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@ Trucker1979

Next time give me a short message via this rubbish Mailbox in RoM - like i.e. 'Please feed my dragon'

I don't restart the game very often, but of course I would restart for a neighbour needing help.
If I don't react, it's because I'm on duty or refreshing myself.

Good luck next time
Sir Vival
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from Feb. 17. 2016

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Happy Gaming
Sir Vival
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from Feb. 15. 2016

No WIKI available

Tries may have been complete rounds incl. Ghost modes

Task: 'Blacksmith's Tools'
Sledgehammer: 'Observatory - Mode: Day' - Tries: 1
Blacksmith's Tongue: 'Cellar - Mode: Night' - Tries: 1
Chisel: 'Study - Mode: Day' - Tries: 1
File: 'Library - Mode: Reversed Room' - Tries: 3
Steel Punch: 'Laboratory - Mode: Day' - Tries: 2
Artefact charges: 1 via tasks, others by summoning helpers 15x
7 out of 9 succeeded

Task: 'Iron Name'
Forged Candleholder: 'Café - Mode: Shadows' - Tries: 3
Twisted Poker: 'Hotel Room - Mode: Day' - Tries: 1
Antique Knife: 'Fashion Boutique - Mode: Day' - Tries: 4
Iron Scoop : 'Boulangerie - Mode: Dismantled Image' - Tries: 2
Forged Bell : 'Boat - Mode: Jumbled Words' - Tries: 1
Artefact charges: 4 'Iron Brush' are rewards of tasks, 'Polishing Felt' by 5x summoning helpers - 3 out of 5 succeeded

Task: 'Crystal Bouqet'
Crystal Bud: 'Burano Island - Mode: Day' - Tries: 1
Crystal Flower: 'Music Palace - Mode: Night' - Tries: 3
Crystal Branch: 'Stained-Glass Workshop - Mode: Jumbled Words' - Tries: 1
Crystal Chrysanthenum: 'Gondolier's House - Mode: Jumbled Words' - Tries: 1
Crystal Vase: 'Venetian Café - Mode: Dismantled Image' - Tries: 3
Artefact charges: 3 'Crimson Crystal Shard' have been rewards of tasks, 'Tourquoise Crystal Shard' by 10x summoning helpers - 3 out of 14 succeeded

Task 'Blacksmith's Overalls'
'Blacksmith's Tools' - already assembled
'Iron Name' - already assembled
'Crystal Bouqet' - already assembled
'Soot from the Forge' via 'Blacksmith Timli' in 'The Bellows Manor'
'Cinder' drops by helping 'Blacksmith Timli' at your friends place

'Crystal' for 'Blacksmith Timli' to get 'Soot from the Forge' - results in 1 complete round in each location:
'The Bellows Manor'.
in 'Observatory': none
in 'Cellar', Mode: 'Marine Queen', 'Reversed Room', 'Shadows'
in 'Study': none
in 'Dungeon', Mode: 'Shadows', 'Night'
in 'Library', Mode: 'Jumbled Words', 'Day', 'Night'
in 'Laboratory', Mode: 'Marine Queen', 'Day'
in 'Gazebo of Mysteries', Mode: 'Dismantled Image'
'Secrets of Paris'
in 'Museum of Perfume': none
in 'Boulangerie', Mode: 'Day', 'Shadows', 'Jumbled Words', 'Dismantled Image'
in 'Boat', Mode: 'Day', 'Marine Queen'
in 'Fashion Boutique', Mode: 'Night', 'Shadows'
in 'Cafè', Mode: 'Reversed Room'
in 'Hotel Room', Mode: 'Shadows', 'Jumbled Words', 'Dismantled Image'

in 'Arena of Teutons', Mode: 'Day', 'Marine Queen', 'Jumbled Word', 'Night', 'Shadows'.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Feb 13, 16 7:07 AM
Don't worry, I'll sent gifts as usual - for the next warm up.

Keep cool - sorry wrong wishes for this situation.

