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 posted in Heart's Medicine: Time to Heal Collector's Edition on Oct 2, 16 5:02 PM
One of the mini-games in the Physical Therapy office specifically tells you that the game is easier on a touch screen. These games are no longer made for computer but for a phone. The extra difficulty in playing mini-games that are made for touch screens makes obtaining 3 stars on some levels impossible. I am very disappointed by this.
 posted in Bistro Boulevard on Oct 11, 14 5:10 PM
After years of playing this game I have finally cracked the code on the Mexican Restaurant.

The first day you need 2 tables for 2 and 1 table for 4. Hire a second chef but have them both cook the same recipe. Get a 2nd counter and grill (sell decorations if necessary). Open your restaurant. When the second group of 4 arrives, do NOT seat them (ever). You will now be able to serve all other groups without them storming off. This will give you enough money to make it through day 2 and beyond.
 posted in Gods vs Humans on Sep 5, 14 4:53 PM
When I downloaded this and pushed to install, I was prompted to install 4 or 5 different kinds of software. This made me very uncomfortable so I clicked cancel on all of them. As a result the game did not install correctly. I see that even though this game has been up all day, no one has posted or reviewed it and I am wondering if this is the reason why. I was thinking you may be unaware that this game is prompting your customers to unexpectedly install software and thought I'd just drop you this fyi.
 posted in Grim Tales: The Vengeance on Jun 13, 14 9:11 AM
I own the CE version of this game and have completed the whole thing. Knowing completely what is in the CE version I would recommend the SE version to others.

Unlike some series that leave you with a cliff-hanger ending at the SE version end to be finished in the bonus chapter, the SE version has the ending to this story. The bonus chapter invents a cursed amulet to explain the family's bad luck for you to deal with. I don't think you would feel like this was an important chapter in the Grim Tales saga that you have to experience. I think the ending of the SE game will be fine for most people.

The collectables also were not that great. They play a short story when a whole "collection" is completed. These stories are about members of the family and are greatly hinted at or told outright in the game through diaries, etc.

In summary, because the CE did not really give all that much additional or "must-see" content, I would recommend the SE to other players.
 posted in Grim Tales: The Vengeance Collector's Edition on May 30, 14 7:50 PM
The basic series story line goes like this:

The Bride: Your twin sister has died before her wedding and you have a chance to travel into the past to solve her murder and save her.

The Legacy: Your sister has married and moved into the Grey family castle/estate. They have a child and you are to attend his christening. However upon arrival you must prevent a family curse from ruining the new family.

The Wishes: Your sister's family has moved out of Grey castle and into a small cottage at the edge of a swamp. Your sister writes that your nephew James (who is now a young child) has become secretive and frightened. She asks you to come help figure out what is plaguing the child.

The Stone Queen: James needs your help. He has asked you to a mining town to help him with a matter involving the local legend of the Stone Queen.

Bloody Mary: You also have a niece named Elizabeth who is attending boarding school. Save her and her classmates from the supernatural figure of Bloody Mary who is terrorizing the school.

The Vengeance: Elizabeth and James are now adults. Elizabeth is dead and James accused of her murder. Travel back in time to solve her murder and prove James is innocent.
 posted in Fort Defenders: Seven Seas on Feb 10, 14 7:02 PM
Sea monsters will put your units to sleep unless you deal with them right away. Cannons are really the way to go. Make sure you target the sea monster. One cannon upgraded one time can usually take care of a normal sea monster wave. Remember that if the cannon is too close to the entrance it will be put to sleep before it can finish off the enemy but too far away and they will have time to generate lots of other enemies as they travel.
 posted in Fort Defenders: Seven Seas on Feb 3, 14 6:02 PM
That level really comes down to the last two waves. To prepare, you will want to build artillery upgraded to flame on both sides of both entrances, a support tower on the lower spot of the tiny island and pretty much rapid-fire cannons everywhere else. Keep in mind you will need to build dart towers to handle some flying enemy situations in earlier waves but delete them and upgrade to the rapid cannon when you can.

During the second to last wave, you will encounter a problem with the enemy that can only be damaged with artillery. You will need to delete some other towers (most notably the one next to the support tower on the little island) and put in extra fire artillery to handle these.

Then in the last wave, you will have more of those type of enemies to start the wave. Make sure you have enough fire artillery to handle them. When these enemies stop, pause the game. All the remaining enemies are the small flying ones. Change all attacking towers to rapid fire cannons.

Luckily this level gives you plenty of coins to handle all these changes.

