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 posted in Mysterium™: Lake Bliss on Apr 2, 14 1:09 PM
I also was unsuccessful at installing. I tried five or six times. It goes through the process of downloading and then says "installation failed." I give up.
 posted in European Mystery: The Face of Envy Collector's Edition on Feb 26, 14 11:51 AM
The first European Mystery (Scent of Desire) was excellent, so when I saw that this game was available, I had to try it. I was not disappointed. Once I figured out how to do the alchemy, I looked forward to the alchemy puzzles. Everything is beautifully done, the costumes, the furniture, the rooms, all of the environments are amazing. Even in the hidden object scenes, the items are crisp and clean, with rich tones. I'm so glad that I got the Collector's Edition for the extra gameplay.

For those that don't like snakes, there is only one snake-shaped bracelet, which you don't have to click on, in a hidden object scene in the bonus game.

This was well worth the CE price!
Disbeliever, I really feel your pain, I've got exactly the same issues with spiders and snakes. It's getting harder to find games without them, and I'm getting a little worried about what I'm going to play in the future. If this trend continues, I may have to give up gaming altogether. There are games with such cute creatures, like kittens, puppies, bunnies and birds, why can't they use more of these? It's very frustrating and makes gameplay absolutely horrible.

It comes across to me that the game developers have absolutely no pity for people with phobias. I guess they believe that people love to be scared half to death. I've got enough problems in my life without that.

I just wanted to let you know that I understand. I've asked several times for them to have a rating system on games, but no-one seems to listen.
 posted in Flights of Fancy: Two Doves Collector's Edition on Sep 13, 13 2:49 PM
Thank you! That's exactly what I needed to know. Going to give this one a try right now!
 posted in Flights of Fancy: Two Doves Collector's Edition on Sep 13, 13 1:28 PM
That pretty much sums it there anything yucky in this game?
 posted in Stray Souls: Stolen Memories on Aug 8, 13 4:21 PM
I'm also partially disabled and rely on these games to get me through the day. I've asked several times if there could be a rating system for games to alert players to things they might find offensive (eg. reptiles, snakes, spiders). Since this isn't available, the only way that I can decide whether or not to buy a game is to find the walkthrough and scan it for objectionable things. This is the only way I can avoid getting migraines and upset stomachs. I have the money and am perfectly willing to buy the games, but I will no longer spend the money on a game only to find out that I can't play it, and then have to uninstall it.
 posted in Love Story: The Way Home on Jun 30, 13 1:57 PM
I thoroughly enjoyed this game. Beautiful graphics, good storyline, and so nice not to have demons or reptiles in my face. I would have considered it a little on the short side, but otherwise excellent.
Here we go again, another game full of snakes. Another game I can scratch off my list of potential enjoyment. Now I'm going to plead to the developers to PLEASE come up with something besides snakes as subject matter for games! Thank you to the person above who gave the warning. You have no idea how much people need your help. I wish I knew how to develop a intention wouldn't be to scare people half to death, and there are so many other things in the world besides snakes. I just don't understand this obsession.

So many of the games lately have had snakes in them that I've had to resort to re-playing some of my older games to the point of boredom. Can anyone suggest to me a game that has a very limited use of snakes that I can add to my collection?
Thank you to all who made an honest assessment of the snakes in this game. This really helps those with phobias. Unfortunately, I will not be able to buy the game because I don't need the upset of seeing them. I wish there was a way to rate all games. I've had far too many experiences where I tried the demo, then bought the game, and THEN found out about the snakes.
 posted in European Mystery: Scent of Desire on May 3, 13 11:08 AM
This was a thoroughly enjoyable game. Good mapping system, excellent mini puzzles and graphics, just the right length and no occult themes. It ran flawlessly on my computer. It was a very refreshing break from many games I've played lately that had an obsessive use of spiders and snakes. If you want to relax and unwind from life's stresses, I highly recommend this game. I hope we can see more like this!
 posted in Awakening: The Skyward Castle Collector's Edition on Oct 19, 12 1:32 PM
I'm finding this game to be shuts down my computer randomly, and I found this out *after* I purchased it. Don't know what to do. Beautiful game, it's too bad that it's got this fault.
 posted in Howlville: The Dark Past on Jul 13, 12 10:53 AM
Excellent game! Thoroughly enjoyed it. And best of all... only one small snake in a hidden object scene Thankyou N-Tri Studios!!
 posted in Ghost Encounters: Deadwood on Jul 8, 12 10:14 AM
At first glance I didn't think I would like this one. But as I progressed I found it to be quite a good game. By the time I was finished, I realized that it was at the top of my "Best Games" list. The scenes were crisp and clean, HOGS were sharp (objects easy to pick out.) Good story line. I hope the developers make more like this. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was sorry to see it end.
LadyLark wrote:Maybe they held onto it for a year awaiting the Queen's Diamond Jubilee to release in her honor. We are not amused and send to the tower to cool his fins 'til he comes to his senses! Keep this up and it's into the hotpot with him.

The most entertaining part of this game was reading the reviews. Sorry, BigFish, but even you've got to admit, that was pretty funny.
This game looked really promising with the beautiful outdoor scenes...I thought I could finally relax and enjoy a game that hopefully wouldn't be snake-ridden. The one by the gate wasn't too bad, but that cobra at the top of the stairs! OH MY GOSH! I don't even want to finish this game. This issue of constantly having snakes in games really baffles me. I know there are other fishies who dislike them, and I wish there was some way to evaluate each game and give a fair warning to others. I also wish we could ask developers to be more sensitive to people that don't like snakes, spiders, etc.

Apart from the snake issues in this game, I really did enjoy it. The dog and the kitten were cute All of the Grim Facade games are excellent...this one just went a little too far for my liking.
 posted in Fierce Tales: The Dog's Heart Collector's Edition on Jul 6, 12 6:41 AM
Snake alert ! There is a scene in the demo with snakes. There are quite a few of them.

Thank you very much for the warning. I have a snake phobia, and I find them very upsetting. It's too bad that they have to put so many snakes in games. The little dog in this game is absolutely adorable, but because of the snake thing, I will not be buying it.

Sure wish the developers would get this message...
Add my name to the list of people who cannot save their progress. I already have admin rights on my computer, so that's not the issue. I literally found this out ten minutes after buying the game, and now I'm kicking myself. Hope they can come up with a patch soon, because this game looked really interesting, and I was looking forward to it.
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