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 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 29, 17 2:12 PM
My question isn't so much "where" are the ghosts [except for the one yellow one that was mentioned, and one red one that has eluded me for just as long], but what on earth are we supposed to DO with them? Except for too many "quests" that ask you to pick up three of whichever color, all they seem to be good for is taking up space!
IS there a use for them? Or are they essentially as useless [mostly] as the "magic shards," and the "gifts" which cannot even be sold? Right now, I have 519 "gifts" [many of them since gift giving stopped last year] and absolutely nothing I can do with them! Really annoying. Even if one could only sell them for 5 coins, at least they would be useful!
Also, what level do you have to reach before you find any "golden locks," or am I missing something [which wouldn't be new]? The key total is listed in the private room section as well as the inventory, but so far I cannot find anywhere to use them.
Thank you.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 9, 16 1:37 PM
FuzzbrainDribble wrote:
P.S. Also, I just followed a path for a main quest and the item I needed didn't drop. Is that some sort of bug or have they also broken some of the find paths on main quests? (I didn't have any other quests open or slots to fill out of that HOS so the item I needed should have definitely dropped)

I agree with this! I just followed the same path for the "rune of cruelty" THREE times, which took waiting for THREE HOURS because I'm not wasting the so-hard-to-get diamonds, and didn't get anything but stupid shards EVERY time! I'm not exceedingly upset THIS time because it was for the idiot "Potionmant," whose "quests are not only too difficult now, but are for "rewards" that [Removed by Moderator] we would be able to get in regular play.

I am NOT interested in Trina, her quests or her stupid keys, which so far not only have NO use, but no way to sell, either. Her "Lucky Diamond" machine, while being annoying, is still of more value than her "quests."
And I notice that the stupid shards are not even listed on the inventory, so I can't get rid of them to any useful purpose, while at the same time NEVER being able to get enough to add "furniture" [or whatever] to the stupid "private room,'" another thing in which I am not even remotely interested, especially since the "pricing" for items is WAY out of line for the choices one is given.

Here's a thought : Put DIAMONDS in the HOS award boxes instead of the stupid SHARDS, and the game would go back to being worth playing!

[Removed by Moderator]
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 1, 16 11:03 AM
I was playing last night to earn money to open the blacksmith shop, and had over $5,000 in gold toward that. Then, after I bought a "badge of loyalty" to finish another section, I noticed I suddenly only had about $1,500!

Buying the bits and pieces to finish something always costs X number of diamonds, but why did it also remove $4,000 from my gold?

I really do NOT appreciate this, as you guys have just made it more difficult to earn anything worthwhile in the HOS's.

This is not the first time this has happened, but it **is** the first time that major an amount vanished, on top of it being while I was actually TRYING to earn gold for a particular purpose.

If your most recent update caused this problem, I would appreciate your fixing it. After that update, I've noticed that I suddenly don't have much gold at all, when previous to that I had more than enough for everything. MY game wasn't broken, so I would appreciate it if you would quit FIXING it!!!

Thank you.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 21, 16 8:40 PM
I've been annoyed by several things in this game since I discovered it, almost always having to do with NOT getting the inventory item I was after from the Crypt or wherever, but this latest update has me upset enough actually to attempt to post a comment.

I have **no idea** where it will end up, as the indexing in this forum makes no sense to me, but I need to make the observations.

I am NOT HAPPY with the "addition" of the stupid magic shards, which near as I can tell can only be used for Trina and the "personal rooms," and if I need more gold I can get it by selling the dumber inventory items like the "poisonous flower," for which I have [so far] found absolutely no use!

If you want to improve this game, go back to giving us DIAMONDS as rewards for either the morphing flowers or for Whoever-It-Is-This-Time's 3-part quests. I notice **that** reward disappeared when the Halloween "storyline" did, along with the interesting little between-the-quest rewards chests that were really useful.

Another thing that needs cleaning up or fixing [you choose the word] is the Achievement board listing. I have completed a great many of the listed achievements, and am really tired of having to scroll past four or more completed items just to find out what I still need to do. The seasonal ones also need to be either moved to a different board or dropped to the bottom of the existing one, since there will be nothing more you can do on them until the NEXT Halloween or Christmas [or whenever] setup.
You've sorted the inventory listings quite nicely, so why is the Achievement listing remaining such a mess? I will admit to knowing absolutely nothing about programming, but it HAS to be possible, even if it is difficult.

I really hope this gets posted somewhere that someone "in charge" will read it. On the whole, up till now, I really have enjoyed playing this game, enough to talk it up to a friend of mine who then became "addicted" to it. Now, however, having only played it for a single day with the "New Improved Version," I find myself less willing to log onto the computer and continue playing, as I know that the things I really need to get from a hidden scene [[which was already an [understandable] cr*p shoot]] have been seriously diluted by the "addition" of two "choices" of completely useless "rewards" in every scene.

Thanks so much, for making what WAS a really fun game stultifyingly boring!
 posted in Big City Adventure: Barcelona on Jul 9, 15 12:36 AM
Where's the dang ballerina? I almost never have trouble finding things in these games, but this one might as well be invisible!
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