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 posted in Severe Incident: Cargo Flight 821 on Aug 9, 12 10:26 AM
: Thank you for your response regarding this game. I will be waiting as patiently as I can for this game to be available again. I read about this game on another site many weeks before I tried the demo and have been anticipating it's arrivial ever since. Thanks to BFG I'll have plenty of other games to play in the meantime.
 posted in Severe Incident: Cargo Flight 821 on Jul 21, 12 11:06 PM
I tried this game when it was the New Release and today decided to buy it and I can not find it anywhere on this site. I have the trial in my game manager and tried to buy it from there and I got an Error Code 333. I also cannot find an Error Code 333 in the help files. What is a 333? And why is this game suddenly missing almost like it never existed? I really wanted to purchase this game, it was a breath of fresh air and not since the Muppets Pigs in Space was there an HOG in space.
 posted in Azada ™: Ancient Magic on Mar 28, 12 3:57 AM
There is a walkthrough on ****.com. They have them for sale but, you can browse the whole thing (what's the point buying it then?). They also have walkthroughs for MANY games. Hope this helps someone get unstuck. Happy Gaming.
 posted in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland on Mar 28, 12 3:36 AM
The game started to play just fine...but, after clicking on a few items it goes black screen then the game closes. It's very frustrating, I really wanted to play this game. I love Alice games! Think they'll ever get American Mc Gee's Alice?
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