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 posted in Rooms of Memory on Aug 20, 14 11:09 PM
Sorry, I don,t go to these forums . I have been very busy in a new job and now will be off on my holidays for a couple of weeks. If I still am a neighbour I hope you will keep me a bit more. Many thanks.

 posted in Rooms of Memory on Nov 19, 13 5:50 AM
Hi Ewejoy,
Thanks for accepting my request to the Guild. Sorry for the late response, I’ve been a bit busy with work today and have just signed in, on a lunch break now, and I see that I am in the Guild. I don’t log on to BF much and I wrote for the first time in ages yesterday as I was feeling a bit confused and disheartened.

Silverthornfire, thanks for your insight, yes I can understand that people might prefer having people that they know in their Guild(s). I did know some names from the first two Guilds I was in, Zitronfalter being one of my neighbours- but I didn’t know either of the Guild founders so once again thanks to Ewejoy for accepting and keeping me.

And the point you raised about the game crashing/freezing may have something to do with Guilds. Anyway, I felt a wee bit dejected yesterday as not one but two Guilds seemed not to want me but today is a new day and all is well again, lol.

 posted in Rooms of Memory on Nov 18, 13 3:43 PM
I think I don’t understand the Guild system, I joined one and was expelled, and joined up another one and was also expelled whilst doing a group competion/tournament. It would be nice to know what Guild to sign up for as I consider myself to be active- why expel active new members?

Well, two times in one day is enough rejection, lol. I will be independent, Guild(less) for a bit as I don’t understand this new system. The mysteries of this game….

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 posted in Farm Up on May 21, 13 8:16 AM
I’ve had the same problem. The first time round, I uninstalled and reinstalled the game a couple of times when the husband didn’t pop up and then reset after reaching level 11.

Now I’m at level 15 and still the same problem, once again I uninstalled and reinstalled but I think it’s a glitch for some players. I don’t feel like resetting again and starting all over so I will wait and see if there will (ever) be a fix as there is nothing I can build without the husband, pity as I enjoyed the game the glitch notwithstanding, and hoped to be able to use the map features. Also, I was about to pay real money into the game as I do think for a strategy/ building game the developers made a good game and so have no problems buying some gold coins to enable the developers to be paid and further develop the game. Ah well, not to be. At least for now, I am putting the game on the backburner and hope that one day a fix will be found. Good luck, maybe in your case the husband will pop up.
 posted in Easter Eggztravaganza 2 on Mar 26, 13 6:43 AM
I agree what some of the other reviewers have said this is a bright and cheerful Easter themed game. There seem to be lots of hidden object scenes and a variety of mini games. Easter bunnies galore- Timely and fun.

Yes, it may seem a bit simple and lack some of the sophistication seen in some games but I think it does appeal to some people. Not everyone likes the darker themed games, missing children, missing parents, demons, witches, dark forces etc. I think there is definitely room for the occasional game that is ‘lighter’ in tone and spirit.

I will be buying this game for my cousins, it will be great to entertain them when we have Easter dinner together. Those players who enjoy bright and breezy games may well like to trial the game and see if it takes your fancy.
 posted in Phenomenon: Meteorite Collector's Edition on Mar 24, 13 2:25 AM
I beta tested this game and have been waiting for it to be released.
It is mainly an adventure game with puzzles and some hidden object scenes. It was a nice change from the darker themed games that have been released and I liked the clear and crisp graphics especially in the opening scenes and makes for a change for the current trend of foggy graphics. The game has widescreen presentation, voiceovers and
unobtrusive music all done nicely.

I tried out both casual and advanced modes and those who don’t like sparkles will be pleased there were none that I encountered. The hint system fills slower in advanced mode as you would expect, but to be honest I didn’t use it much. There were only two hidden object scenes in the hour I trialled and they were very interactive and fun. Puzzles were good and one in particular with a Goddess figure was great fun and unique. I really enjoyed it.

