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 posted in Royal Envoy 3 Collector's Edition on Jun 7, 14 2:14 PM
Please do not confuse the term "Bonus Levels" with the "Expert Mode" in the game.

There are no "Bonus Challenge Levels" as there were in the previous RE game CE's.

The "Bonus Levels" button on the Atlas screen simply jumps you to the far right, where the final four Island/Regions are considered "Bonus" with a total of 32 Levels. Presumably, if and when a "Standard Edition" is released, it will not contain those 32 Levels or the in-game Walkthrough.

In Expert Mode you play the same 114 levels, but the timer runs faster.

This is all explained in detail in the online Strategy Guide by Game Strategy Wizards.
 posted in Royal Envoy 3 Collector's Edition on Jun 7, 14 2:10 PM
There ARE NO BONUS LEVELS if you're thinking of the "Challenge Levels" that were in previous versions of the Royal Envoy series.

The final 4 Islands with a total of 32 levels are called "Bonus" by (the publisher) in the game description.

 posted in Royal Envoy 3 Collector's Edition on Jun 3, 14 2:55 AM
Hi all,

If you are having trouble with a particular level, notice that there is a green "?" button on the upper right corner of the level screen that will take you to a helpful Strategy Guide.

There is also free online expanded version of that same guide, just search for "Game Strategy Wizards" or "GSWRE3". We didn't copy our website from the game, we wrote the guide for the developer.

We also include VIDEOS, as well as screenshots of the completed level (where it's helpful). We may also include alternate strategies suggested by readers (you).

We even include tips on earning all the Achievements and suggest the best levels in which to earn them!

As a bonus, we include a complete Reference Guide to the game that clearly explains all the game mechanics and concepts.

We can't provide any link or it will be removed, but use your favorite search engine and you should easily find it.

Happy Gaming!

Game Strategy Wizards
 posted in Royal Envoy: Campaign for the Crown on Oct 11, 13 1:06 AM
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How frustrating that must be for you. Have you tried contacting the Customer Support people (green envelope link)? Have you checked out the Tech Problems thread?
Hi icp333,

This is a tough level, since you have so many things going on at once.

One thing that many players forget to do is actually construct (build) the Beehives (50 Wood).

Just removing the Obstacles to the Wild Bees' Nest is not enough.

You can click on any available Wild Bees' Nest to see the red fog over Houses that are having their happiness negated.

Please let us know if you succeed. Lots of other players have done so.

Happy Gaming

njewer wrote:I did it differently...and quicker I think. I built 3 cabins with gardens, got 200 more wood, demolished sawmill and built 2 dovecotes with 2 doves each...then paid leprechaun and got enough gold to pay the pirate and was done as soon as the hidden cottage was revealed....

Hi njewer,

That's another way to finish the level within 3 stars (there is never only ONE right way in this game), but it actually takes a bit more time than the strategy discussed above. Not that it's impossible, but there is very little "breathing room" and might take a few tries to make 3 stars with your strategy.

Still, thanks for sharing it!

Happy Gaming

Have any of you tried the green "?" button in the top right corner of each level screen? It takes you directly to the built-in strategy guide.

Happy Gaming
Hi hraili,

I didn't mean to get into a "who's right" contest, since we're both trying to be helpful.

Yes, there are 14 levels with Rabbit Holes, as you counted, but only 3 are impossible for the Fear of Holes achievement (50, 54, and 56), leaving 11 possible levels (as I originally stated).

It IS possible to use level 14 by only sending one worker to search for runes in the upper right floating island.

As I said, different players may have differing opinions about what "best" means. Levels 10, 13, 14, 52, and 55 have only ONE Rabbit Hole each, so they are the easiest levels for this Achievement.

Also, you don't have to work on the Achievement in Expert Mode (even though you have to complete all the Adventure Mode levels before you can start working on any of the 5-Levels Special Achievements).

If you think it's "best" to complete the levels with three stars while working on the achievement, that's fine, but it's not required. It is a greater challenge to do so, and that's fine, too.

But I admire your dedication to analyzing the game. We might even be able to use you at Game Strategy Wizards on a future project!

Happy Gaming
The Expert Mode has the same 63 levels as Adventure (Normal) Mode, but the TIMER runs quite a bit faster. If you want to earn 3 Stars in Expert Mode, you have to complete the Goals very efficiently and maybe with a different strategy than you used in Adventure mode.

You need to click on the Whirlpool in order to enter/leave Expert Mode, after it is available.

It may not be that obvious in the first few levels, but I can bet that you might need some help in Expert Mode. This is NOT like a Hidden Object game where "Expert" mode simply turns off in-game help and sparkles and stuff.

Happy Gaming
 posted in Royal Envoy: Campaign for the Crown Collector's Edition on Sep 21, 13 10:49 PM
bbflute wrote:I get within a split second of finishing in expert time, but after dozens of attempts just can't. What to do?

