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 posted in My Singing Monsters on Jun 6, 15 8:08 AM
Yesterday and today, I noticed that when I tried to collect the "cakes" that I had baked earlier, I only received 5,000 food per oven instead of 5,000,000. Why is this?? This has never happened before?!?! I feel cheated that I after "paying" $5,000,000 for each "cake" and waiting the required 48 hours for each, I only got 5,000 per oven! Please fix this bug ... I really need the food for my monsters. My BBB ID is 179061EL and the version I'm running is 1.2.9 on a Windows 8.1, 64-bit, i5 3.40GHz desktop PC. Thanks!
 posted in Kingdom Chronicles Collector's Edition on Jul 4, 13 6:28 AM
Hi to those who weren't able to get gold on Bonus Level 1 ... the strategy posted on this thread only works for level 4 (haven't tried 5 and 6 yet).

I managed to get gold on level and I posted the solution on another thread because someone asked for level 1 specifically.

Hope you'll manage to find my other post.
 posted in Kingdom Chronicles Collector's Edition on Jul 4, 13 6:24 AM
Hi, I managed to find a way to get gold for Bonus Level 1 ... The other tips don't work for level 1 and 2, and maybe even 3. They seem to work better for level 4 up, I think.

Anyway, to get gold for level 1 to 3, first you need to upgrade your hut as quickly as possible to get another thief. Don't waste your time getting supplies you don't need and keep this up until after you have built your first camp.

After you've got your second thief, focus on building the 2 barricades on the left and right of the screen. As soon as you've built the barricades, focus on building one camp. As soon as your first camp is built, send the mercenary to destroy the good guys' hut.

Now, you can relax a little. Start exchanging food, wood and stone for gold whenever you can BUT as soon as you are able to do so, build either the second OR get your 3rd thief.

As soon as you've built the second camp. send the mercenaries to destroy the castle.

Now, you can just focus on exchanging stuff to get enough gold. As you get closer to the target amount of gold, start to destroy the other structures one buy one but leave the farm as the last structure to be destroyed.

This strategy basically works for level 2 and 3 as well.

I haven't finished all the bonus levels but I've only had to switch strategy for level 4.

Good luck!
 posted in Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two on Apr 5, 13 6:13 AM
Found the last one watching a YouTube channel. It's a note in the middle of a bunch of rocks near the big crocodile.
 posted in Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two on Apr 5, 13 5:02 AM
sipason wrote:The second tablet is under the bushes around the rafts.

Hi, I got that one already - I didn't see what the secret looked like so I assumed it was a note - it's the second last item on my list.

Am I missing another bottle or mud pile or tree because I'm pretty sure I've cleared all the bushes ... Anyone?

Thanks all the same, sipason.
 posted in Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two on Apr 5, 13 12:17 AM
I am a big fan of the Royal Envoy Games and now, I'm a big fan of Adelantado games too! I bought Book 2 without even trying it out because I loved Book 1 so much ... I have to say that I haven't been disappointed so far.

The improvement to game play is tremendous - the new secrets, options, upgrades, etc. It also seems that the Cavemen and Dinos aren't as maddening as the Cavemen in Book 1 ... I mean geez, there's enough to keep an eye on and do already! lol

What I like most about this game series and Royal Envoy are the attention to detail in the graphics. The characters are just beautiful. You can see that much effort has been put into rendering each and every character as well as the gorgeous landscapes.

Like other fans here, I'm already looking forward to the third book BUT I won't mind waiting if it will give the dev team more time to develop a great story line, more great game play and gorgeous graphics.

This is a premium game (to me) - two thumbs up!!
 posted in Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two on Apr 4, 13 11:05 PM
This is embarrassing ... this is the third time in a row that I can't find one last secret ... sheesh. I found the ones below ... can anyone please tell me which one I'm missing? I'll be much obliged.

- Gold under bush, main area, north east by side of mountain next to sea shore near silver mine.
- Treasure tree on small island with dino painting on rock.
- Note under bush, 2 o'clock of small camp in ravine area.
- Mud pile next to rock face near above bush in ravine area.
- Note under bush, ravine area near quarry, 7 o'clock of worker's house.
- Gold under bush, same area as above, 11 o'clock of silver deposit/mine.
- Tablet under small stalagmite just before bridge to survivors in cavern.
- Main area, note under bush next to hut, 9 o'clock of boat yard.
- Bottle 5 o'clock of lone trader on island.
 posted in Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two on Apr 4, 13 11:51 AM
gamegirl8 wrote:metaldogsg: I think the one you're missing is the tree on the far right along the fenceline.

