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 posted in Millennium: A New Hope on May 6, 12 10:15 AM
Where is the Pillar of Resistance located, and what does it look like? I know it is in the Sapphire Cave in the lava area,

 posted in Aveyond 2 on Jul 19, 09 8:29 PM
Thanks. I think I know what the problem is.
 posted in Aveyond 2 on Jul 19, 09 5:50 PM
I've gotten the dragon, been to Eredar, got the cloak, shield, key and book. When I return to Thais to talk to Uthar, he tells me to talk to the oracle in Aveyond to find out how to get past the cliffs of the Land of the Lost. What am I doing wrong?
A walkthrough is available at Gamezebo. This is the link:

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Hope this helps.
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