See if that works for you.
 posted in Fort Defenders: Seven Seas on Jan 31, 14 5:43 PM
I can tell you that I am a good portion into the Bermuda Triangle levels and have not experienced such a problem. I would recommend you post your issue in the tech issue thread as it does sound like a bug.
 posted in Fort Defenders: Seven Seas on Jan 26, 14 1:18 PM
The key to this level is getting artillery placed down and upgrading a cannon to the multi-fire upgrade. To begin, place a cannon tower on the center island in the first position enemies will pass. This cannon will quickly become unable to handle the wave so place dart towers as you can afford them on the left and right sides of the crescent island above the center island. You will need to use spells here as well. Before wave two gets underway, you want an artillery tower next to the cannon tower on the center island. Place the artillery above the cannon tower. As the second wave progresses. you will need a few more towers alone the path the wave travels but what kinds are not that important. Upgrade the cannon and the artillery and you will be able to handle the rest of the waves relatively easy.
 posted in Fort Defenders: Seven Seas on Jan 25, 14 3:37 PM
This game developer has made several games of the tower defense type. About 4 games ago, it was a hot topic in the forums about how the Mac and PC versions were now different. Although I have always played the PC version, I remember how bitter Mac players were about the differences they saw. I guess the Mac versions do not have different difficulty settings or the ability to replay levels for additional barrels. I do highly recommend that any Mac user play the full 60 minute trial before committing to this game as past games seemed to be not very popular with Mac users.
 posted in Fort Defenders: Seven Seas on Jan 25, 14 1:40 PM
The first wave of this level comes down to how you are doing your upgrades. Through whatever combination you have of cheaper towers, more $ from kills and larger start budgets, you have to be able to put a cannon tower on the left corner of the triangle island. Step 2 is to wait for this tower to kill 5 or so ships. At this point the second part of the wave should be close to the little island to the right of the castle. Put a dart tower on the open spot of this island. These two towers will take care of this wave. If you cannot afford this, I would suggest replaying old levels for barrels until you can.

The second wave is large which makes it hard to handle with few towers. Start by putting a cannon on the right most spot near the upper right entrance. You need this tower to target the fish enemies that come from this side on several waves. Target the fish enemies as much as you can. On the second wave you may need to use spells to take care of them as necessary. Put additional towers along the path as you can afford them. I like a dart tower on the water below the spot that is locked with barrels and a cannon on the right edge of the triangle island and next to the castle.

The third wave is also large. Put an artillery tower on the water portion that looks like a finger where the two right side paths meet. Put a second artillery on the finger when you can afford it and an additional tower, dart or cannon, on the bottom of the triangle island for cleanup.

The forth wave is the last really hard wave as it takes place on the very short left hand path. Put a dart at the entrance and cannons as you can afford them on all the open castle spots. As soon as you can, upgrade the cannon on the left corner of the island to a multi-fire cannon. You will need to target the enemies that drop the torpedoes upon death or all your towers will concentrate on the ghost ships. This wave goes very fast so hover over the pause button and use it anytime you plan to upgrade or use a spell.

After that wave you should be able to handle the rest pretty easily. See if that strategy helps you.
 posted in Fort Defenders: Seven Seas on Jan 22, 14 7:28 PM
I also noticed that the spot you have to click does not really line up with the icon. Try clicking below the barrel and a little to the left. Needless to say, pause the game when you decide to try to purchase one of these spots as it can take some trying to find the correct spot to click.
 posted in Fort Defenders: Seven Seas on Jan 21, 14 6:07 PM
I think artillery placement is key in this level. There are two short paths that carry large waves to the castle. On the short path that begins on the lower left corner, consider putting an artillery tower on one of the two positions that flank the entrance. Then place an artillery tower on the middle spot of small island. These two artillery towers will thin the wave enough that the other towers on the path have a chance to take care of them. Now on the short path that begins on the lower right, you already have one artillery tower on the small island. Put another on the outside lower right portion of the castle island. These two towers will thin the other short path wave.

The last thing of note is that this level contains invisible enemies. You will need to have a support tower (fully upgraded mine) or a fully upgraded gun tower (the blue one) to make these enemies visible. I like an upgraded gun on the right side of the little island.

See if that helps.
 posted in Fort Defenders: Seven Seas on Jan 21, 14 5:49 PM
It is not the upgraded cannon tower but the cheaper upgraded gun tower that can make invisible ships appear. This is the first upgraded form you can obtain that is blue/purple in color. Also, any time invisible enemies take damage they are visible. If you don't have the required tower, try using spells when the enemies are in range of several towers and they may be targeted for those few moments they are visible.
 posted in Medieval Defenders on Jan 3, 14 7:29 PM
That is exactly what this forum is for. Feel free to ask for tips here.
 posted in Medieval Defenders on Jan 3, 14 7:27 PM
This may require you to level up your towers. I have invested in the cheaper cannon towers and cannons do more damage power ups. Now with 3 cannons and spells, I can take out that first knight. See if that helps get you started.
 posted in Medieval Defenders on Jan 3, 14 7:24 PM
A number like 100/120 would indicate you needed to get more stars, you have received more than the amount listed. You have pointed out an odd quirk to this game as the max stars counted does not equal the max available. If you had beat all 20 levels in both Plains and Desert at 3 stars on a single difficulty, you would have earned 120 stars.
 posted in Jo's Dream Organic Coffee 2 on Dec 27, 13 7:16 PM
Barristas have an upgrade that determines how many ingredients can be in a drink they make. If they aren't taking this 3 ingredient drink, they probably need that upgrade. Find it in the staff section (same place they are hired).
 posted in Jo's Dream Organic Coffee 2 on Dec 23, 13 6:08 PM
You can also see which items you are holding in the lower left corner. If you click an item there you will only add flavor to that item. So in your example, you could click the tea then add milk, then click the ice cream and add chocolate and you would have the correct order.
 posted in Jo's Dream Organic Coffee 2 on Dec 18, 13 6:07 PM
It is also easy to forget you can purchase upgrades for outside too that count toward your exp. Click the circle button on the right side of the screen with the building picture to go to outside upgrades.
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