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 posted in Weeping Skies on Jul 18, 16 4:45 PM
Demo downloaded ok for me, but I did have a hard time getting the game to download after I purchased. Took me three tries. I'm on Windows 7.
 posted in Rainbow Mosaics: Treasure Trip on May 11, 16 10:26 AM
I'm a big fan of Nanograms, so I'm really disappointed with the poor color contrast
in this game, especially the blank spaces.
After less then 30 minutes of play, my eyes were really
strained. It would also have been nicer if the grids were larger. I'm
playing on a 21" monitor.

So it's a no-buy for me.
 posted in Edge of Reality: Ring of Destiny Collector's Edition on Apr 28, 16 7:24 AM
Bridge to Another World 1: Burnt Dreams

Bridge to Another World 2: The Others

Bridge to Another World 3: Alice in Shadowland(in beta)

Immortal Love: Letter from the Past

Living Legends 1: Ice Rose

Living Legends 2: Frozen Beauty

Living Legends 3: Wrath of the Beast

Living Legends 4: Bound by Wishes
 posted in Hidden Clues 2: Miami on Apr 25, 16 7:20 AM
The very poor contrast between colors is the deal breaker for me.
Seems a shame since that was also an issue with the first game
in the series. Wish developers had paid attention.
 posted in Sliders and Other Square Jigsaw Puzzles on Apr 5, 16 1:48 PM
leepsy, there are some solutions for Windows 10 users in the
Tech thread. You might find some help there.
 posted in Frankenstein: The Village on Mar 21, 16 7:56 AM
Brad and Janet!...Really?

Will have to demo just to see if if was inspired by "The Rocky Horror Show."


"Let's do the Time Warp, Again".....NOT
 posted in Royal Trouble: Honeymoon Havoc on Mar 9, 16 4:01 PM
There is a walkthrough for this game at Orchid Games, however it
does NOT include the locations for the Lion Collectables (to my
sorrow, since I can't find the one in the canal below the pool).

And it does not include solutions for mini games.
 posted in Royal Trouble: Honeymoon Havoc on Mar 9, 16 3:58 PM
I cannot find the lion in the canal below the pool. Help, please.
 posted in Claws & Feathers 2 on Mar 1, 16 3:25 PM
Please, please, please!

I finally managed to get all of the Golden Eggs in the original and
I'm still working on C&F2, but would really like to know that
#3 is in the works. I will of course replay both one and two,
but would also like a new one.
 posted in Fantasy Mosaics 13: Unexpected Visitor on Feb 16, 16 9:06 AM
We do have a Bonus Punch Day on a Tuesday!
 posted in Imperial Island 3 on Feb 16, 16 9:05 AM
Glad I waited. We do have a Bonus Punch Tuesday!
 posted in Imperial Island 3 on Feb 15, 16 12:09 PM
I was also hoping for bonus punch today. My two PCCs still
have a few days, so I'm going to wait at least until tomorrow.
We did have a Bonus Punch Tuesday a few months ago.
 posted in Nonograms: Wolf's Stories on Feb 8, 16 7:15 AM
Although the Home Page does not list today as a Bonus Punch Day,
my Game Manager did and I used a PCC and did NOT receive
a Bonus Punch.

However, I have noticed in the past that if I click through some
of the different selections on the left side of the GM(such as
"My Games", "Queue", etc.), the box at the bottom of the GM
rotates thru different selections and one of them is the
announcement that "Today is Bonus Punch Day". This is
very misleading and confusing.
 posted in Nonograms: Wolf's Stories on Feb 8, 16 6:39 AM
Picked this up on a sale last month at another site.

These are nonograms in three colors, but unlike the Fantasy Mosaics where you switch boards from color to color, these list all three colors at once on the same board.

Was a bit confusing since I had been playing a lot of the Fantasy ones recently. I am wondering how big the boards will be able to get with having so many numbers listed at once. On a 10 X 10 board, it is possible to have 10 numbers listed! BUT, with that kind of price, I got it anyway; just not playing too soon after playing Fantasy! t

Hi Jumbo13.

No, no pop-up windows, just a complete lack of sound and this is the
only game I've ever had a problem with sound.
Another with no sound. Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit

Realtek High Definition Audio

Two uninstall/reinstalls with no change.
 posted in Fantasy Mosaics 12: Parallel Universes on Jan 18, 16 1:06 PM
Did you ever resolve this? Are you sure you were logged in at the time?
 posted in Parallels Cross on Jan 18, 16 11:46 AM
Windows 7 Home, 64 Bit

small portion of game in lower right corner,
cursor leaves trail in black portion of screen, does nothing on game
CAD to close
even BF logo comes up in right corner

Uninstall/reinstall twice, no change

All my cards are up-to-date.


Sorry more of you didn't include your operating system,
I wonder how it's working on Windows 8; 10; or Macs?
 posted in Claws & Feathers 2 on Jan 11, 16 1:34 PM
Thank you very much. Sorry I took so long getting back here.
 posted in Claws & Feathers 2 on Jan 7, 16 12:47 PM
l could use some help getting started, please. Thank you if anyone
shows up.
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