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 posted in Atlantis on Apr 9, 13 5:04 AM
Don't give up if you are having trouble - keep persisting!

I am now regularly achieving Level 4/8 - often 5/2 - occasionally 5/8 and tonight I got to 6/2 -whoo hoo!

Still addicted!
 posted in Atlantis on Feb 5, 13 7:27 PM
I am sooooo addicted to Atlantis! If I was my Mother I would be shouting at me "FGS do something else instead of playing that stupid game!"
I have been playing for around a year and couldn't get past the end of Level 1 for ages - now I get up to Level 4 Game 2 most of the time and bomb out with as much as 16 lives to play with - I have reached Level 4 Game 4 twice.
If it wasn't challenging I would get to the end and not play it again.
 posted in Atlantis on Feb 5, 13 7:17 PM
Is the power ball just a "wild card" that matches any colour?
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