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 posted in Wanderland on Aug 6, 16 9:26 AM
How can I transfer my game's progress to a new machine? My old laptop is dying and I've downloaded the game onto my new laptop, but it's lost all of my progress. I am at a very high level on my old machine.I really don't want to lose all the progress, let alone all the money I've spent on the game. Help please.
 posted in Wanderland on Oct 22, 15 7:27 PM
Well, just for a bit of variety... It's now been a fortnight since I've been able to gift a friend. I've been stuck on 10/10 solidly, and no matter what I try it won't shift. I've tried restarting, reinstalling, waiting patiently, quitting before midnight and starting again after... and nothing works. It's not the first time it's happened. The first time lasted a week, and then it suddenly reset for no apparent reason -- not this time.

To all intents and purposes it means that I can't gift friends, even though they are sending me gifts. I can't get the achievement for giving gifts, and can't do at least half of the treasure chests.

I'm not the only one this is happening to, either. PLEASE FIX.
 posted in Wanderland on Oct 16, 15 3:45 PM
It's now been well over a week with my friends gift list set on 10/10, which means I either risk doing a chest with a good chance that I'll get a give three gifts task and fail, or just not do them. It's really not very encouraging.

I agree as well that the demands on the ships are ridiculous. I mean how long does it take to collect 10 of any of the items -- except perhaps the nails, which seem to drop continuously. You're lucky if you can fill one ship in every twenty or thirty goes.

Add to the the demand to kill three ogres or five skeletons, and completing the chests is just getting harder and harder. I think the devs seriously need to give us tasks we can actually perform!
 posted in Wanderland on Oct 14, 15 5:04 PM
Grrrr. I've now just picked up my first artifact part and my friends gift list is still set at 10/10. I was sure that it would reset as I started the new week as it did last week, but I should be so lucky, which means I still can't do any treasure chests, or send gifts to anyone, until the game decides to set me go back to 0. When that's going to be is anyone's guess. I am not a happy bunny.
 posted in Wanderland on Oct 12, 15 8:56 PM
I've been waiting three days now to get my gifts reset, and last time it only did it when I completed the artifact and got the first artifact part -- which means that I've got to wait another four days. Unfortunately I used up the last of my ten spaces very early on the first day, so I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. I feel rotten because people are sending me gifts (although I'm only asking for nails and planks) but I can't send gifts in return. They really do need to sort this out.
 posted in Wanderland on Oct 12, 15 8:48 PM
Yes, thanks. I always click buy and fight... well, not any more. It's good to share tips that we come across, because as there is no help menu, everything is trial and error.
Maybe someone should start a thread where we can all put tips that we've stumbled across.
 posted in Wanderland on Oct 8, 15 1:16 PM
Don't laugh... I've just had a 'duh' moment.-- and it's a doozy. I've just realised that you can see a little ghosted image of tasks that are coming up on the treasure map. I don't know why I didn't notice it before. At least you can see if a task is coming up that you can't complete on the map, and just leave it until the next day. I feel such a winkle. Lol
 posted in Wanderland on Oct 7, 15 8:18 PM
Hi Genie,

I tried that a couple of times and it didn't work for me, but I might have just been unlucky. . Perhaps it varies from machine to machine. Could it be something to do with the system we're on? It was something like three days before mine reset.
 posted in Wanderland on Oct 7, 15 6:23 PM
My friends list finally became active again when I completed the seven artifact parts and got my first new artifact piece. It reset the friends list and went back to zero. I don't know if this was just an aberration, or if its the pattern, but I thought it worth mentioning.

If it does only reset when we get the first new artifact part, then it's going to put a real crimp in completing treasure maps, because we never know until we start what we're going to get. It really this is a major flaw in the game and something needs to be done about it. What good is a friends' list that can be inactive for most of the week?
 posted in Wanderland on Oct 7, 15 3:03 AM
After 72 hours my friends gift list is still totally unusable, because it's showing that I've used up all of my ten allocated slots for gifting friends. I can't give or receive gifts until it is cleared and it doesn't look as if it's going to set back to zero any time soon. I actually can't see the point of being rationed to giving 10 gifts anyway. It's ludicrous. This is obviously a serious bug as many players are complaining of the same thing. It needs to be fixed asap.
 posted in Wanderland on Oct 6, 15 9:58 AM
Six hours later and I'm still at 10/10. Of course as I'm in the UK is it my midnight or US midnight? It's blooming ridiculous. I haven't even been able to start my new treasure map yet! I wouldn't even mind paying a bit of gold or a ruby to reset it earlier! Argghhhh.
 posted in Wanderland on Oct 6, 15 3:37 AM
I am so mad!!!!! Following on from my last post. I'd done all of the tasks on the middle sized chest apart from gifting five friends. Even though I'd not sent a gift to anyone for well over 24 hours (probably more like 36!) it was still showing that I'd gifted my quota of 10 friends and I couldn't complete the chest. It took me ages to get the other components of the chest, cost me rubies and resources to do it, only to find that I couldn't complete the simplest task to get my reward. I feel like putting my foot through the screen. The devs really need to sort out the problems with the treasure chest asap!!!

