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When does the bloody fairy return? Why was the walkthrough removed? Why are so many people, like me, getting frustrated with a game that either has technical issues or is so obscure it can't be logically figured out? Has it occurred to the resident genius types that the point of the game is enjoyment not outwitting the idiots that buy the game? Disgusted with this.
 posted in Magic Academy II on Oct 23, 09 11:59 AM
Finally got past it using suggestion to go to photobucket. Really stupid of designers not to include a SKIP button.
 posted in Magic Academy II on Oct 21, 09 7:15 PM
I have so HAD it with this game! I am stuck on the stupid strings, there is no skip option and I can't go forward. Until this point, it was a great game. I can't believe I've wasted ANOTHER credit on this!
 posted in I SPY™ Fun House on Oct 1, 09 2:27 PM
Downloaded and attempted to play this game. No options, no hints and, apparently, no instructions as to how to play the game. Not particularly user-friendly. I kept clicking on the ubiquitous question mark, but it only performed AFTER all items are found. I really enjoyed "I Spy" type games, but this one really needs some refining. I dumped it after 45 minutes. I play to relax and have fun, NOT to get irritable and frustrated.
 posted in Slingo Mystery: Who's Gold on Sep 24, 09 1:50 PM
Not impressive. Biggest gripe is that, as usual, HELP is no help whatsoever. Where is there an explanation of how the powerups function? Mentioned elsewhere in posts--what is the puzzle piece for??? How do the multiplierr numbers work? Come guys--test these darned things not from the perspective of a jaded gamer, but from the eyes of a gamer not up to their earballs in them all day!
 posted in Department 42: The Mystery of the Nine on Jul 25, 09 10:26 AM
Just finished the game and enjoyed it, for the most part. Primary was the inability to play in a window. I need to be able to go back to desktop or other windows without doing the cont-alt-del thing. I also really need a pause button. Graphics pretty decent, flows well and, for a change, no mechanical glitches.
 posted in Department 42: The Mystery of the Nine on Jul 23, 09 10:32 AM
This is the first game I've ever gotten that doesn't have the option of playing the game in a window. Is it just my game, me or is there no option for a window?
 posted in Youda Legend: The Curse of the Amsterdam Diamond on Jun 21, 09 2:14 PM
'Bout ready to uninstall this<censored>. There's no clue whatsoever what this should look like when finished. The only tiles that have locked in are the snake tiles across the top. I realize there are game freaks that don't want ANY clues but I would appreciate even a vague idea of where the boat goes and what's with it.GRRRRRRRRRRR
PS--I am with the folks bellyachin' about the short games. Quit wasting my money--I can play longer for less on a slot machine. OH--while I am on a complaining binge, y'all keep sneaking in games that will have sequels without giving any warning. QUIT already! If's it's going to have multiple installments, say so, right up front!
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on May 31, 09 11:11 AM
I have about HAD it with this game! I am neither stupid nor slow, but I cannot read minds! There is no clue what is expected on most of the areas. OK..I can sit and look at the screen and click like mad all over but it still doesn't give me a clue what I am supposed to be doing! I give up.;
 posted in Adventure Chronicles: The Search for Lost Treasure on May 8, 09 1:40 PM
Just finished game--walkthrough was a big help but I still have a question. When I returned to the Museum and clicked on each of the finished areas, 3 of them indicated I had missed 1-3 geocaches. I went back and checked each and every site in the 3 areas with missing geocaches, but they were all accounted for--what am I missing here? I am going back to each one to "hunt" some more and get the "Things Found" percentages up higher but I haven't a clue what I am looking for with the missing geocaches.
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