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Oops I figured it out. Instead of clicking the model once, you click multiple times.
I've taken photos of every model that arrives at bottom of the stairs but that number doesn't begin to fill the circle that would mean achievement reached... what am I missing?
Same here. I've been working this level for weeks and get close but can't seem to pull off three stars. I've mixed up options, order, you name it. No luck. Tips would be appreciated.
 posted in Delicious: Emily's Honeymoon Cruise on May 5, 16 9:11 PM
Hey guys... did this ever get fixed or did everyone just give up? I just bought game this week and ran into same problem. I'm on Mac 10.11.4.
 posted in Delicious: Emily's Hopes and Fears Collector's Edition on Jan 13, 16 8:33 PM
OK. I finally got there but I had to play it repeatedly to get three stars. Then play it to focus only on getting the mouse. Then after what seemed like several hundred tries, finally got the double order challenge. By concentrating on each award individually during several plays, I was able to accumulate everything that was needed. Whew! That was a klller.
 posted in Delicious: Emily's Hopes and Fears Collector's Edition on Jan 13, 16 8:19 PM
I've been working on this level for DAYS! If I understand correctly, I'm supposed to make the order twice for every customer and table??? They can only accept 1/2 of it and I'm supposed to erase the extra products on my tray immediately before going on to the next customer? This is impossible. I will never be fast enough to pull that off. I've got people getting mad and leaving right and left because I can't get to them fast enough. Surely, I don't understand this challenge properly... Perhaps someone can enlighten me? Thanks.
Thanks Angel. This helped me big time!! The dessert pictures inside the circle showed brownies AND chocolate strawberries and I was wondering how the heck I could do that since they were competing choices on the first dessert platter. I must have tried 25 different variations and never could pull it off. Your tips put me over. YAY.
 posted in Delicious: Emily's New Beginning Collector's Edition on Jan 17, 15 4:56 PM
I must have played this 20 times with the music turned off with only sounds (so I could hear the mouse squeak which I never did). Finally found him hiding behind the curved railing behind the table for 4. Hope that helps someone. In advanced mode, the mouse only stays visible for 2-3 seconds so you better be fast.
 posted in Kingdom Tales 2 on Oct 15, 14 5:34 PM
I have tried every possible placement and order possible over past couple of weeks and simply can't figure out how to get enough wood, luxuries, and 10G in time. At end when collecting money like mad, I've demolished luxuries and workshop and checked cave but still can't get there (the cave is typically empty, boo).

Getting 3 gold stars on normal level was challenging but at least doable. Beating this one in platinum time has me stumped. I must be missing that perfect little something somewhere? Everyone else seems to have figured this one out so that makes me think I must be missing something obvious?? Help, anyone?
 posted in Farm Mania 2 on Apr 4, 14 9:48 PM
This was a KILLER! I worked it for two weeks, hundreds of plays. This is how I finally did it:
1. Get grandpa going, then plant 4 beds of tomatoes and 2 beds of lettuce. Take 3 beds of tomatoes to Grandma's ketchup plant because you'll have 3 bonus requests for 2 ketchups each time. Put the other 1 bed of tomatoes, and 2 beds of lettuce in the cart.
2. Get busy making your two cakes as fast as possible. After that, don't bother with cakes anymore.
3. Click on the tree guy constantly so you have at least 3, maybe four trees ready to go on the cheese and wool factories as supplies come ready.
4. Mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms! Keep harvesting those throughout the play because you'll definitely need the money.
5. Make sure you keep the sheep and goats fed all the time because you'll need to shear sheep as often as possible.
6. Always take your cow's milk to the factory to make cheese.
7. Somewhere in there, I planted another couple of beds of lettuce for good measure to make sure I didn't run short of money at the deadline. I tried planting berries but they were too much trouble and always made me fall behind. Don't bother. You can beat the time without them.

Good luck!! And don't give up... it's definitely winnable but you've really got to work for it. Oh yeah, two cows 1 bull, 2 goats 1 billy, 2 sheep 1 ram, 3 chickens.
 posted in 12 Labours of Hercules on Jan 20, 14 1:50 PM
I finally figured it out. Here's how I did it.

