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You like exactly the same games as me!!! I'd also add the original Brink of Consciousness and the first New York Mysteries.
 posted in Christmas Wonderland 6 on Dec 8, 15 5:27 AM
I think this game is slightly harder than the others but I'm loving it and I'm old too! I just put my glasses on and I'm fine. These games are great to relax with in between doing the spooky hidden object games which I love too.
 posted in Shiver: The Lily's Requiem Collector's Edition on Feb 7, 15 5:22 AM
First game in ages that made me laugh out loud. When I said I didn't want the tutorial, it told me I was a know it all !!! Someone making this game has a great sense of humour!
Hardly ever give reviews but I had to comment on this one!! Game of the year in my opinion, I've been playing for hours and I'm only about half way. Love the door locks, love the puzzles, really enjoyed the roller coaster ride!!! There's some humor in this game as well as the odd scary moment. A perfect game with plenty to do. I give it 10 out of 10.
 posted in Surface: The Pantheon Collector's Edition on Sep 21, 13 6:35 AM
Totally agree with the above reviews and now I've finished the game, just had to come in and reiterate that the story line is fantastic. Kept you interested the whole time and for me that is the key to a great game. You just have to keep playing to see what happens next. Graphics, puzzles and HOS were all good although I still prefer the "put back in the scene" type of HOS but that's just my preference. Voice acting fabulous and all in all, I think this game is in the Top 10 for the year. Highly recommend.
 posted in Portal of Evil: Stolen Runes Collector's Edition on May 14, 13 6:42 AM
nyknight55 wrote:This the very best game in long time I have not enjoyed every aspect
of a game so much since MCF Dire grove fantastic !

Totally concur with everything you said here. Love this game and Dire Grove was my all time favourite until jump maps and reverse hidden object scenes came into vogue. Now Dire Grove seems outdated lol. For those not wanting to try this game, I recommend you give it a go as this game gets better the further you go along. I'd give it a 9 out of 10.
Wow what a great game, half way through and absolutely loving it. Some games grab you straight away and this was one of those. Love the put the objects back hidden object scenes and the changing rooms. There is plenty to do and while like others, I would have preferred a map, I'm not having any difficulty finding my way around. Can't wait to try the other two games now!
Just finished this game and don't normally post but I couldn't let the opportunity pass to say this is the best game of 2011 by far. I absolutely love all the MCF games and usually have those as my favourites but this one gripped me from the beginning, was just the right difficulty level for me and had a great balance of hidden object scenes and puzzles. Got lost lots of time but that was half the fun! Can't wait for the next game from this developer. I can't recommend this game enough!
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