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 posted in Demigods on Feb 17, 14 7:27 AM
OK! Thank you sipason
 posted in Demigods on Feb 17, 14 7:26 AM
I find that the SPX like the hydra does slow down the play a lot, but I had no problem beating the time so far (level 5).
 posted in Demigods on Feb 17, 14 7:23 AM
It's not what bonus you get from the Zeus altar. Can someone tell me?
 posted in Ballad of Solar on Apr 6, 13 7:52 AM
What does the elf say in level 3? I got a garbage message. Is it an extra quest?
 posted in Jewels of Cleopatra on Dec 4, 11 10:04 AM
Anybody got 5 stars for that one? I have turned every square golden and the game tells me that I did about 250 out of 377!! and gives me only 4 stars. I think there a bug on that level (besides the scarabs of course pun intended )
 posted in Caveman Physics on Sep 20, 11 6:53 AM
I agree, why is there no trial version?
 posted in Keepers of Dryandra on Sep 16, 11 12:47 PM
I use Windows XP and have the same resolution problem
 posted in Curse of the Ghost Ship on Jan 8, 11 6:29 AM
I just tried the game and had the same problem. It is a first for me too. Fortunately I have not bought the game before trying, but for those who have, usually BF are OK for refunding games (or ginving a credit ) if they can't fix it. You just have to send an e-mail to tech support. I had a problem with Arie that nobody had, and a very nice tech support technicien helped me solve the problem (it took a couple of weeks and a dozen e-mails back en forth!! ). For this one I'll wait to see if they post a fixed version since so many people have had problems. For now it seems they removed it from the list of available games completely.
 posted in Curse of the Ghost Ship on Jan 8, 11 6:20 AM
I just tried to play it and got the title scree sideways!!! and the mouse working funky
 posted in Aerie - Spirit of the Forest on Jan 7, 11 8:20 PM
So far I'm doing the third temple and I never got more than one crystal for a level even when I get all the healings and all the hidden objects. I hope we can get more crystlas later in the game because for the second temple I did not get enough crystal to finish it before moving to the next temple.
 posted in Great Adventures: Xmas Edition on Dec 19, 10 8:04 AM
It really seems to be the same game with Xmas decorations. So since I didn't even buy the other it's a no go for me.
 posted in Ballville: The Beginning on Dec 17, 10 1:00 PM
Wow!!, It's fun, original and super cute. I love saving the little critters (and the tasks are logical for the kind off little ball you're looking for). It's nice that you can choose between timer or not timer. Really enjoyable and it will go on my wish list.
 posted in Dreamsdwell Stories 2: Undiscovered Islands on Dec 11, 10 11:40 AM
I like it even better than the first one, i like that you can talk and get questr from the different characters, and also thatr the goals vary from 1 level to the next.
 posted in Hidden Mysteries: Salem Secrets on Nov 28, 10 8:47 AM
I love the game. The subject is one that facinates me. I visited Salem this summer and read a book on the Witch Trial. I know graphic are dark (but the subject is, sadly, about one of the darkest period in your country's history), but the objects are well defined and easy to recognise once you find them. I think some of them are quite well hidden without beeing too difficult to find.
As for the minigame, I was working on the first one (the chest) when my trial time ran out. It seemed difficult as I'd been working at it for at least 5 minutes and wasn't anywhere near finding the solution.
I think it's the best game of the series (others were pretty boting for and I bought only Civil War). It's a definite buy (well in the wish list) for me.
Myriade (from Canada)
 posted in 3 Cards to Dead Time on Nov 14, 10 8:46 AM
I love the game play with word associations although it was difficult for me at the beginning (especially the first game in the series) because my first language is French so there are some words association that I don' t know.
I also love the story and like that there are 2 paths to follow. I usually don't replay a game when I finished it, but I will for this one to see the alternate ending. si it's more game for my money.
By the way I haven't chosen my path for my first play yet. Im think I'm gonna go for Daniel first because i'm a hopeless romantic , but I have to admit it is a dufficult choice because the PI is more exciting .
 posted in Coconut Queen on Nov 9, 10 8:34 AM
I did Kaba-Lui last and did not get the cut scene in the palace either, just the beach scene.
 posted in Knightfall: Death and Taxes on Oct 26, 10 9:22 AM
I like the story and the original game play, but I don't likethe stress of loosing life when no more AP so I don't go after monsters because you get too easily killed, so really difficult to get XP. I guess you can do the dungeons over and over again to get the XP but will become boring very fast. So I died 8 minutes before the end and I won't buy the game
 posted in Aerie - Spirit of the Forest on Oct 2, 10 7:44 AM
The problem I have is that my mouse won't align properly with the graphics, I have to click about 1 inch to the left of the objects to make it work, and the pointer won't go completely to the left. It's weird it's the first time this happens to me. The first time I played it did it for about 30 seconds then it was fine, but when I came back after a phone call it won't work properly at all and it makes it very difficult to play. Has anyone else have the same problem?. I will try to uninstall the game and install it again to see if it gets better.
 posted in Columbus: Ghost of the Mystery Stone on Oct 1, 10 7:27 AM
Well i have Windows XP and it's not working for either

Later...but after I restarted the computer it work very well.
 posted in Goddess Chronicles on Sep 24, 10 7:26 AM
I stopped playing after 20 minutes. I don't like games that bug you for every single misclick. I mean the object of the game is to search!!!, you're bound to make a few mixtakes. And then to add insult to injury, it send you to a ''training'' screen after 3 misclick!!! Come on!!!
One thing I did enjoy is that if you find a piece of an object that is not yet showed it let's you pick it up...
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