You're right, gamegirl8 ... Thanks a million!!!
 posted in Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two on Apr 4, 13 10:13 AM
Help! I can't find one secret too.

I found the size below ... which one am I missing? Can anyone help?

- Note under very first bush before Indian Guardian.
- Gold under bush behind hut of Quolli's brother.
- Pile of mud on the shore near magic altar on extreme right.
- Chop treasure tree near Izel.
- Gold under bush near magic altar in the north east.
- Tablet under right stalagmite above the northernmost totem that needs lighting.
- Green bottle on the shore to the left of great pyramid.

 posted in Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two on Apr 4, 13 7:38 AM
Thanks a million! I hope I'll find it!
 posted in Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two on Apr 4, 13 2:25 AM
Can someone help me please? I've chopped down every bush there is to chop down in all the areas and even put woodcutters to clear most of the trees and I still can't find one secret. I've tried looking for clumps of mud and bottles in water but I can't seem to find any. These are the ones I managed to find:

- Note under bush to right of 2nd tower.
- Chop treasure tree to left of woodcutter in main area.
- Tablet under small stalagmite just before Indian girl in cavern.
- Note hidden among trees near secret entrance to hidden area.
- Gold hidden under bush between totem and Indian cornfields to right of hidden area.
- Note between bushes to statuette.

Please help. Thanks!
 posted in Campgrounds on Jun 29, 12 10:09 PM
I did it with 13, one villa upgraded to 3 stars and one villa upgraded to 2 stars. The bottom lots were used for 2 factories and 1 greenhouse and later, the factories were demolished and replaced with greenhouses.

I think the key is starting with 5 men, build the 2 villas as quickly as possible and then upgrading whenever you have enough parts to upgrade. You should start building the crane as you are almost finished with the last upgrade. You should keep buying men, the second factory and greenhouse around the same time as you are starting on the crane. Make sure you buy ALL the cars.
 posted in Campgrounds on Jun 25, 12 9:06 AM
Here's one more way from a slow clicker with a sticky mouse ...

You'll need 12 workers, 2 factories (one to be demolished later), 1 greenhouse, 4 villas upgraded to 3 stars, 4 pools and if you need a bit of an edge, a tent without stars.

The strategy I used was, I built 2 villas to the right of the camp site and upgraded both once. I also put a garden on the top one.

While the 2 villas are being built, send 2 workers to clear the junk at the bottom of the screen and any of the junk above.

When you have finished upgrading the 2 villas to one star and assed the garden, clear up all the junk and monkeys and dig up the treasure.

Everytime you get $5k or more, buy a car. Buy all 4 cars BEFORE you buy anything else.

Once you have 4 cars, build 2 factories to the left of the camp site, leaving the spaces at the bottom for the remaining villas.

Start making parts as soon as you have a factory and try to make 1000 parts each time.

Buy up to 12 workers as you build and upgrade the villas and make parts.

As soon as all 4 villas are built, upgrade them to 3 stars as fast as possible. Don't worry about the gardens yet.

As soon as you are almost finished with the villas, build the pools at the top, starting from the right.

As soon as a pool is built, start holding an event and keep holding an event.

Try not to miss having any events at any of the pools.

When you start building the 2nd pool, send workers to demolish the factory at the extreme left and build a greenhouse in its place.

Make 3 trips to the greenhouse and make 900 seeds each time and put gardens on the remaining villas.

Keep a very close eye on the parts you are making. Don't make more parts than you need. You may notice that towards the end, you'll need 500 parts on your last trip to the factory for your last pool.

If you get it right, you should have 100 parts leftover and 200+ seeds.

If you still have time, you can demolish the greenhouse and put a tent in its place. Don't forget the garden.

Good luck!
 posted in Campgrounds on Jun 19, 12 9:03 AM
None of the suggestions really worked for me because I'm a slow clicker and my mouse "sticks". But after many tries, I managed to get gold with the following:

7 workers, 2 villas (one upgraded to level 2, other one to be demolished later in the game.

