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 posted in Criminal Minds on Apr 23, 12 6:53 PM
I was able to play the trial version, however when I purchased the full version and activated it, I can no longer play the game, It will appear to load and go through the initial scene and end up on the main page were you see your name and can choose to play. When I click on play, the screen goes black for a second, then it closes out completely. I even deleted it and re-downloaded it. Same issue.
 posted in Alabama Smith in the Quest of Fate on Nov 16, 09 7:02 PM
Went back in to replay, did not try to get into the trash basket until I had done everything else that I could do first. Then it let me get the picture pieces and the evidence without freezing up! Hope this helps you too!
 posted in Alabama Smith in the Quest of Fate on Nov 15, 09 6:51 PM
Me too! Got through with no issues, now replaying and getting a crash at the trash basket too!
 posted in Farmer Jane on Nov 7, 08 4:22 AM
I am also having problems with this game. After the first level, it goes to a screen that you can decide which upgrades you want and my mouse will not appear. I have deleted and reinstalled. Did not help.
 posted in Mushroom Age on Oct 21, 08 7:24 AM
Somehow my mirror ended up in the other room.. I can't get it back into the room to put it in that spot? Any help would be appreciated..
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