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 posted in Campgrounds on Apr 26, 12 10:38 PM
on level 23 you have to finisha ll the tasks then have 1 cabin with 3 ice cream stands around it and then 1 cabin which they gave you and a ice cream stand next to it and then after you have all the seeds and everything then host simultaneous events at the ice cream stands and that will increase happiness
 posted in Campgrounds on Apr 26, 12 10:34 PM
i have learned that by hosting events after you do everything else it will increase the happiness but just make sure you have fulfilled all the requirements for everything else. just make sure the events are simultaneous if not it will not work
 posted in Campgrounds on Apr 26, 12 10:31 PM
Just kind of wondering what I am doing wrong that i cannot pass level 24? if someone could help that would be great or if someone knows where I can get a walkthrough on this game that would be awesome but i have not noticed one yet has anyone else?
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