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The highest score I can get for 6.1 is 13220. I can't see how you can get to 25000 at all. I am trying to get under 5 minutes in hope you get a good bonus time amount but getting pretty disillusioned. Developers please respond in letting us know if it is an error so we can stop wasting our time or give us some sort of clue.
 posted in Farm Fables on Aug 1, 12 6:46 PM
lol, swap wine for oil, cows for sheep & beans for bamboo. I got it with 1 sec to spare :-) Getting nowhere without your help.
 posted in Farm Fables on Jul 30, 12 6:43 AM
Yay! I've worked it out. For those of you who haven't cottoned on yet, you scroll your mouse over the plant at the top and a money figure drops down underneath. If you have enough money click on the amount and you have upgraded your plant. :-)
 posted in Farm Fables on Jul 30, 12 6:27 AM
What do you mean by 'upgrade grass'?
 posted in Farm Fables on Jul 30, 12 6:22 AM
I missed how you upgrade the plants. Can anyone explain please? I'm stuck on level 30.
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