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 posted in 4 Aztec Skulls on Nov 23, 17 1:42 PM
Tried this level twice and can't finish. This is supposed to be the EASY level. I never have enough stones to buy silver, plus fix huts, plus get rid of rocks, plus upgrade buildings. How?

Note: I played all levels on the other three Adelantado games and managed to finish all levels, but not this game. Very frustrating. Waste of money.
 posted in Subject 13 on Aug 15, 17 2:20 PM
How come this box doesn't spin and open? It just sits there. Two seconds more and I'm outta this game.
 posted in Ancient Tripeaks on Jul 14, 17 2:29 PM
Does everyone's game open to 6"x6" size?
 posted in 4 Aztec Skulls on May 7, 17 10:59 AM
I just finished the game. I liked it. Yes, it wasn't like the Adelantado, but at least these sawmills, gardens, etc, ACTUALLY produced something, consistently. In the Adelantado series, it was so frustrating because you couldn't produce resources consistently, no matter how much money you spent.
 posted in Spellarium on Mar 22, 17 4:06 PM
I like this game. I like that it has a relaxed mode. Graphics are great. I'm playing it again, skipping the card games, etc. However, I would like LESS bombs. Maybe I'm weird, but I like trying to win a game by myself.
 posted in Lifeline on Mar 18, 17 9:15 AM
I was exploring alien ship and then bought game. After it installed, it took me back to the beginning where I chose the wrong sleeping area - the only mistake so far that I made. This is very irritating.
 posted in Lifeline on Mar 17, 17 12:07 PM
so, he just went to sleep. I'm supposed to sit here waiting for him to get up? If I close the game, does it keep running in real time, like Plant Tycoon? If so, I'd buy it, if not, I'll do something constructive.
 posted in Forgotten Lands: First Colony ™ on Feb 14, 17 10:43 AM
I can't get yellow on this game. There are 4 building sites. You have to keep building farms in order to get enough workers for the sawmills. You can't upgrade. How many sawmills and how many farms should you have?
 posted in Finders on Feb 1, 17 12:17 PM
How do you earn money? I have a well and a grill so far.
 posted in Grimville: The Gift of Darkness on Jan 18, 17 3:38 PM
I liked it. Bare bones. Like Silent Age. You really are on your own figuring things out. There were some HOGs but not a lot. Too Many Spiders.
 posted in Forgotten Lands: First Colony ™ on Jan 18, 17 9:59 AM
I guess I don't understand this mania for beating the clock and getting gold. I like to play and game, experiment with different ways of getting resources, etc. This game was fine in the demo, then when I purchase the game - it's do or die. I, too, like the relaxed mode where you can just enjoy it.
 posted in The Silent Age on Dec 25, 16 12:23 PM
For the benefit of the rest of the class, how did you get by the welder? Never mind, it figured it out, too.
 posted in Crime Solitaire on Dec 17, 16 2:25 PM
Why are some circles with arrows yellow and some are white?
 posted in The Silent Age on Dec 10, 16 2:12 PM
Need I say more. We need more like this instead of those bloated HOGS.
 posted in Rescue Team 6 Collector's Edition on Dec 7, 16 12:59 PM
This is the last Rescue Team game I buy. I play for fun. If I wanted the stress of trying to beat a fire, I'd join the hotshots! And I can't even GO TO THE NEXT LEVEL WITHOUT COMPLETING THIS ONE.....ARGGGGGGGH
 posted in Plant Tycoon on Nov 21, 16 4:45 PM
What goes in the clay pots in the middle? or do they stay empty?
 posted in Rescue Team 6 Collector's Edition on Nov 12, 16 10:42 AM
I agree in that this is supposed to be RELAXED MODE. I purchased the 'fire is slower'. I've played it 4x and still spreads too fast.
 posted in Crime Solitaire 2: The Smoking Gun on Oct 28, 16 1:04 PM
Thanks for replying. I checked again - I have all the boxes checked plus $8436.

Yes, Frank Drebin. I loved Police Squad.
 posted in Crime Solitaire 2: The Smoking Gun on Oct 25, 16 12:08 PM
Absolutely love this game! The dialogue cracks me up. The detective's voice sounds just like Frank Lovejoy - yes kids, look him up. Anyway, I finished level one with a gold cup, but I can't get out of Level 2 even tho I seem to have finished it. Any suggestions? And I can't wait for #3 to come out.

Passed Level 2. Played Level 4 - needed 6800 points and I had 7600 and it wouldn't level me go to the next level. Any advice?
This is bizarre. Purchased game WITH strategy guide and I still can't figure out what to do. I have to find the last piece of paper to solve puzzle on cello, but no.....SG is no help. Says to solve puzzle - can't solve puzzle until I find last piece of paper. Any help, please.
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