There is a map that you can jump to active areas so even though there is some back tracking at least the map makes it easier. As you progress in the game you acquire magical amulets and it seems all building up to a the discovery of your hidden magical powers. All in all I enjoyed the hour and hope that it lives up to its potential. Story was that of a young man looking for ‘missing’ parents in a mysterious island…well an original story maybe not but there was a back story of the history between four different races so there seems to be a twist to the missing parents theme. Am off to buy and see how the story/game progresses if I have time I will update with more details but thought I would give some of my initial impressions. Happy gaming everyone.

 posted in Vampires: Todd & Jessica's Story on Mar 19, 13 6:59 AM
This game is listed as a hidden object game and so there were more hidden object scenes than many adventure oriented games but I expected that and had no problem with the general game play. The game played smoothly with a bit of adventure, hidden object areas as well as puzzles. A good point I found is that there is a map where you can jump to the needed areas, and it looked like there were a lot of areas to explore, so possibly a reasonably length game. I am not sure if there is (will be) a walkthrough available.

The hint system is a bit unusual but I didn't find it too problematic and worked things out. As mentioned by Poutoule’s informative review, there is no voice over, I didn’t really miss it but some may find the dialogue in the cut scenes a bit old-school. Also on my laptop there was no widescreen but as it is a SE it didn’t really bother me. The graphics were good I didn’t have any problems finding objects but it may be a bit dark and therefore difficult for some.

I am a bit vamped out, so many films, books, and games with that theme, and it has never been a favourite theme of mine, but may suit people who like vampires. I don't like to be overly harsh on game developers who may be new on the scene as I think these developers may be so I will recommend for those who are interested in vampires to give it a trial. It seemed like a solid if not spectacular game. 3 ½ fangs out of 5 from me.
 posted in Gardens Inc.: From Rakes to Riches on Mar 18, 13 6:56 AM
Hi Sipason,

Thanks for the information about a walkthrough, good to know. I will play the game through without getting the gold first time through but will be nice to get some tips/hints on getting gold for later.

many thanks,

 posted in Gardens Inc.: From Rakes to Riches on Mar 18, 13 6:52 AM
A very fun strategy/TM/Builder/ game with a wee bit of a mystery in the mix as well. Those that know the Roads of Rome series, Gardenscapes series. Royal Envoy and Farm Tribe will recognise bits of those games in this new game - that said this game seems to have it’s own spin on things and I’ve enjoyed playing the demo and will be buying as I am keen to continue.

I won’t go into the details as JoJo has done an excellent job of that already, but I too really appreciate the ability to queue tasks, and continue playing after the gold time expired. So far the game play was smooth and tasks/instructions are clear. In addition, I thought it was a nice touch to have little puzzles and hints before each level it added a little extra to the game play. I can see that the developer wanted to make the storyline and tasks unique in their game all the while continuing in the great Strategy/TM/Builder tradition.

It’s a buy for me. All I can say is if you enjoyed any of the above mentioned games give this game a try you may find yourself getting quite involved and want to continue playing. Sadly, I have to get back to work so will have to wait to play but I look forward to playing and getting gold....eventually. Happy Gaming.
 posted in Sweet Kingdom: Enchanted Princess on Feb 18, 13 11:24 AM
I also beta tested this game and thought it was a lovely game. As others have mentioned it is quite similiar to Royal Envoy series,you build,sell/exchange, and negotiate to improve the different towns. As mentioned, you can go for the gold or go at a more 'relaxed' pace. Great to see there is a choice. The bright and cheerful graphics are fun and quite humorous too.
The story is helping out of a Princess, not too original some may say but fine by me, it's in keeping with the general 'fun' feel of the game. I'd recommend anyone who is interested in a builder/Strategy game to try this out. I've been waiting since beta testing it so it's a buy for me. Happy to see this lovely game on a grey and dreary monday.
 posted in Royal Defense on Jan 28, 13 7:17 PM
This is a Tower Defence/ Strategy game that looked promising but I’m afraid I found it to be a frustrating experience and feel it was a wasted opportunity as I could see the game had potential.

There are three levels of play; easy, normal and hard. I played on easy and it was not easy for me, I consider myself an intermediate player but this ‘easy‘ level left me feeling like I was a total beginner. Perhaps I was missing something in the tutorial but there was not enough money/funds to buy weapons and right from the start there was a stream of enemies invading the fort/castle. If you start out at a disadvantage like that it seems to me to be almost impossible to ‘catch up’ so to speak. After that first level the pace did not let up, so a very steep learning curve all in the ‘easy’ level. I can’t imagine how normal level would be and will not even consider ‘hard’.

