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 posted in Ominous Objects: Family Portrait on Dec 23, 17 7:40 AM
There were no coins in the standard version.
 posted in Campfire Legends: The Babysitter on Jul 6, 17 8:58 AM
Nope - you're not stuck yet. There are two table scenes that you can click on to view. A disk is in each one of them. The table scene closeup right next to the gurney has one that is underneath the table. The other scene is the counter top scene. The disk should be on the left side of the scene in the shadows. Once you have all of the items, you put them together and the machine will "spark" and you will be instructed to find a crumpled up piece of paper (which is on the table scene). Take the paper, light it on fire with the sparks and use this to light the candle.
 posted in Grim Tales: Graywitch Collector's Edition on Mar 11, 17 10:54 AM
kazooie2628 - This is wonderful. Thanks!!!!!!
 posted in Haunted Hotel: The Thirteenth Collector's Edition on Feb 26, 17 8:50 AM
I'm having same problem, but I can't access the window anymore. Arrgh!!
 posted in Haunted Hotel: The Thirteenth Collector's Edition on Feb 26, 17 8:48 AM
I haven't gotten that far yet, but I believe you have to finish the bonus game first.
 posted in PuppetShow: Bloody Rosie Collector's Edition on Feb 26, 17 8:29 AM
I had the same problem. Sorry to say that it's just something that you have to keep trying. There should have been a "skip" button for this mini-game. There was also another mini-game that was just like this...I think it's on a bag in the cottage.
 posted in The Wisbey Mystery on Jan 13, 17 5:44 AM
I have a question for the people who have played this game. I notice that there is no blog walkthrough. Do you feel that a walkthrough is needed? Is there a Hint button, and if so, was it helpful?
 posted in True Fear: Forsaken Souls on Dec 9, 16 9:33 AM
I have to add my thoughts to this also.... It was really frustrating to purchase and play this game without first being told that it was part 1. Then years go by and we find out that part 2 is coming out and BFG won't offer it to us? Not nice....
Thank you sunshinej for this listing. For a player new to this series, it will be nice to play them in order.

Have a great Thursday!!!
 posted in Jewel Match: Twilight on May 31, 16 10:26 AM
I agree with you! I am completely amazed at how addicting this game is. Twilight is my first Match 3 purchase. It was a good thing I didn't have to work today because I stayed up until after 1 am last night playing this.

In fact, I loved it so much that I purchased two more Jewel Match games.

I am also very happy that each scene ends up becoming a wallpaper (which I love!!!)

My co-worker and I talk about Big Fish Games all the time and how we really enjoy this company. Wait until I go back to work tomorrow....we will have SO much to talk about!
To get the Music Achievement, you need to click on the record player on the main menu screen. (I saw this in another post).
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Nov 30, 15 9:01 PM
There are a total of four eyes that you need to open the kitchen door. As far as the fireplace, I believe that you need to find a moon and a sun. Your journal will show which "coin" to put with the sun. For the "coin" for the moon, just keep trying the other coins. I think it's the coin that looks like a "7" and a "6".
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Nov 30, 15 8:58 PM
The knife has to be sharpened on the grindstone in the cellar outside the school. Once sharpened, use it to open the teddy bear in the basement of the toy store. Inside the teddy bear you will find matches. Use these matches to light the bowl in the darkened room in the well.
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst ™ on Nov 27, 15 6:36 PM
I didn't see a review forum for this game so I started one.

I found this to be the worst game I have ever played. Not sure of the release date, but I"m thinking it has to be many years old.

First of all, it is HOS only...not an adventure game. Second, you are given a limited amount of hints (I believe there are 6). Third, there are a few "mini games" that you have to play to open a door. These were ok and can be skipped. HOWEVER skipping these games takes minutes off your time and takes away all of your hints for awhile.

When I started this game I was given the option of choosing a timed game or not a timed game. I chose to have a game not timed as I detest having to play a game quickly in order to beat the time clock. However there was still a timer going even though I chose not to have it timed.

Found that there was one positive....only one. Once you found a certain amount of objects in various rooms, you "collected" a diary page. This page was in pieces and you assembled it to access the next part of Emma's story.

I played this game from start to finish in one sitting (took almost 5 hours) as I did not want to have to come back to this at a later date.

This is the first game in the series and does help you to understand Emma's story. However, I didn't feel like it was a definite must to play this game in order to continue on to the next one.

I have already purchased the next two games in the series and am hoping that they are nothing like this one.

Just my opinion.....hope you have a better experience!
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst ™ on Nov 27, 15 6:22 PM
Wouldn't it be nice if they let us know the order in a series?

Anyway....the first one in this series in MCF: Ravenhurst. Personally I HATED this game. It's HOS only and you have a very limited amount of hints. You do come across a few mini games to unlock rooms and you do have the option of skipping these mini games. But skipping you lose your hints for awhile.

I believe this is the order of the rest of the games: MCF: Return to Ravenhurst, MCF: Escape from Ravenhurst, MCF: Key to Ravenhurst and then MCF: Ravenhurst Unlocked.
 posted in Dark Canvas: A Murder Exposed on Nov 26, 15 7:26 PM
I thought this was a really good game. The storyline was unique. You're a wedding photographer who has taken pictures at Frank's and Carol's wedding. After the wedding you go to their family home....and the fun begins.

The graphics are nicely detailed and the music fits the scenes. I loved it when I could hear the rain falling outside the french doors.

A nice mix of mini-games and HOS.

There was one episode in the maid's room that was never answered (doesn't leave you hanging, though). Makes me think that there may be a continuation of this story.

I almost didn't buy it because there were a couple of negative reviews. Am so glad I didn't pass this one by.

 posted in Dark Canvas: A Murder Exposed on Nov 26, 15 7:13 PM
It's 19-5-4 which is Anna's date of death.
 posted in Haunted Hotel: The X Collector's Edition on Nov 18, 15 8:39 AM
Hello everyone -

I've been reading the reviews on the Haunted Hotel games, and I'd like to start playing them. Is there a certain order these should be played in? Thanks!
 posted in Maze: Subject 360 on Sep 22, 15 10:00 AM
I really liked this game. Didn't find it scary like some people commented, but it did have some dark and creepy characters. Thought it was funny that I had to slap a few of the bad guys. Too funny!

Good storyline, good graphics. The hint button is great and a walkthrough isn't needed at all.

Only frustrating part was the very end. You have a game to play when you fight the bad dude. It's not skippable. Argh!

Wish I would have purchased the collector's edition. One commenter said the bonus game added a lot to the storyline as the bonus game is from another character's point of view. Oh well.
 posted in Maze: Subject 360 on Sep 22, 15 9:51 AM
Absolutely agree with underwriter's comment about ending. Took me a bit of time to figure out that (1) catch what the demon is throwing and (2) recreate the pic on his chest.

Another game that has an ending like that - that you can't skip - is The Fall Trilogy. You have to go through each part of the cave and adjust mirrors PERFECTLY or you can't end the game.

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