And to add insult to injury... what's the first task on the new map? Gift 3 friends!
 posted in Wanderland on Oct 5, 15 11:57 AM
I totally agree -- we should be able to see what the quests are at the start of the map. Also, I've done the others and just have to gift five friends, but I've used up all of my gift slots and I have no idea how long it will be before I can gift again.There should be a timer letting us know how long we've got. I've got 16 hours left on the chest, so I'm just hoping that it resets before it runs out, otherwise I will not be a happy bunny.
 posted in Wanderland on Oct 2, 15 7:39 AM
I've been milking the altar for all it's worth. I either work on other stuff while I'm waiting for it to recharge or keep my laptop in sleep mode and just wake it up every 15 minutes (or when I remember) sell some stuff and stack up gold. I'm using it to kill enemies and get some of those elusive collection activators.

Because killing most of the enemies takes very little energy, if you can stack up enough gold, you can kill several of them at a time, and I've found that I've managed to complete collections and quests that I've had hanging around for months. I've got three slots open, but I might well open up the fourth to get gold faster.

I was putting nails and plank on my wish list to help other players get their achievement for gifting friends, and for getting the treasure chest, but now nails have become good currency, I'll have to switch to something else!

 posted in Wanderland on Sep 29, 15 3:44 AM
Has anyone else noticed that much of the time the ship now asks you for two cargoes of the same item? For instance it just asked me for two lots of lifebelts. 2 x 5, which means I needed 10 lifebelts to fill the hold.(Notice the astounding maths there. )

To all intents and purposes that is going to make it impossible to fill the hold of a ship, because who has ever had 10 lifebelts in one go? It seems to be happening all the time -- and when they are often asking for 10 of one item twice, then you can just forget it. I don't know if this is a bug, or just something the devs haven't realised will be a problem, but it is a BIG problem. Now that the maps require you to send a loaded ship,, it's going to make completing that particular quest a real nightmare.
 posted in Wanderland on Sep 26, 15 6:22 PM
Yes, it is three hours, and yes, those that were on six now get three. I've had to set my egg timer to remind me when to go in and collect it. Lol. It does make a huge difference. It might not be as profitable to some people, because I only sleep a few hours at a time and can catch almost all of the rubies.
 posted in Wanderland on Sep 26, 15 12:24 PM
I've tried Turalyon's tips for getting through timed modes and it works beautifully. You have to be a bit quick, though. I couldn't do the new crypt in timed mode either, until I get used to it -- so it's a real godsend. He's my new best friend. Lol.
 posted in Wanderland on Sep 25, 15 7:42 PM
I've found that the shells are mounting up quicker than I expected because the ship seems to be loading far more quickly than it did before. It's possible it was just a fluke, but I'm quite pleased with the progress so far.

I've managed to send the ship off packed three times out of seven, and it seems to be asking for some of the more plentiful items. I got several sea shells and a couple of gremlin potions, which gained me about 20 of the new gate tokens. I don't think it's going to take that long to get enough to open the gate if it carries on at that rate.
 posted in Wanderland on Sep 25, 15 2:00 PM
I've just realised that now I seem to be getting a ruby from the dragon every three hours, instead of every six. I might have to stop sleeping. Lol. The altar is really paying dividends as well. I've left the game running and collected a nice few thousand gold, while I'm sitting watching TV.

 posted in Wanderland on Sep 25, 15 10:35 AM
Me too. I'd just be getting into the game and it was all over. I've got the 6 hour Ruby Dragon, so really needed to come in every six hours to get my money's worth, but had hardly any energy to do anything when I got in here. This is going to make things much better for me.

Oh, you might be wondering how I can get the ruby every six hours. I only sleep for about three or four hours at a time, if that, so I very rarely miss a ruby! I can't imagine that many people do get their full quota.
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