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 posted in Enlightenus on Sep 4, 12 1:55 PM
Hello. I reinstalled Enlightenus from years ago, and if memory serves, I didn't finish it then and I think I stopped at about the same time. I am at the place where the Floral Elevator isn't functioning and Jack and Jill are in the other room, then there's a place where one path leads to the dwarf's pad and the other to someone who is like a human or however they phrase it. I've chosen all the right colored foods and all of that good stuff and have nowhere else to go. There's no way out of there! Then, when I glanced at the book it showed that I'd partially completed several stories. Basically, I haven't the foggiest Idea what to do next. There's nothing in what's usually inventory and, as you know having played Enlightenus, the hints only tell you what to do with an object. I'm delighted to know there is a walkthrough now, but if you can help me figure out what to do from here, that would be beyond great! Ay-yi-yi.............
 posted in Cheatbusters on Jun 8, 12 8:24 AM
Thanks much for that answer. It solved that problem and leant me help with others. My first-ever post was on the initial comments and I looked at it later and felt kinda stupid. Then I noticed that I wasn't the only one to have trouble, was intrigued by Cheatbusters, so kept looking on the Forum to see if I had a reply or if anything else might come up and came right to this one. This, my second post isn't too brilliant, but I wanted to thank you!
 posted in Cheatbusters on Jun 2, 12 9:06 AM
I liked the artwork, the music wasn't absolutely horrible, the setup was unique (pardon me, I don't know all the lingo), even down to the colour of the pair of sneakers to move around. I was considering it for my 'future purchase wish list', then got stuck with not knowing, even with hints and trying stuff, how to get the darn fish out of the fishbowl! Now I just don't know. Maybe it was because I only got two hours of sleep last night...?
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