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If you have passed this one - I'll need help with the door at the top of the stairs. After hacking, you enter the ballroom, then the gasmask hallway, then the stairs riddle - after that there's another hallway with a door at the end. the riddle says "press all the suits to open the door" -- I can't seem to get the pattern.. hope you could help me.
im playing the collector edition iphone too - you don't need to access the 2 doord on the right (thus not needing the lamp knob) --- instead you need to go out of handsome andre's room, go to the left (where the red eye bird is at) -- see the red curtains and broken planks - HACK them with your butcher knife -- you'll gain access to rooms that way.. if you get to the top and find a suits lock at the end of one hallway and you crack it - it's my turn to ask for your help!
I know ios versions play differently than pc versions - i need help in the pressing of all the suits on the door after the loft at the second floor. Its the room that you access after you hack the red curtain on the left, go into the ballroom, go left and pass thru the gas chamber hallway and up to the 2nd floor wooden plank stairs thru the door on the right. its another hallway with a door at the end - has a lock that says press all the suits on the door to open it. I know it needs a pattern but i just can't crack it...
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