I only took the trial up to five levels as I felt increasingly frustrated at the game play, no amount of strategy on my part could overcome the lack of funds/money. Perhaps I am not a skilful enough player at these kinds of games but I would have thought that ‘easy’ level would not be quite so frustrating. I didn’t finish the hour as I just didn’t feel like playing any longer. A pity as I could see the potential of a good game there ….somewhere. Graphics are pleasant enough, the menu had a wide a variety of weapons, spells and with forty levels it looked promising. I can only say those of you that are curious by all means take advantage of the free trial maybe you will fare better.

 posted in The Tribloos 2 on Jan 14, 13 3:00 PM
HI Andy,

I am really enjoying the game and looking forward to your guide to getting gold. I agree with Valdy and others that no timer is great. I also thought Tribloos was a great game and very underated I am looking forward to eventually getting gold once I play the game all the way though and any tips you have in your guide will be helpful I'm sure.
Thanks for coming to the forum it's great to hear from developers and again really love the game it's put a smile on my face on a cold and grey monday.
 posted in The Tribloos 2 on Jan 14, 13 2:52 PM
GMAC I second that- your review was great! I always find your reviews informative and entertaining. I hope you are feeling better and look forward to reading more great reviews from you and all the other great reviewers, Valdy and many others, who take time to write them. I appreciate it as I am so busy with work etc. it guides and informs me which games to trial.
 posted in The Tribloos 2 on Jan 14, 13 2:45 PM
This is such a fun Builder/TM game. I loved the first Tribloo that came out last year and I think it was a great and very underated game and am happy they made another one!
Anyone unsure of Building/TM games this is a great one to start with as the instructions were clear and no timer so for those who like to go at a more relaxed pace you can. The gold levels are a challange but not impossibly so and the Tribloos are so cute and hardworking.
There seems to be loads of levels, I think someone mentioned over 70? Fabulous! Usually we are lucky to have 40 levels so what a treat, it bodes well for lots of fun.
All I can say is I have bought it and am enjoying it so much and can't recommend it highly enough.Am tired from working all day but this is just too fun. Also I am writing a review for the front page as well as I hope this game won't be overlooked- and BF will continue to bring out more of these kind of games. I love hidden object/adventure games but I love variety too.
 posted in Holiday Bonus on Dec 22, 12 9:02 PM
This is a Christmas themed match 3 game and a very lovely one at that. This will please classic match 3 lovers and although it may lack the flash of some newer match 3 games it definitely has charm. There are 55 levels in the Classic level and the Gold level has another 55 levels for a total of 110 levels in this SE game, to compare a similar game length of 100+ levels that was released as CE edition not to long ago. I also like that the developer of the game came personally to update everyone on the new Gold level. Always a good sign when a developer takes the time to go on the forums to answer questions and interact with us.
There is no timer so you go at your own pace and as others have mentioned it is more of a relaxed game so no pressure to beat the clock. Those looking for challenges or doing other tasks like building towns etc may find this game a bit on the simple side but I liked the relaxed pace. Also, I bought this for my younger cousins and I think with no timer this makes it a good game for younger players too. Every few levels there are wallpapers you can access and they all have winter/ picturesque scenes. There are lots of Christmas themed tiles: puddings, snowmen, Christmas crackers all very colourful and fun. Really puts you in the Christmas mood.

I don’t play loads of match 3 games and when I do it is usually for 10-15 minutes whilst on a break and I like not having the pressure of a timer when playing these games, I dislike games where there are no relaxed options. I really feel this game is an underrated one- especially with the updates. I was initially put off by the reviews on the main page and am happy that I gave it a go. I recommend this game for lovers of match 3 games. Lots of levels lots of fun. Happy holidays.

 posted in Big City Adventure: Paris on Dec 21, 12 5:26 AM
If you are familiar with Big City series and enjoyed the other cities this will be a welcome addition. For newcomers these Big City games are great fun for hidden object/puzzle lovers. As these series tend to be mostly hidden object scenes players who prefer adventure style games may not enjoy it but it’s great that BF offers a range of games for us to enjoy.
The hidden object scenes are colourful and there are fun facts about Paris before each scene as well as a puzzle following each hidden object scene. I played only a couple of scenes but noticed some interactive elements so an added component of fun. As with previous games there is a page where you can see a list of achievements and with 60 levels it seems to bode well for a good length of play.
I don’t play pure hidden object games much now so will pass on this for myself but I will be buying this game for my cousins as well as my grandmother. And yes, I think this game appeals to a wide age range not just children especially for those players who dislike dark themed games, they will appreciate this fun, light, and cheery game. I try to be objective in my reviews of all games so even though this is not to my taste I can see that it is a well made game. I recommend it to hidden object lovers and for others give the trial a try you may like it.

