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Has anyone else noticed that there are no comments in this thread by BFG? No explanation as to why there has been no part 2, no explanation as to why we were conned into buying a CE game that has no ending and finally why we should continue to trust them. I for one will be researching their offerings more closely via the forums in future; fool you once shame on them, fool you twice, shame on you.

 posted in Mystery Case Files ®: 13th Skull ™ on May 18, 12 2:44 AM
WilJul wrote:
isaacjakob wrote:I know this sounds stupid, but I can't get the plunger out of the toilet. I have plunged and flushed until my hand is tired and it's not working.

Call Lamont.
 posted in Midnight Mysteries 3: Devil on the Mississippi on Apr 20, 12 5:47 PM

I seem to be having the same video problems as everyone else and I am pretty disgusted. This fault was identified long ago and it seems that nothing has been done to fix the problem, worse still, Big Fish are still marketing the game in spite of the ongoing issues and not warning purchasers of the potential problems. To Big Fish I say this, ignore the people whom you rely on for your livelihood at your peril because if you don't fix this issue you are going to lose a lot of customers.

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