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 posted in Small Town Terrors: Livingston on Aug 29, 12 3:46 PM
Thank you so much!
 posted in Small Town Terrors: Livingston on Aug 29, 12 3:44 PM
abitmore wrote:If you use the following method then after guess #8, you should have it down to only 2 numbers - unless you hit it lucky along the way. You need to use the "binary search/sort" method I learned in college many, many, many years ago... Back when we programmers had to write a routine to do every tiny little thing, LOL. (See "Ancient History!") Despite the name it's a fairly simple process or else I still wouldn't remember how to do it, lol. Highlight below if you need help... (It's a long explanation because I gave several examples.)

At each step you want to find your range (High number & Low number). So, the first step is simply

Identify the Range: 0 - 999, or 0 - 1000, to round off. The Low number is "0" and the High number is "1000." The guess will be the Average of the two numbers added to the Low number of the Range, so
Subtract: 1000 - 0 = 1000, then Divide by 2 (1000 \ 2 = 500.)
Add the Average to your Low number: 0 + 500 = 500. That's your first guess, so...
ENTER GUESS #1 ("500"), and note whether it says the code is higher or lower (up or down arrow.) Use that info to find your new range and do it all again.

I'll show one more step. Let's say I entered 500 and it gave me a Down Arrow ("the secret code is LOWER than 500").
Range: 0 - 499 (round to 500 if you wish).
Average: 500 / 2 = 250 then,
Add: 0 + 250 = 250. "250" is guess #2.
Enter your new "guess" and note whether the secret code is higher or lower.

If you're interested, the formula would be something like:
NextGuess = LowNum + ((HighNum - LowNum) / 2)
It's really early in the morning, so if I've made a mistake, please let me know! :-)

Your next range (using my example), will be either 0 - 249 or 251 - 499. (It's okay to round off.) Find the average and enter it and note up or down arrow. After guess #8 you should have it down to just two numbers and you have two guesses left!


Good Luck!
 posted in Drawn: Dark Flight ® Collector's Edition on Jun 30, 12 7:22 PM
Thank you so much. Neither the walkthrough nor other posts suggested this. Your solution works. Back out once from the city scene where you can't hang the lantern, and you will see steps off to the right. Most people are in the second city scene when they try to hang the lantern.
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Anniejo wrote:Thanks MargieB for this, I was in the wrong screen, I missed the steps on the side of the screen, and went straight on instead of going left or right. Thank you

Hopes this helps a few other people
the suggestion that you tap near the ant on the top of the post really works. I tapped about 5 times, and the tulip was picked up!
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