Sir Vival
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Feb 11, 16 8:32 AM
'Golden Arrows' dropped unexpected at the 'Dungeon' in mode 'Twilight Twins'.

edited by Sir Vival:
'Palm Branch' and 'Rose Buds' drop additional by helping 'Cupid'.
Both are not announced there.

'Dove Feathers' also drop at 'Little Valentine Note'
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Feb 10, 16 3:24 PM
@ gamegirl8

Got all 'Sweet Rolls' at 'The Bellows Manor' in the Library - I played only 'Shadows' mode.
Nevertheless, the 'Sweet Rolls' dropped in rarely. I needed at about 2.000 of energy for this part of the game, about 8 hours for the tasks where I needed those suspicious rolls and a good Brunch to reset my own resources.

Happy gaming
Sir Vival
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Feb 9, 16 2:53 PM
To everyone who is waiting for.

The new offer appeared lately today on my system at about 23:00h MET on 16.02.09
The starting screen says 16.02.08. -?1 Day Delay?

Sir Vival
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Feb 6, 16 8:18 AM
I played all modes except Ghost modes in Paris 'Museum of Perfume', 'Boulangerie' and 'Fashion Boutique'.

Found 'Silver Spoons' in Paris - actually played 'Boulangerie', done in 'Night Mode'. Won 2 in a row, playing 'Night Mode'.

'Fashion Boutique' playing mode 'Jumbled Words'. Won 3 in a row.

'Museum of Perfume' playing mode 'Day'. Won 2 out of 4.

'Boat' playing mode 'Reversed Room'. Won 1, but not regularly.
Mode 'Twilight Twins'. Won 2 in a row, regularly.

'Café' playing mode 'Reversed Room'. Won 2 in a row.

'Hotel Room' mode 'Shadow'. Won 2 out of 3.

In the end I needed nearly 5.000 points of energy to get enough 'Silver Spoons' to receive 30 'Mushrooms on a String'.

The above mentioned modes ended mostly in a 50/50 chances.
I changed 'Ghost modes' into 'Twilight Twins' - Chances in this mode have been at about 80%.

Remember: You can change mode by pressing the 2 cyrcled arrows, using your white cards.

In the sense of seriousness the above should be confirmed or corrected.

Sir Vival
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jan 14, 16 4:36 AM
@ cgiestela

afaik there are 2 kind of free to play games available at BF
- online games like RoM witch don't dl - you don't find it in your filelist
- Games to dl and to install, like i.e. 'Midnight Castle'

both kinds are usually started via the BFGameManager (sometimes or internal namend 'bfclient' or 'bfgclient')

My solution wasn't deleting a game
My solution was de-installing the BFGameManager via SystemControl\Programs and Functions.

There it's named: 'Big Fish: Game Manager'

Thereafter I re-installed the BFGameManager.

There are also games which need to be 'signed in' in BFG - check this at first

Sir Vival
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jan 13, 16 6:48 AM
Check my reply to - Game not uploading...

Hope this helps
Sir Vival
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jan 13, 16 6:41 AM
I confronted similiar problems in the past.
My solution:

deinstall BF-GameManager via SystemControl
install US-Version of BFG (country offers seem to be different - lesser Versions)

Sometimes Updates install hidden, resp. not clear named additions and slow down your system. Found by Avira AntiVirus. My last problem occured by updating DiVX.
Sorry, I don't remember the name of this prog inside DiVX. Sent it to Quarantine. Problem solved.

Hope you solve your probs
Sir Vival
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Aug 12, 15 3:55 AM
The following neighbours aren't accessible for me:


There is no 'Wake Up' note. Everytime I want to visit them the game generates an error note like: 'The server is temporarely not available', followed by a gamecrash.
Afterwards I have to restart the game. I monitored this for 2 weeks.

I think it's a problem of the server or the game.

Is there any player, who encountered similiar problems?

I will delete now the above mentioned neighbours. If you want to stay as my neighbours, please pm me for a 2nd run. Maybe the problem can be solved this way.

