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Hey whenever there are cutscenes the game stays on the of the room or area and and every 3 seconds a picture of what the person is describing comes up for like 0.5 secs and if i roll my mouse over something no words appear in the black box so i was wondering if this is supposed to happen because if it is meant to happen that is one VERY shoddy idea
AMAZING!!!! The wait was definitely worth the wait. Loved the game and the way they give hints about the next dark parable for us to play. The way everything ties in with the other games is great, like the statue of Snow white's son. Stunning graphics as usual and the storyline still keeps me entertained. I spend most of my game time staring at scenery and marvelling over the detail. I loved the glass castle and was devastated when I couldn't explore it. Now my mum can actually get me to speak about anything other than the three screenshots of the game. Now I talk about Cinderella. ALOT!!!! ; )
I am soooooooooooooooooooooo happy there is gonna be a forth one.i LOVE these games!!!!!
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