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 posted in Sylia - Act 2 on Sep 24, 14 2:14 PM
I am doing the 2nd cube and cannot find the key. Is it on the 2th floor or not? I am playing with Eli, Roth and Demi. I have searched all 3 floors and found nothing.
 posted in Sylia - Act 2 on Sep 12, 14 7:20 AM
How in the world do you get to that 1rst cube? I went down all the way to it and it is in stand alone room that has no acsess that I can find. Also, is there a walkthrough for this game? I check with the Devs site and they act like they don't have the game out yet.
Very Nice Blam! You are very fast to becoming one of the top Devs of the gaming world. You had me right from the very first puzzle with the lights .Thank you for a wonderful game this morning. Also for taking the time to come on the forum to get our feedback and/ or suggestions. Do you, in the future have any plans to try your hand at RPG's? Anymore I really don't want games that have a bunch of HO puzzles in order to get the things I need to progress in the story. What made me want this one was the story and that the puzzles were different from what we have had before. Thanks Big Fish for the sale today!
 posted in Nevertales: The Beauty Within Collector's Edition on Oct 24, 13 7:10 AM
Wow! What a well done game this morning. Thanks Devs for all your hard work on this one. I seem to have outgrown games that rely heavily on HOS to get what you need to move along in the game and would rather play the RPG's that give you more control over how the game flows and that each time you replay them it can be different. But, because of the great reviews from you guys I decided to at least give it a try. I am so glad I did as even the HOs were so interactive I did not mind them and it is nice to see some puzzles that we have not had before. All in all I give this game a 10.
 posted in Mystery Age: Liberation of Souls on Sep 23, 13 5:49 AM
Walk through is still not available but the SG you can buy is available. Thought that was a little strange and makes me wonder why they would include walk through on the game page if they really do not have one available yet. Also, have not seen very many times both a SG and a walk through offered for one game. Seems to me they would be pushing the SG and not really bothering with a walk through to.
 posted in Flights of Fancy: Two Doves Collector's Edition on Sep 13, 13 7:18 AM
I checked today and still do not have my punches for yesterdays game. Wonder what is taking them so long to correct this issue. Has anyone got theirs fixed yet? Also, where is the forum for tomorrow's game today. I wanted to comment on why is Big Fish trying to act like it is FB. I for one do not like it at all. Big Fish go back to the way you were please.
 posted in Flights of Fancy: Two Doves Collector's Edition on Sep 12, 13 5:14 AM
Same thing here! * bet this is happening to all of us and I hope the Mod for todays game is listening. I keep wondering if it is related to the new game manager we have. I know I have had some issues related to the latest game manager.
 posted in Sable Maze: Norwich Caves Collector's Edition on Aug 29, 13 5:47 AM
Good to see you back in the pond Valdy. Sorry to hear you are having issues getting out of the game. I did the game before it came out without any issues and that still holds true now that it is out. Hope they get that fixed for you because it really is a good game.
I also have never gotten a bad game from ERS so I am off to buy without trying first. I am so happy you are back with another game and Thank you so much for coming to the forum, it shows you really care what we think
 posted in Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink Collector's Edition on Aug 10, 13 8:26 AM
I am so glad that I came to the forum to read the comments and reviews on this game. The two reviews under the write up of the game really sound negative about the game and made it sound like a really bad game. Thanks guys for your wonderful reviews for this game they gave a much clearer idea of what the game is all about.
 posted in Forest Legends: The Call of Love Collector's Edition on Aug 4, 13 7:05 AM
Wow! I am very impressed with the work that went into making a totally different kind of game for these Devs. Very good job Devs and please do more of your games like this. It is great to play a game that does not feel the need to rely on HOS's to move the game along. These Devs surprise me with each new game they put out. If you like adventure then you will like this game and it does not do a bunch of hand holding so you at times have to really think about what to do next.
 posted in The Last Days on Jul 21, 13 9:37 AM
I did finish the game. I think that the hint button that keeps saying to fix the forge is a glitch because when I just ignored it and went to the swamp location and got the holy water in the mayan cup then other areas opened up and I was able to finish the game with no more problems.
 posted in The Last Days on Jul 19, 13 5:36 AM
I also was starting to think there was a glitch in the game. Phatkhat can you remember where you found the other staff? I have the wire but have looked in all the sites available and just can not find the other staff. I hate the hint button as it is no help at all.
 posted in The Last Days on Jul 18, 13 1:10 PM
If you have not used your staff at all then use it down in the forge room(left door of the three)on the long machine. After that is where I am stuck because the hint button just keeps showing another staff but I do not have another one and do not know where to get one. How many do you have and where did you find yours? Game really could use a walkthrough.
 posted in The Last Days on Jul 18, 13 5:40 AM
I used the staffs that I had to fix the machine but the hint button keeps showing that I still need a staff to make the forge work. Can anybody tell me where they found the third staff? Can not go on without it.
 posted in Apothecarium: The Renaissance of Evil on Jul 13, 13 9:25 AM
What a clever game. I really like the way the Devs did this game and hope to see more of the same in future games. Fun and different than any of the other games we have had with a new surprise scene after scene. Thank you for a excellent game Devs and you also Big Fish for offering it. I am kinda surprised that it is not a CE and wonder why since it pretty much has all the bells associated with a CE.
 posted in Fierce Tales: Marcus' Memory Collector's Edition on Jul 4, 13 8:46 AM
also have all the games you have offered us and so I am off without hesitation to buy without doing the demo. Congrads on your 10th game and can't wait to see what you will do with your next one.
 posted in Order of the Rose on Jun 17, 13 6:25 AM
All I can say is that if in fact the first review was by a Dev for this game it fell very short of its goal. There was nothing in the review that made me think I just had to have this game. I remember there was a game offered some time back that I was pretty sure one of the Devs had done a review for their game but at least it was a good review for the game. Must not be very sure of their own work if they have to toot their own horn.
After playing long enough to get a feel for this game I found I like it. Don't understand why it has so many not liking it because it is not a bad game. The only question I had was what makes this a CE. For those who like knowing what others say about this game I think you should at least give the game a try. You might just find you do like it.
 posted in Namariel Legends: Iron Lord on Jun 5, 13 6:27 AM
What a nice change from their other games they do. Love that this is a adventure game that does not rely on HOS. The graphics are great and scenes not dark at all. I did notice, like their other games they do a lot of loading every time you do something or move to a different location. All in all, Great game Devs!
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