1. Pick up the first 3 woods and buy another worker.
2. Then get them going working separately to simultaneously build the two houses in the middle of the board on each side of Hercules Speed-Up torch.
3. When the extra worker bonus dings, click him, pick up the gold directly below the speed-up torch, then build the torch. After that, get him clearing wood toward the two circles at the bottom that are "renewing" woods. Empty them as quickly as you can.
4. While the extra worker is doing all that, have the other two workers upgrade the middle houses to level 2.
5. When all that is done, have your two workers clearing toward the bottom houses. Build the houses and start upgrading them as fast as you can gather wood to do that. They upgrade twice to level 3. Takes all the wood on the board and the renewals.
6. In the meantime, every time the extra worker bonus reloads, click it and get him busy clearing things, especially food, since Hercules needs food to move the boulders while all workers are busy doing other stuff.
7. Send your two workers to the houses up top. They only need to be built, no upgrades.
8. When all the houses are built and fully upgraded, the two potholes have been repaired at the top, and Hercules has moved all boulders, gather gold as fast as you can.
9. Tip: the only gold you gather early is the one you need to build the speed-up torch. DO NOT GATHER ANY OTHER GOLD until all houses are built and fully upgraded.
10. You might have to repeat the level a few times to get it tight, fast, and error-free but you will get Expert Gold.

Hope that helps someone.
 posted in Airport Mania 2: Wild Trips on May 6, 13 8:03 PM
I must really be stupid. So I have 7 planes lined up in all the parking spaces, the washer space, and the painting space. I click on a plane, then the adjacent plane and nothing happens?? I then left an empty space. Click on a plane, then adjacent plane, then on empty space. The last plane I clicked went to the empty space and I moved the second plane to the space the other plane left. Nothing happens?

I've read your instructions over and over. I've tried the instructions on the other thread about switcheroo. Can someone re-phrase how to do this in a way I can finally understand? I'm really embarrassed that I'm too thick to get this...

 posted in Airport Mania 2: Wild Trips on Mar 31, 13 8:12 PM
Well, I certainly had no luck buying and using the $85,000 big plane. Although it dropped the perfect score total needed, the game also stopped sending other big planes that make more $$$ and my total score was $10,000 less than the new lower perfect score.

I finally figured it out by buying two improved gates only, one VIP holding space, and the paint machine!!! I painted the first little green plane pink to multiply the pink scores and later in the game when tons of blue planes were coming in all at once, I painted one of the big blue planes pink to use the empty pink gate. Bingo. Hope that helps someone else.
 posted in Royal Envoy on Nov 17, 12 6:15 PM
Including all the great strategies from others here, the trick for me was having enough workers. I had a total of 7 workers so 1 guy could work in the workshop and 2 teams of 3 could upgrade mansions. And I hired a total of 6 tax collectors so they could work the banks and rent collections at the same time. I got gold with lots of time left over! HTH someone.
 posted in The TimeBuilders: Pyramid Rising 2 on Oct 26, 12 11:44 PM
YAY! I finally hit on the right formula. Followed the walkthrough strategy but added the following:

1. Bought 1 additional worker
2. Bought 2 additional rent collectors
3. And harvested the almond trees every time one ripened until the very end. That makes money pretty fast and made the difference.

I made gold without having to buy a bonus before the level began. Good luck. Hope this helps someone else.
 posted in The TimeBuilders: Pyramid Rising 2 on Oct 26, 12 8:28 PM
Here I am at the very end and I'm finally stumped. Despite the walkthrough strategy and using bonuses of each kind, I still can't get gold. Within 10 seconds using the freeze time bonus but still not there. Must have played this a gazillion times. Has anyone figured out how to beat the clock for gold on this one??
 posted in Royal Envoy 2 Collector's Edition on Oct 7, 12 7:37 PM
I'm with you lorikgator. I've achieved everything except that doggone snowball accuracy. I've played both levels suggested by the strategy guide, days on end. I guess the only way I'm ever going to get it is to completely memorize the order in which the guys pop up and be ready for each one without a miss. Pretty tricky. The strategy guide tells you the levels to play and then you're on your own. This one is definitely an endurance challenge.
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess II on Aug 27, 12 11:31 PM
I made a huge mistake and no one has mentioned this yet! I kept following all the great advice here and still kept running out of gold at the very end. I was scratching my head wondering how I could be so slow until I realized... THERE'S NO WAREHOUSE! Any gold over 20 is wasted. DUH. You have to be picking flowers all during the level to keep the gold below 20 or you'll never have enough at the end. The minute I figured this out, it was bingo. Hope this helps someone.
 posted in Royal Envoy on Aug 20, 12 9:39 PM
Huntington, you are AWESOME!!
 posted in Royal Envoy on Aug 19, 12 9:05 PM
You guys offered some great strategies. Wish I had looked here first before I wasted 20 tries to get gold expert! I found my own way and thought I was so clever that I would post but now I'm not so sure. For those of you trying for gold at expert level who aren't whiz-bang fast (slow like me that is), keep these pointers in mind...

1. Hire 2 extra tax collectors about the time you open the bridge.
2. Hire up to 7 workers when you can.
3. Trade with 3 markets but completely ignore the 4th, don't even pay the bandit.
4. Only used the 2nd sawmill on other side of bridge once I think.

Good luck!
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