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 posted in Fatal Passion: Art Prison on May 18, 16 5:51 AM
I find the games are better than ever. Unfortunately, this game won't play after buying the game. The program recognizes that I have bought the game but won't let me play it unless

I provide a name and a security key.

Whose problem is this? Who doesn’t pay its dues? Why is the Forum locked for this game?
 posted in Shrouded Tales: The Spellbound Land on May 16, 16 2:42 AM
I find the games better than ever. Unfortunately, this particular game won't play after it is bought. The program recognizes that I have bought the game but won't let me play it unless] I provide a name and a security key. Who's problem is this? Don't expect a reply from them. They just want the money. They simply don't want to know you.
Same problem !
Got the same problem
dgrove8018 wrote:
dgrove8018 wrote:
rmcCDA wrote:I cannot go any further than Sayman's house. The damp rag on the hot handle to the pipe simply does not work. Also, the water has not stopped flowing into Rupert's house...and there doesn't appear to be any additional action that can be taken. Anyone else having these same issues?

uwflossi wrote:Hello dear fishies, I put the spring in this puzzle. But I can not put the arrow button in it. And the skip button does not work for this puzzle. Does anyone have a solution for me? Thank you.

Got exactly the same problem. I don't like games with problems.
 posted in Annabel on Feb 12, 12 12:36 PM
Remember these names NEVOSOFT and JET DOGS STUDIO and never buy a game from these guys. I hate games you cant finish. If there was at least a skip button so we could see the end of the story.

I'm 63 years old and you need to be faster than a rabbit to succed in the last part of the game. I feel like I have been fooled.
 posted in I SPY™ Fun House on Sep 6, 09 11:24 PM
I am sixty years old and I love the game. At first, I was frustrated because there were no hints to be found.

Most of us are lazy and do not like challenges. I-Spy forces you to search and that is why the critic is bad. I have not found all the hidden objects yet, but I keep trying and discover the true adventurer (seeker) in me.

Those who claim that the game is for kids are wrong, very wrong. Yes the girl's voice sounds like a fifth-grader, but many times fifth-grader's surpass their elders in knowledge.

This game forces every one to become better.


 posted in Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate™ on Dec 8, 07 5:27 AM
Time is extremely important. Whenever I get a new window with objects to find, I immediately press on (PRINT SCREEN) and PAUSE the game. Then I click on the full screen button to make it smaller. Now that I have access to windows, I open PAINT (start-accessories-paint). Then I paste the picture in Paint. Then I change the size of the picture (VIEW) to make the picture taller. With DRAW I use a large white thick line and the circle. As I find objects I circle them with that thick white circle. When I am through finding the objects, I go back to the game, resume to the full screen and deactivate PAUSE. This way, I save lots of time and aggravation.
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