1. Build factory in space nearest to camp.
2. Meanwhile, clear the junk at the bottom near the factory and the junk on the road heading north.
3. Make 1000 wood and build villa in the space next to the factory as soon as possible.
4. Make 500 wood and add a star, clearing the roads to the north only IF you have men to spare.
5. Upgrade the villa again as soon as you have the 500 wood.
6. Make another 500 wood and upgrade immediately.
7. By this time you should almost have cleared the road at the top and dug up the treasure.
8. Keep making wood - as soon as you have 100 wood (whether you have finished clearing the roads or not), build the 2nd villa in the SECOND space at the top, in other words, the space at the end of the road north. DO NOT upgrade this villa.
9. Keep clearing the roads but DON'T make wood or build anything until you have bought the 2 cars.
10. As soon as you have bought the 2 cars, start making wood again and build the volleyball court in one of the spaces next to the villa in the north and buy 3 more workers whenever you have spare cash.
11. Next, build the pool.
12. As soon as you have money, build the greenhouse in the space just above the work camp and start making seeds.
13. After the pool has been built, you need another 3000 wood. Stop making wood after that.
14. Immediately send a worker to build the bridge to the right, clear the junk and dig up the treasure.
15. When you send out the worker to build the bridge, send workers to demolish the villa in the north and build the ice cream stand in its place.
16. As this is going on, plant a tree and 2 ponds.

That's it. (No need to clear all the way to the right, no need to make use of the space there and DON'T demolish the tree there.)
 posted in Campgrounds on Jun 13, 12 11:20 PM
PB2010 was right - the key is to NOT put a garden on the villa. As a slow clicker, I didn't build 3 tents like PB2010.

This is what I did:

1. Buy parking lot.
2. Build a chalet on the first empty lot behind the work camp.
3. Build a cabin next to it.
4. In the meantime, buy 1 worker and send 2 men to scare the ape.
5. When the new man comes on, get him to clear the junk in front of the factory and work the whole road till the end.
6. Meantime, repair the cabin, put gardens on the chalet and 2 cabins, clear the junk at the back, upgrade the cabin to 2 stars and the chalet to one star and start making wood till you have over 2000 wood and dig up the 2 maps.
7. As soon as you hit 2000 wood, demolish the factory.
8. By this time, you should have enough money to build the greenhouse.
9. After you've demolished the factory, build the pool.
10. Keep making seeds till you have enough for 2 trees and a little left over.
11. Demolish the greenhouse and build a tent and put a garden on it.
12. When you start building the tent, hold an event at the pool.

That's it.
 posted in Campgrounds on Jun 12, 12 9:42 PM
For slow clickers or people like me with a "sticky" PC because the game is installed in an external drive, I FINALLY managed to clear it with the following:

You'll need 3 villas upgraded to 3 stars, 3 trailers upgraded to 3 stars (though one will have to be demolished later), 3 cars and 10 workmen.

1. Send one man to clear the junk just outside the workhouse.
2. Send one guy to repair the nearest trailer.
3. Send third guy to clear the junk next to the workhouse.
4. Send the 4th guy to clear the junk next to the nearest trailer.
5. Dig the treasure nearest the workhouse.
6. Repair the trailer at the back.
7. Clear the junk nearest to you.
8. Repair the trailer next to the first trailer.
9. Clear the junk next to the trailer at the back.
10. Buy your first car.
11. Dig the treasure nearest to you.
12. Scare the ape at the bottom nearest to you.
13. Buy your 2nd car if you can.
14. Dig the last treasure and start upgrading the trailer at the back and the first 2 trailers from the bottom right.
15. Demolish the tree.
16. Buy the 3rd car BEFORE you even build the first factory.
17. Build one factory in the space nearest the workhouse.
18. Keep making parts to the max and buying one worker every time you have $1000 to spare until you have 10 workers.
19. Meantime build a villa in the space nearest to the workhouse, leaving the space at the bottom empty.
20. Upgrade the villa as fast as you can. BUT if you have 1000 parts to spare, build the next villa next to the first one, and same for the third villa, upgrading all 3 to 3 stars as fast as possible,
21. Keep and eye on your money. The moment you have $5000 or more to spare, build the second factory in the space below the first factory.
22. When you are almost finished upgrading the villas, start knocking down the 2 trailers nearest the factories and build 2 greenhouses in their place.
23. Make sure you finish upgrading all 3 villas and make parts and seeds as fast as possible, keeping an eye on how much seeds and parts you need. Remember to count the seeds and parts that are being produced and stop making them soon enough to avoid an excess.
24. If you have sent workers to make seeds or parts you don't need, cancel the action fast and the money will be returned to you.

Good luck!
 posted in Campgrounds on Jun 1, 12 9:16 PM
Thanks a million!
 posted in Campgrounds on Jun 1, 12 5:23 AM
Hi, can anyone post some advice on how to get gold on this level? Thanks!
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