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 posted in Moai V: New Generation Collector's Edition on Sep 4, 17 10:42 PM
Even after I repair the gate, I still can't click on the person to get the rune.
 posted in Set Sail - Caribbean on Jul 25, 17 3:35 PM
mrs_corpseman wrote:I got gold!
You only have to upgrade the big ships with one item ( ex upgraded sails). You'll need extra sailors Repair and sell the small ships. Buy the big ones. I sent 2 out to get $. Destroy the ship yard and replace with an upgraded wreck yard. Alternate wrecking the big ships you buy with upgrading sails. Sell the ones you upgrade the sails on. Keep doing this buying wood in between.

Can you share your steps? Did you send out the same two big ships or different ships after upgrading the sails? Did you use the armory at all?
 posted in Weather Lord: Graduation Collector's Edition on Jun 11, 17 7:29 PM
Level 17: the merchant in the upper left corner. I keep making the dress but the merchant doesn't disappear.
I completed all the levels in Level 3 (in gold time) and cannot open the Hungry Midas puzzle.
 posted in Moai II: Path to Another World on Jun 7, 15 5:06 PM
Same question about accessing Level 1A. It was there and then it was gone. It went back to Level 1.
 posted in Kingdom Tales 2 on Oct 22, 14 8:46 PM
Third person asking the same question! Help!
 posted in Kingdom Tales 2 on Oct 17, 14 8:57 AM
Any tips? What's the strategy to get the number of materials?
 posted in Monument Builders: Alcatraz on Jun 26, 14 7:23 AM
bfgWendwater wrote:Hey Scion2013,

Since this is not a free-to-play game, it does not support in-game purchases and there is no real-money cost for gems in the game. All of the gems you earn can only be obtained through regular gameplay.

I hope this helps!


But this sort of doesn't answer the question.... Is there a charge for purchasing gems?
 posted in Virtual Families 2 on Jul 15, 13 6:45 PM
Glad this question was asked and saying "play another game" is disrespectful.

 posted in Virtual Families 2 on Jul 15, 13 6:12 PM
I just got the trophy!
 posted in Virtual Families 2 on Jul 15, 13 5:38 PM
I keep putting a person to water the window boxes but I'm not getting the trophy. What's the deal?
 posted in Gardens Inc.: From Rakes to Riches on Mar 19, 13 7:42 PM
When I open the game I get squiggly lines. The sound works. Does this mean I might not have enough memory?
 posted in Airline Baggage Mania on Feb 5, 13 6:10 PM
Excited to see a TM game but based on you all's feedback, I'll pass.... Sigh.... Looks like I'll have to look elsewhere for decent TM games. It's been fun BFG....
 posted in Monopoly ® on Sep 19, 12 9:00 PM
Wanted to play; did the Microsoft Visual C+++ repair. The game opens but most of the screen is unclear (pixated?).

 posted in Farm Fables on Jul 17, 12 9:22 AM
weralacroix wrote:The red "x" button is right next to the green button. If the number on the green button flashes red when you click it, that means you don't have enough money.

I'm in the game now. No reaction from the green button when I click on it.
 posted in Farm Fables on Jul 17, 12 9:11 AM
weralacroix wrote:You delete a tool by clicking the red "x" button and you upgrade it by clicking the green button.

I never saw a red "x" button. And when I clicked the green button (with the number in it), nothing happened, which could mean there was not enough money for an upgrade, yes?
 posted in Farm Fables on Jul 17, 12 8:19 AM
For Stage 5, how to delete or upgrade machines?
 posted in All My Gods on Jun 13, 12 7:05 PM
Just started playing. Where do I produce wooden planks?
 posted in Weather Lord on Apr 28, 12 8:56 AM
Buy what you need at the time you need it.

Hope that helps.
 posted in Weather Lord on Apr 25, 12 8:46 AM
Another TM'er here. I can usually get top scores on TM games but this one made me work for it! LOL! As a matter of fact, I didn't get even mid-top scores on my first attempts. I'm intrigued by the idea of this game. And after the constant DROUGHT of TM games, this one is extra nice!

It's a worthy purchase.
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