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9) Threads of Destiny. Finally! We get to see a family tree for the Gray and McGray families! So, now we know that Jackie is your niece in-law, the child of Alexander and Natalie Gray. James and Elizabeth McGray are from a different branch of the family that descended from Silver McGray, rather than John's former-werewolf ancestor, Caine Gray. So James and Elizabeth are distant in-laws as well. This game has Anna/the player saving Jackie's parents (your brother and sister in-law) from a plane crash...but then one of the mythical Fates gets involved and stuff gets a bit crazy. In the end, Jackie's parents are saved.
10) The Heir. At this point, we get back to Brandon, at Gray Castle. His son, Billy, is targeted by the ghost-of-the-month for this game. The villain turns out to be related to your father, Richard (who we haven't seen since The Bride, so it's a real surprise to older fans and a bit confusing to newer players). Anyway, you know the drill. You use your magical time-travel powers to save your great nephew, Billy, and the rest of the family, and working with your father against his ghostly brother, Samuel.
11) Crimson Hollow. This story involves your continuing quest to discover more about your family (which, at this point, is called the Grays. You even see your name, Anna Gray, in the first scene. This...goes against a lot of the previous games, where it's implied/stated that the Grays are John's family and that Luisa married into the Gray family. This just makes everything even more confusing). You go searching for Stacy Gray, a relative of yours that has gone missing. On the way, you encounter Dorian Gray, yet another relation, who has achieved immortality via a painting (like the story of Dorian Gray). You rescue Stacy and seem to end up with Dorian in the end, along with becoming young again (it's never stated how old you are, but the characters in the game have all seemed to age, so time has certainly passed). Richard also gets a more youthful appearance.

And there we are. All caught up. The whole series is a bit of a mess, story-wise, and the fact that it seems the developers even lost track of how everything links together (by making Anna a Gray even though that would mean Luisa married her own relative, which would be weird). Still, it's been a fun ride so far.
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(continuing on)
6) The Vengeance. We're introduced to even more family members with James and Elizabeth McGray (an offshoot of the Gray family, most likely, so likely the main character's in-laws). Elizabeth was killed and James is the prime suspect. However, through your time-traveling photo powers, you find the real culprit and save Elizabeth from her fate.
7) Colors of Fright. Suddenly, we have all the family back together again! Luisa, Brandon, John Gray, Elizabeth and James McGray, and Jackie are all in this game. Even the Stone Queen and The Wish are mentioned via the collectibles in the extras section. While it's still not stated how old everyone is, how everyone knows each other, or how Jackie, Elizabeth, and James fit in, we now know that all the characters exist in the same universe and you've been playing as Luisa's sister the entire time. Anyway, the family is in trouble from a painter/old friend who's artwork is magical. Once again, you save the day with your powers, the artist is forgiven, and all is well.
8) The Final Suspect. In this game, Anna (the player character from the whole series) is accused of murder. The only returning cast member (aside from the player) is Jackie. Using your powers, you defeat the dark force that tries to manipulate you and Jackie, saving the day once again.
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I agree that he's definitely grown on me. And it's nice to see the Grim Tales series acknowledging it's roots. The first 4 games all kinda linked together (following Luisa, then her and her husband, then the whole family, then Brandon), but Bloody Mary was the one that threw me for a loop. I kind of lost the connection at that point.
Getting back on point, I agree that they did a good job with casting Richard's voice actor. It really does work well for him. And having a villain "redeemed" is something that only really works in a long series like Grim Tales, so I like that they did that.
 posted in Grim Tales: Graywitch Collector's Edition on Mar 11, 17 10:13 AM partly for my own peace of mind, I'm going to try and figure out how all these games link together

Okay. Let's get started.
1) The Bride. You (the player) are the twin sister to Luisa. Your father, Richard, is a sorcerer (or a demon or something. It wasn't explained super well at the time). Your sister dies on her wedding day. Using your newfound powers to travel through time via photographs, you save your sister and her fiancee, John Gray, and stop your father's evil plans.
2) The Legacy. Luisa and her husband, John Gray, have a son and move into the Gray Castle. They get turned into werewolves because of an ancestral curse. Again, you use your powers to save your twin sister, her baby son, her husband, and, eventually, get rid of the curse for good.
