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 posted in Caribbean Hideaway on Mar 15, 10 7:44 AM
I finished the game, and regarding employing staff - Let's just say I didn't pay much attention to that, basicallly the game took care of that for me. I'm sure you figured that out by now. Sorry it took a long time to reply. Good Luck with the game, if you haven't beat it yet.
 posted in Monarch - The Butterfly King on Mar 13, 10 7:44 PM
I can't find them myself, if you have by now please let know how. Thanks
 posted in Monarch - The Butterfly King on Mar 13, 10 7:41 PM
Just wanted you to know I did download the game and tried it, I got to Level 5 and my screen did not show a dark square nor a blank square. However, there was two chained locked squares in the middle of the puzzle. I could just imagine how frustrating that may be. The only thing I can recommend is go to start on you computer and hit uninstall a program. Uninstall and reinstall it, and see if that doesn't work. I don't know whether you purchased the game or not or tried the demo. If you bought it I would definately go to customer service and see what they mention. They are very helpful and will take care of you, GOOD LUCK and Happy Gaming!!!!!
 posted in Potion Bar on Mar 11, 10 8:48 PM
LOL!!! Well, if they could spell half of the words right could have been the same review
 posted in Potion Bar on Mar 11, 10 7:12 PM
Hey GoveGirl - Its me just wanted to go another site and check other tips, if it's the same site. I did see your review on another. Of course, it wasn't you, though. However, the words were the same. Enjoy the game, Anyways!!! Sorry again!!!
 posted in Potion Bar on Mar 11, 10 5:55 AM
The only reason why I didn't like the Miriel games was I couldn't go back and get expert. I liked the game though except for that. If this makes sense at all. I guess it's really early for me to type. I just wanted to see if I was missing something, everytime I finsihed the level I couldn't go back and try for expert.
 posted in Potion Bar on Mar 11, 10 5:49 AM
katy12250 wrote:I like the magical themed time management games, so I'm downloading this one to try. Since I like the Miriel games and Magic Farsm, I'm holding out good thoughts for this one. Tried Enchanted Katya, but just didn't like it that well. If anyone knows of any other games of this type, let me know.
 posted in Lost in Reefs on Mar 11, 10 5:26 AM
FUN GAME!!!! Anyways... Age of Emerald was great, so was the Cradle of Persia and Rome. I'm now playing Babylonia. If anyone knows of anymore games to buy buildings or gardens let me know. THANKS!!! HAPPY GAMING!!!! By the way it was just a game, let's not get upset now.
 posted in Potion Bar on Mar 11, 10 5:10 AM
Kindergarten as the daily deal cool huh? Earlier I went on Kindergarten forums and a whole lot of people were commenting about trojans on that game. It got me a little nervous so I decided to uninstall it. I have McAfee and I mention that I have had trojans pop up on me on other sites. Never on Big Fish though. Have you even played Kindergarten before today. Anyways ... someone wrote on Kindergarten's forum to save after each level. Check the forum for more tips. Please let me know if you like it. They also mention it was a short game, which was another reason why I was discouraged. THANKS!!!
 posted in Potion Bar on Mar 11, 10 4:43 AM
Sorry you didn't like Enchanted Katya, but another good game is Mystic Emporium. I got expert on all levels. Another one Mystic Inn, I didn't like that one too much though. Ye Olde Sandwich Shoppe, great game not about potions though. That one is fun. I hope you find another good one. Lately it's seems all there is Hidden Object or Match 3's, I like M3's but Hidden Object is just not my kind of games unless it's Go-Go Gourmet.
 posted in Potion Bar on Mar 11, 10 4:18 AM
That's terrible!!!! Sorry to hear about it. Talking about rude!!! Enjoy the game because I did and I went ahead and purchased it too. Don't let that get to you, then he/she knows they got the best of you.
 posted in Potion Bar on Mar 11, 10 1:18 AM
This game reminds me Enchanted Katya and the Lost Wizard. You heat potions and serve the and give the customers garlic etc... when they ask for it. The cursor and the game has gone smoothly for me. Thanks for the tip regarding the upgrades. I noticed the stove takes a while to heat the potions. So far the story is interesting about Jack. Well....Happy Gaming
 posted in Potion Bar on Mar 11, 10 1:11 AM
I downloaded this game and it reminds me of Enchanted Katya and the Mystery of the Lost Wizard. That game was enjoyable, like the mushrooms and the four leaf clovers. The customers come up to the counter and ask for potions, heat them and serve them. You also at times give them garlic etc... if they ask for it. Anyways...the potions takes a while to heat up, I'm sure you get to upgrade your items later on. There is also a story to it, like finding Jack and getting back home. Well...HAPPY GAMING!!!!
 posted in Kindergarten on Mar 11, 10 12:44 AM
I downloaded this game, it was the daily deal. I have McaFee as well, no trojans came out and the game works just fine. Maybe it could have been your computer. Anyways... There wasn't any good reviews on this game and like the rest of you mention, I rather not chance it. I woudn't want anything happen to my computer. By the way, I have downloaded other games on other sites and trojans have come out. I never had problems with Big Fish. But I rather be safe than sorry. HAPPY GAMING!!!!!
 posted in Lost in Reefs on Mar 9, 10 4:17 AM
I finished the game too!!! At the end of the game did the screen take you directly to the door or did you get there yourself? I would tell you what happened at the end of the game for me, but I rather not ruin it for the other players. Anyways.. under the menu option you can see a green dragon icon/token, click on it.That is the best way I believe and the only way you can see how far you have progressed in the game. I'm sorry to hear nothing happened for you, try what I recommend and GOOD LUCK!!!
 posted in Lost in Reefs on Mar 4, 10 12:54 AM
I haven't gotton to the end of the game yet. I'm playing the game and I'm sure this game was created by the makers of Age of Emerald - Saying that I was a little discouraged for I thought I would have known when the game ends. People on other forums for Lost of Reefs are on level 7,600 and others are saying they are on Level 469. So who knows when I will finish the game. LOL!!! Age of Emerald can go on and on and on...... but once you finish buying all buildings the game is over. So I figure the same goes for this game too. I'll let you know if the samething happens to me at the end.
 posted in Satisfashion on Feb 3, 10 10:01 PM
Sorry for taking awhile to answer you back. By now you probably forgot about the game, as for me. I sure didn't. Anyway as many times as I have played no you can't replay the levels. I wish you could of, it would have made the game a little more challenging to try to get enough money to buy every blouse, pants, shorts,etc... Sorry!!! Believe me I wanted the same thing too. Hopefully there will be Satisfashion 2, with that option. ENJOY! I know I did!!!
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