Hi bbflute,

Have you tried using the built-in Walkthrough? Just click on the green "?" in the upper right corner of any level (or press [F1]). Your timer is stopped while you read the strategy in the Walkthrough.

The Walkthrough strategy was designed to get you 3 Stars in Expert Mode. It's very detailed and complete.

Other players may suggest their own strategies, but they can sometimes be confusing. I tried the one that hraili suggested (above) and got completely lost.

 posted in Royal Envoy: Campaign for the Crown Collector's Edition on Sep 21, 13 10:24 PM
hraili wrote:Which five levels would be best to earn ”Fear of Holes”-achievement?
Any suggestions?

There are 11 levels where it is POSSIBLE to finish the level without using any Rabbit Hole more than once (including 1 Bonus Challenge Level--they count towards Achievements, too!). They vary in ease of completion.

You really might want to investigate the Free Game Strategy Wizards guide site for this game, referenced in several threads here. We can't provide a link in order to avoid violating the rules in the Game Forums here.

For the "Fear of Holes" achievement, we not only list the levels, but tell you exactly how your strategy must change in order to complete each level while meeting the requirements for this Achievement.

I'll share part of our page for "Fear of Holes" (I'm allowed to share it because we wrote it):

You can not start earning towards this Achievement until you have completed Normal mode.
You must send only one Worker through each Rabbit Hole on the level. You may NOT return them (that is a 2nd "use" of the Rabbit Hole).
Not using the Rabbit Holes at all does not count towards the Achievement.
You do not need to earn 3 stars to make a level count toward the Achievement, but you must complete the level and meet all Goals.

There are not 5 "best" levels and I'm sure that various players have differing opinions.

Happy Gaming
hraili wrote:Level 26 is also very good for ”Wasted Resources“.
At first build up all slots with houses and a bank, then flower beds except the last one, which you have to build just before the time goes up.

Level 43 – Snow Drifts is ideal for earning this Achievement. Here's how you do it:

You will not get any notification of earning this Achievement until the level is completed, so you must keep track of how many Resources are wasted. The easiest way to do this is to Produce 1000 units of Wood, and let them go to Waste. Buy 1000 units of Food and let them go to Waste. Then allow to cycles of Rent to go to Waste. Finally, produce the Resources you actually need, then complete the level.

(from the FREE Game Strategy Wizards' Comprehensive Strategy Guide for Royal Envoy: Campaign for the Crown).
 posted in Royal Envoy: Campaign for the Crown Collector's Edition on Sep 18, 13 11:15 AM
hendicky wrote:Thanks for your advice, but I cant hire another worker. Wont let me although have oodles of money.Frustrating

You don't use money to hire Workers. You need Food.
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cristal666 wrote:level 23 for gramophone and flower beds 100 of each just keep making the and demolishing them.

Level 26 (City Park) is even better for "Decoration Nation" with 9 Small Building Lots rather than only 5 on Level 23. (Don't forget that you can demolish the Statue). Also, you do not have to FINISH levels or meet the Goals in order to get credit for most of the 'count' Achievements.
muddcatt wrote:Get all food first. Go back and destroy one dovecote and build house. Max out other dovecotes with doves. Can't remember but may have to give new house a garden. That will give you enough points to talk to leprechaun. Then you can destroy all dovecotes and build what you need. Hope this helps...

Hi muddcatt,

Which level is your advice for? It's certainly not for Challenge Level 17 like the previous posts in this thread.
cristal666 wrote:level 12 for rabbit holes just keep sending them through

From our GSW Guide site:

Try Level 50 – Getting By, it starts with 4 Workers and 3 available Rabbit Holes. After you pay the Pirate, you have 6 Workers. Just by Sending Workers back and forth through the Rabbit Holes in the upper left, we were able to generate about 400 "Uses" before the 3-Star timer changed to 2-Stars (in Normal Mode).
tigertears wrote:I found that level 36 is good for the 10,000 wood and food ones. Anybody have more?

Level 62 is perfect for either of those achievements. You get lots of income from the Villas and can build multiple Sawmills or Markets. Don't bother trying to meet the goals for the level, just concentrate on Food or Wood.

We also have an entire "Achievements" section on the Game Strategy Wizards website for this game, which has been mentioned in several threads here.

Happy Gaming
One of the fun things about this game is that there is no ONE WAY to solve any level.

And the "official" strategy is, indeed, designed to win the level in Expert Mode. We were playing in Expert mode while developing the Walkthrough. Demolishing a Cottage at the beginning just to build a Cottage at the end seems non-intuitive, but that's the only way it works--in Expert mode.

If we had found a simpler strategy that accomplished the Goals with 3 Stars, we would have included it.

We DO, however, sometimes find improvements to our GSW strategies and we include them on the Comprehensive Strategy Guide website.

Happy Gaming!

Hi angelfish106,

You can also build Cottages with Gardens instead of Upgraded Cabins with Gardens. The Rent generated is the same.

Good point about only needing to construct ONE beehive, but constructing both doesn't hurt (and it counts towards an Achievement).
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