3) The Wish. Luisa and John's son, Brandon, accidentally makes a deal with a demon witch lady in the swamp behind their new house (it's never stated why they moved out of the castle, but they do). You use your powers to rescue him and defeat the demon witch, while also rescuing John and Luisa along the way.
4) The Stone Queen. At this point, Luisa and John leave the series for a bit. Brandon, your nephew, has gone to a mountain town where strange things are happening, involving an queen who can control stones and crystals and lots of people/creatures from below the earth. Brandon has been hurt, which is why everything went bad because he's in love with the Stone Queen. You save Brandon, settle the dispute, and Brandon and the Stone Queen end up together at the end.
5) Bloody Mary. We're introduced to a new character, your niece, Jackie (it's never stated how we're related to Jackie at this point, other than she's our "niece"...which must be niece-in-law because and Anna (the main character) aren't stated as having any other siblings). Jackie's boarding school has been overtaken by the angry ghost of Bloody Mary, who can attack and control people via mirrors. You rescue Jackie and the other students and put an end to Bloody Mary's terror.
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Yeah. It gets very complicated very quickly. At first, I could understand how everything connected, but now it's just so convoluted. Every time a new game comes out, I have to go back and remind myself what happened last time.
Alright. Here's probably the most annoying issue for me: my save file keeps getting corrupted and then I have to start all over. The first time it happened, I had just quit the game for the first time (I had to work on a project for work at that moment and had just received feedback, so I had to stop to finish it up). When I loaded the game back up, I hit play, the loading screen stayed up for while, and then a message came up saying my profile was corrupted and I'd have to delete the profile and start again (I tried to just play the profile anyway, only to start at the beginning again and all the collectible acorns I had found were gone from the screens, but they weren't registered by the game, so it was impossible to complete that achievement).
After that, I delete the old profile, made a new one, and managed to play pretty far. I even managed to open up the game again after I stopped and quit (I did this rather early on to make sure it wasn't a recurring issue). Then I got to the tent issue that other people have mentioned...and had to restart my profile again. So that was annoying.
Finally, on my third attempt at the game, I managed to beat the whole thing. To prevent corrupting my data, I played the whole game in one sitting, including the bonus game. However, as soon as the bonus game was done, when I went to open something in the extras section, the same pop-up telling me that my profile was corrupted and would have to be deleted showed up and, though I was able to play the extras thing, I had lost all my progress in an instant.
TL;DR: I lost my game 3 times. Once to the tent issue, but twice to profile corruption. What the heck caused my profile to be corrupted? Should I uninstall and reinstall the game? Oddly enough, the Big Fish Game Manager seems to think that I've never downloaded the game...
Wait wait wait...there's a 2nd bonus game? Can someone explain this to me? I'd like to know. I mean, is it the bonus story that unlocks when you beat the main story? Is that what you mean? I was pretty sure chapter 10 was part of the main storyline...but I can't exactly check. Tech issues. It's a pain in the neck.
Chalk me up on the tent issue as well. I was unlucky and didn't get the glue before the tent disappeared.
I also lost my save data the first time I reopened the game (I had to quit for a while and then, when I waited for my profile to load, the game said my data was corrupted). I had to delete my profile and make a new one because, even though the game seemed to run okay (though I had to start over from the beginning, which stinks), the game said I had 0 signs (the collectible things hidden in each area) and they weren't in the spots they were supposed to be at all.
Now I've played through the whole 1st chapter twice now only to get all the way to chapter 5 and lose the tent and thus never be able to finish?! What the heck! With how long this thing was in beta for, you'd think they'd have done better on the game-breaking bugs. I mean, yeah, a few small bugs slipping through I can understand, like image issues or sound problems (since those are sometimes the result of how the game was installed or how the computer is set up, rather than the game itself) but a bug that is clearly rather prevalent with players that makes the game impossible to continue?! Come on Eipix!
Just for the sake of completion, I am playing on a Mac. I may be in the wrong forum...
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Okay, since the tech discussion thread is locked (God only knows who had that genius idea), I have to try and get people's attention somehow. I know this forum is for the PC version, but I can't seem to locate the Mac forum page (again, great job BFGames. Real genius move making it so difficult to find for us non-PC people).
