posted in Mahjong Towers Eternity™ on Sep 15, 11 6:27 AM
Hi - which puter system are you running the game on? (Xp - Vista - Windows 7 - Mac)

need this info to reply with correct info for yr system
 posted in Mahjong Towers Eternity™ on Sep 15, 11 6:22 AM
theyr talking about downloading more layouts that they havnt played - there are millions of them out there - you dont have to replay the same ones -

im not possitive but it used to be that you played a trial version of the game in Bfg - the full version is the downloadable purchasing one & allows access to all downloadable layouts
 posted in Mahjong Towers Eternity™ on Sep 15, 11 6:10 AM
Hi all - apologies for not getting in here sooner - we have recently taken on the roll of raising our young grandson so my time getting in here is limited at the mo

My apologies to all those looking for the link on how to save yr player folder - a month or so back i tried renaming the thread & think i damaged the link - i did at the time get in touch with customer support & the technical team asking if they could repair it but they were unable to locate it & have told me to repost it - just hadnt gotten back to it

it does tell you in the ? mark in the top left hand corner of the game to save the player folder - it just dosnt tell you how so i will get this info back up asap over next couple of days


 posted in Mahjong Towers Eternity™ on Sep 15, 11 5:43 AM
there are nine games per level -

& the animal order is as follows -

 posted in Mahjong Towers Eternity™ on Sep 15, 11 5:25 AM
there sure is Tinkerbell - will pm you the link - will appear in yr My Messages box on yr right
 posted in Mahjong Towers Eternity™ on Jul 12, 11 4:25 AM
mierdaforum wrote:Hello,
Just bought this game just to find that i cannot play on Windows 7. Screen resolution problem like everyone else.
Can you please let me know what can i do?
It is really a pity that after one hundred customers have had the same problem and seems you already know the answer i cannot see it because by forum rules you have to pm everyone. Very sad, goodbye saturday, i will have to wait several days for an answer then ........ sad really
Thanks and regards,

Hi Mierdaforum - i so hear what yr saying - would be grt to be able to just post links for all in relation to the Mte probs but it is a huge forum & if we all posted outside links all over the place then it would get pretty messy in here trying to find anything - so i guess in that sense Bfg have got it right -

Have pm'd you some links to help with yr screen resolution if yr still playing & needing it

 posted in Mahjong Towers Eternity™ on Jul 12, 11 3:35 AM
Right game Bubblefunfest - the online game community is just no longer available for it
 posted in Mahjong Towers Eternity™ on Jul 12, 11 3:17 AM
evaree wrote:After months of playing this game to build up my score I find this morning that all has been erased and I am back to square very frustrating. What happened?

This can happen to anyone at anytime

Learn how to backup yr player folder & do so everytime you exit the game - you can then copy it back into the game when this sort of thing happens & continue where you left off
 posted in Mahjong Towers Eternity™ on Jul 12, 11 2:15 AM
Top Priority: Back up yr player folder -

then view this link -
 posted in Mahjong Towers Eternity™ on Jul 12, 11 1:15 AM
Lol - luvn it Dixielady!! yv got me grinning from ear to ear

Did you buy it Bettyboop2? is an awesome game!!!
 posted in Mahjong Towers Eternity™ on Jul 12, 11 1:05 AM
Top Priority: Back up yr player folder -

then view this link -

 posted in Mahjong Towers Eternity™ on Jul 12, 11 12:58 AM
View this link
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