Please excuse me for deleting you
Feedback is welcome
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Aug 4, 15 3:34 PM
I'm back.
After a day of frustration, because the game denied loading, I made the post about absence.
Afterwards I tried again to start the game. It worked - don't know why? I tried again, it worked. I tried again, it worked. I tried again, it worked. I tried again, it worked. I tried again, it worked. ..............

Smiling Sir Vival
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Aug 4, 15 7:22 AM
due to start problems o f the game. Stops loading at 8%.
I will be back after Tech support helped.

Sir Vival
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jul 30, 15 11:47 AM
Hello posters,

because of your feedback and input, I gave competition another try. Another four times I played competition with more than one opponent - the fourth one accidantly. Another four times I harvested game freeze and lost my pearls. Result: I'll cancel competion, when a second opponent shows up, I don't duck out, and - I don't loose pearls. There is a button, which allows cancelling. - It's part of the game.

If someone of those opponents looses any reward because of my cancelling, I would be frustrated to, but please adress any complaints to the Devs or to the Distributors/Hosters.

@achumannfaery: Every gamefreeze needs a restart of the game for me. - It's a waste of my precious time.
@Librarian2003: I never got any other reward after a game freeze.

When I play with only one Opponent I don't care about the Level.
The other Tournaments 'Duel' (rock, paper, scissors) and 'Knock Out' end in an immediatly game freeze. I can't play them.

Your posts show different tactics and strategys. It shows: Best for you is your strategy. The best strategy for me is my strategy. Nevertheless, I learned from all of you. I changed parts of my strategy, because parts of your strategy suited better to me.

When I play a game, I want to play. When there is a task or quest, I want the reward. I play the game - I don't like 'the game playing with me'.

Why I'm posting: I like this game

Happy gaming
Sir Vival
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jul 23, 15 4:54 PM
Thank you everybody for your feedback.

Here are some answers:
1st of all, I'm not frustated. I eagerly would leave a game which frustates me. I tried to bring back a well known problem.
2nd my posts: this is what forums are implemented for, besides informations, tricks, resumes, etc.
Now the minor ones: I lost pearls and competition didn't count. But that's the past, forget about. My strategy will be, as best described by Ratchetr.
@jmskisun: I will give it a try next day.

Thank you all
Your feedback is welcome
Sir Vival
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jul 22, 15 3:12 PM
Thanks for your Feedback Achumannfaery,
thanks for your hint to forumpage,

I think your Intention isn't complete. BF is not only a host to this game.
They have monetary interests by implementing the Bank in every free game, offering additional money, christals, diamonds, depending on what's needed in a game.
Their target are players who are willing to pay for those additions. The reasons of those players differ,

Another evidence for me is what happened to me and others:

A year ago I only played BF's 'Awakening Kingdom'. One of the best games I ever played 'til this time. Pure fun. Because of the great success, they changed the rewards step by step.
At last their was one object left, which gave a really good reward. We used this regulary program object as a player to get a worthy reward as an addition.
They changed the reward of this object in a minor one.
But most of outrage for me was: Fun died in this game.
Last month the game itself died. As BF Published: 'Awakening Kingdom' is no longer supported. ?Why?

If you're interested in the whole Story, read the Forum of 'Awakening Kingdom'.
The strategy of BF gives more transparency when you get such experience.

Me and a lot of my friends left the game.

Sir Vival

 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jul 22, 15 1:09 PM
Hi ratchetr,

Thanks for your precise instructions. It's exactly how I handle this competion now.
I learned it the hard way.
Your istructions should be a content of the

Tips, Tricks, and Guides

as a Substitute 'til the Devs solved this Problem.

I tried to bring back this Problem to the Forum this way, because it's obviously no tech-issue.

The Mods aren't able to help. They are contracted by BF to do exactly what they do.
Their Task is to watch the Forums, to help and to assist the Gamers and... if possible/necessary to contact the Devs. The latter does'nt guarantee success.

@Mods: As I experienced, playing other BF-games, you did a great Job.

@BF: As far as I know, you have an excellent stuff in your Mods Dept., but I'm missing any BF engagement in solving Solutions.
1 year or more without solving a known Problem is simply to much.

Sir Vival
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