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 posted in Clutter VI: Leigh's Story on Jan 7, 17 9:51 PM
The static TV in upper right corner says 95 of 100. And now when I try to play, it starts me over at Level 1.
How can I find the missing 6 levels. I go to the page that has all the games (lots of little squares with dots). I understand that the first four lines ore the story game. There are no yellow dots on those lines. Every square has red and green dots. So how do I find the 6 missing levels to play??

There are some squares that don't have any dots... I click on them but nothing happens.

I just read your answer, Joe, on the "Control Panel" thread. I gather that means those levels are locked. How do I get them to unlock? They seem to be levels 54, 63, 72, 81, and 100.

Thanks to anybody who can help me.
 posted in Fishdom: Depths of Time on Feb 22, 15 7:04 PM
Thanks so much for the info! I love this game, but have to admit I was frustrated about the double bomb.... couldn't figure out what I had to do.
 posted in Clutter II: He Said, She Said on Mar 22, 13 10:51 PM
I'm pretty far along in the game, but all of a sudden the "Hints" button won't work. I have 45 hints accumulated, but I can't access them. I can't find anything in the "Options" . Can anyone help me to get my Hints working again?

Thanks so much!
 posted in Evolver on Apr 19, 12 9:00 PM
I usually like Match3 games, but found this one extremely repetitive and boring. There was no variety, no power ups, no mini-games.

The screen was not at all attractive, and I didn't like having to click twice (once on each object) to move it.

I only lasted about 15 minutes before uninstalling it.
 posted in Wild West Story: The Beginning on May 27, 11 10:04 PM
I really enjoyed the game for the first 40 or so levels. But now that I've finished building, it's totally boring. Nothing to work for, no motivation... not even able to get more people for the town. Just want it to end - but I'm only on level 57, I think, and I don't know if I will even bother to finish it. Sorry I bought it!!
 posted in Undiscovered World: The Incan Sun on Oct 24, 10 8:33 PM
Relaxing, not hard on the eyes! I like it, and will buy it!

And thanks for the reviews, fellow gamers! It always helps me decide.
 posted in Paradise Quest on Oct 19, 10 12:34 AM
I have played Level 11 about 6 or 7 times. I quickly get the four tiles that are available on the four sections of the map. But I can't find the other two tiles. I try jumping to new areas off the map when the vine is complete, but it won't jump outside of the four given sections.

I love the game, but am totally frustrated at this point!!!!! Can anyone help me?????
 posted in Fishdom: Seasons Under the Sea on Oct 14, 10 11:07 PM
I'm stuck on level 31 too. Seems like the only way is to get lightning bolts. I got two, and it broke most of the locks, but not the bottom one!!!
 posted in Slingo Quest on Sep 29, 09 10:05 PM
Can someone explain what are super slingos and bounce slingos. I've read all the Help sections and can't find any explanation.
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