Sorry. I'm just really frustrated. I already tried to get this issue fixed by talking to BFGames directly, but they just gave me a coupon code and never even answered my questions (all I really wanted were the specs on what resolutions allowed for windowed mode in the game, but they couldn't even answer that one).
I even tried to get in touch with the people who made the game (4Friends Games), but, and here's the real kicker, they're website is down for maintenance and they have no listed end date for that. So this is not just the fault of BFGames.
Long story short, my game, when it goes full screen, seems to be sitting a good few centimeters too low, cutting off the whole bottom section of the game. Now, this would be merely annoying if it weren't for the fact that those few centimeters cut off the whole bottom third of the HOP lists in the game, making it next to impossible to play. I also cannot access the strategy guide, which was a big reason I shelled out the extra cash for the CE in the first place, so that just stinks.
I've tried every solution I could think of or find on the internet. I'm worried the issue is that I upgraded to 10.10 (under protest, I might add, because I never understood why they never seem to include backward compatibility in these Mac updates), while this game is supported up to 10.9, but I figured it would be fine (some other games with similar specs have run just fine on my computer).
Anyway, I have tried to adjust my resolution multiple times (none of which have allowed me to play in windowed mode, nor have they fixed the issue). I have tried multiple solutions across the internet to no avail. And now I just want to know if this is even a problem that can be fixed or if I just shelled out $20 for a game that doesn't even work.
Sorry again for the long angry rant but I really wanted to play this game. I love this sort of storyline and I was hoping to have something fun to do on my spring break, but now I'm spending my time frustrated and angry at my computer. If you have any information, please help.
Okay, I promised I'd return after the system update (by the way, I already hate Yosemite because it takes way longer to start up and shut down my computer, but that's a whole nother story). Still having the same problem in the same room with the same stupid statue. So it's not based on what system you're running. For those of you who are completely stuck (as in you can't leave the screen), click the map in the corner (not sure if it's the same for the bonus game or not). You can teleport to a different room and the game will return to normal. That way you can exit the game normally instead of having to shut everything down. It's not much, I know, but it's better than nothing. Still, it's impossible to advance the story until this glitch or whatever gets fixed. I sent a report in to BigFishGames, but I'm honestly surprised. If this were a minor cosmetic or collectible glitch, I would be content with waiting for an update or something...but this glitch makes it impossible to advance the storyline at all. You can't get an inventory item. You end up stuck on a single screen. Who was in charge of debugging this game? They need to do a better job of QA.
Weird stuff happening in Princess Daphne's Room. When I click the statue in the center, the screen goes kind of dim, like when you're looking at an inventory item, but nothing shows up. Does that make sense? Anyway, I checked the guide and it says that there's supposed to be like a close-up in the frame. I just got the game and I've enjoyed it so far, but this thing is keeping me from getting an item I need to complete the game. If it were a bonus or something, I'd be content to wait it out.
I'm gonna try and do a system update (I'm not running Yosemite yet) and see if that helps. If not, then I'll be back to update this post.
 posted in Awakening: The Golden Age Collector's Edition on Nov 9, 14 7:50 PM if only they'd release a Mac version of it so I could buy it and play it. Seriously, they're cutting out a whole section of their market share by making this PC only. Don't get me wrong, I used to play tons of PC games. But now I have a Mac Laptop and I'm realizing that a lot of companies aim their games at PCs, not a Macs. Which sucks because a lot of people, like me, use Macs almost exclusively for work and school and stuff.
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I'm pretty sure you can upgrade your game if you send a message out to BigFishGames first. There are certain conditions, obviously, such as sale prices and membership stuff, but I know it's possible. I've done it before. Now...trying to downgrade to a non-CE or get a refund...yeah...good luck.
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Yeah, I'm having trouble with that achievement too. I remember though...there was one popup note that didn't have anything written on it (two actually, but at least made some sense). It was in the bonus chapter and it just had a picture of Mother Gothel on it and a ring of flowers along the outside. Gerda seemed to act like there was something written on it, but there were no words. I wonder if that's got something to do with it...
Or maybe it's just a red herring.