 posted in Christmas Wonderland 3 on Dec 18, 12 7:01 AM
This is a hidden object game with some puzzles perfect for this time of the year. A very bright and cheery game that may be on the simple side for those who like adventure style games but to my mind this game is listed by BF as a hidden object game and so on that basis it delivers.
The scenes are packed with detail and you have casual and expert modes to choose to play. Music in the background is in line with the festive theme. The scenes for me were a bit cluttered and I found some objects to be a bit on the small side but not impossible to find.
There is a timer but you can still play the game even after it expires. You can earn more points the faster you finish a scene. There are also bonus points for finding extra hidden Christmas objects like a snowman or Santa.
I believe this game should be judged fairly on what it wants to deliver and not to be judged on the many wonderful and not so wonderful Collector’s Editions that have been released recently. Is it mainly for children? Probably but there are some stressed or time challenged people who do not have hours to play everyday and perhaps can be enjoyed in short spells for those people.
SE games like this fills a void and are not to everyone’s taste. I’m sure many will sniff at this game and compare it to CE games that are touted with loads of bells and whistles but a SE game like this appeals to some people, especially people who don’t like dark games as so many games now have missing children, missing girlfriends/ boyfriends, terrorised villages etc. The world would be a dull place indeed if everyone only liked one type of game. Will I buy this game for myself? No, to be honest this is not my type of game but I will be buying this for my cousins who will definitely like it and maybe for my grandmother too as she hates dark games.
 posted in Garden Rescue: Christmas Edition on Dec 17, 12 10:19 AM
Festive Fun

This is the Christmas version of the Garden Rescue tower defence/ strategy game. The game developers haven’t reinvented the wheel with this game, just put a festive spin on the game with a few tweaks here and there to make things interesting. I especially love the coin collecting system that they have implemented - great improvement.
The graphics are bright and cheery, music fitting the seasonal theme and the festive costumes the bugs/attackers wear are fun.
For those that are new to the Garden Rescue game or new to tower defence/strategy games in general this is a good game to start as there is a good tutorial guide. Loads of achievements to collect and upgrades and prizes too. If you are in the mood for a bit of holiday fun then give this game a try.

 posted in Teddy Tavern: A Culinary Adventure on Dec 16, 12 2:13 PM
Hi Shagwendy,

I played a bit further than you about 15-20 minutes and have no problems with the disappearing bear chef. I'm not sure if there is a problem on your end or not but the game has been running smoothly for me. I reached the second stage, Italian section and it's progressing along quite nicely.
A sweet bear chef and bear customers makes for a change. The pace seems to be a tad harder in the second stage as you might expect I don't know how 'hectic' or 'rushed' the game will get but I will buy it and if anyone is interested will post a longer in depth review when I have a chance.
I enjoy the hidden/adventure objects games but I very much enjoy strategy/TM games as well and sadly this developer seems to have stopped making anymore TM/strategy games. I hope my (and others)purchase of this game might entice them to make more. Here's hoping.
 posted in Towers of Oz on Dec 5, 12 10:08 AM
A Twist to the Tower Defence Game

Not sure why BF decided to release this game under TM games as the title of the game indicates it’s a tower defence game so under BF’s system perhaps Strategy would be a closer match. It is a twist on the tower defence game, if you are familiar with Plants vs. Zombies this game seems to be similar using magic towers/weapons fighting against wooden toy soldiers and other opponents. You try to defend your emeralds against dwarves who want to control Oz. There is a back-story with the Wizard of Oz and the great-grandson of Dorothy I didn’t read all the cut scenes and clicked through most, there seemed to be a fair bit of dialogue.

Graphics seem good. There is a catalogue of different weapons/equipment to fight against again á lá P vs. Z and also a catalogue where you can see the different types of opponents you will face. Strategy will be needed in order to defeat your enemies I assume like other games of this genre.
I like to try out different types of games and full disclosure Tower Defence games, with the exception of the brilliant Plants vs. Zombies, aren’t my usual go to games but I can see that this a well made game. I was pleasantly surprised and am thinking of purchasing for a bit of change and for those who enjoy these kinds of games give the trial a whirl.
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