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1357wc is right. You need to find the bellows. You use them on the embers and that's it. You put the 4 stones into the ladle, but you don't have to move it yourself. The game does that for you, so you actually can't pick up the ladle at all. You'll also need a hammer to break the arrow mold.
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The "clock face" is divided into four sections, which are the head, the left arm, the right arm, and the feet. The goal is to rotate the items shown on the clock hands into the appropriate spaces. I'm fairly certain that there are two items per section. As a tip, the umbrella goes in the lower right section (the doll's left hand).
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Dark Parables is one of those series where you either love it or you don't and Ballad of Rapunzel continues that tradition. While I admit the FROGs were particularly hard in this game (partly because of the lighting/shimmering quality of the scenes and partly because the items you look for can really blend in with the environment), I still prefer them to the tedious regular HOGs (at least in a FROG, I don't ask myself "why am I looking for 12 items when I only need one?"). Still, if that's not your style, then I'd advise a different series.
I honestly don't know why people are complaining about Rapunzel's singing. It's not going to win any awards, but it's not awful. That being said, I think some of the voice acting (and facial/lip animations) could've used work (particularly Gwyn's voice, Belladonna's voice, and Thumbelina's voice). The musical score is also very nice and the haunting singing in the background of the FROG scenes is, in my opinion, a nice touch.
Now...about the plot...I'm not really sure where I stand there. For a game focused on Rapunzel, we get one pop-up note reference to her long hair...and that's it. Instead, the Devs chose to focus on the flowery healing aspects in the Rapunzel tale. We see some familiar faces, as well as some new characters, but all in all, after so many games, the plot does feel a little...well, repetitive. I think that's why BlueTea added the three different endings (though only one of them is the "good" ending and that one requires finding twenty flower-stones in various scenes, sort of like the parable notes or the morphing objects). Still, for those of you who like to see all the endings, the lack of a "checkpoint" means you'd need to play the game a total of 3 times to get all the endings.
The achievement system was first introduced in Cursery Tales: The Crooked Man and, for the most part, they're easy to get. Most of them simply require you to complete mini-game puzzles without skipping and solving FROGs without hints. This can be harder on some players than on others. However, unlike Cursery tales, I have yet to find an in-game purpose for these achievements (in Cursery, finding all the achievements gives you a hint about the next game in the series), so until someone says otherwise, they're simply a cosmetic incentive to play the game more than once.
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Hmmm...the problem lies in the fact that there was no way to know which door to use first without following the strategy guide (or through a lucky guess). The door on the right has items you need to complete the tasks in the left side room. Honestly, I'm surprised such a big logical error didn't get caught, since BlueTea has a fairly good track record for this series.
As for what to do...uninstalling and reinstalling will, technically, fix the problem. However, if you're not adverse to replaying the whole game again, there is a faster solution. Simply make a new player file, delete the old one, and start all over. Yes, it sucks, but right now that seems to be the only solution. It's faster to make a new file than to reinstall.
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Hmmm...that really is a problem. Could you describe the "blank frame"? Do you mean the game is glitching (as in nothing shows up at all or pieces are missing) or does it look like you actually finished the puzzle? Honestly, I'm surprised that BlueTea would be so...well, to provide two doors with moss, but not tell you that you need to go through one before the other. That makes no sense to me.
Have you already encountered Snow White in the same scene? Perhaps that has something to do with it? I'm honestly not sure. Have you opened the cabinet with the wooden rose?
I wish I could be more help.
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Ugh! I am so close to getting all the achievements on Ballad of Rapunzel, but I can't seem to find all the popup notes! One of the notes was just a picture of Mother Gothel and some flowers...I wonder if I'm supposed to do something with that or not. Then there was the plaque under the Flora statue...which just had a picture of the three treasures and a ring. Was there supposed to be words there? It seems like there's a lot of empty space otherwise.
My main question is this: has anyone managed to get the popup notes achievement? If so, was there something special you had to do for it? Because I've played through this game twice (including the bonus chapter) and clicked on EVERYTHING that even remotely looks like a popup note and I'm still not getting it.

While we're on the subject, are there any benefits to playing on hard mode? I remember in the first 2 games, you could access special areas by playing through twice or by playing in hard mode, but they seem to have cut that out recently. Still...I wonder if that's my problem. If nothing else, it makes the other achievements easier to get.
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