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 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on May 20, 15 8:11 PM
So do we get a refund for the money sitting in our game that has been waiting for an update ( and I am referring to our REAL money) I think this needs to be addressed as we in good faith paid money thinking that this is an on going game.
OR is this away to get players to play that money gobbling game Midnight Castle, which I may add I played from the start until we starting getting shafted there ie; hard to get necessary items for crafting, lowering the price we would get for selling items...just sucks all around really the drive for these in game purchases is crap, you say good business, but it has to be good for the consumer as well and with BFG at the moment it has become too one sided.

Look at the calibre of the games you use to have before, chocolatier series, and that ilk now what do we have?? so if we want to play GREAT games we have to look at FTP, you are taking away our options, we really should have the same quality games available to us ie Purchase or FTP or I am going to cancel my membership....trouble is everyone knows the phenomenal amount of money games like Candy Crush has made and are wanting to jump on that bandwagon.....but remember with out the consumer you have nothing.
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Apr 26, 15 9:55 PM
I'm for the former (refund) as I have coins and diamonds sitting there waiting for a update that may not come. if that is the case I would not have spent money but rather used up what I had already spent.
 posted in Dark Realm: Queen of Flames Collector's Edition on Dec 2, 14 4:09 PM
All of the above, not working, fix please
 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 11, 14 5:59 PM
I have taken a break from MC as it just sucked the enthusiasm right out of me, I actual starting playing just the other day to see if it stirred anything in me.... alas it didn't I played a few rounds and noticed the pathetic rewards hadn't improved.

I went to my inventory ( that is what really gutted me the most) I worked and paid for those items in there using diamonds to open scenes so that I could get high priced item to sell, and they had devalued all of them......But hang on a minute I paid real money for those diamond's and they arbitrarily DEVALUE them, now how does that work, I have spend HUNDERDS of real dollars!!!!!

Well after that I just hated the game, I felt that I was cheated clear and simple. I an also beyond disappointed with bigfish as well, the calibre of games that they are brining out are rubbish compared to what the had to offer before these free to play games emerged. Games like Chocolatier, The Treasures of Montezuma, Ranch Rush!!! What happened to games like this BF??? do you think to limit our choice so that out of desperation we give in and play these 'FREE TO PLAY'.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 31, 14 4:23 AM
Fishpole wrote:
1911fan wrote:

I never did understand those that come on the Forum and brag that they don`t spend ANY money on the game. I don`t think that this is worthy of you. I DO understand those that can`t afford to put out money and want to play a `fun` game. This is an entirely different scenario.
So I do believe that the Dev`s ARE getting enough revenue from this game to give us decent content...without exorbitant demands for more coins spent to open `new` scenes in the higher Levels. And it`s about time that the `Dev Team` put their thinking caps on and REALLY came up with an `Update` not just a recycling of the same old!

Well said T....the MAJORITY feel the same way
 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 30, 14 11:37 PM
No, not an elephant in sight, just a nice stress free game that is actually enjoyable and it is a BF game
 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 30, 14 9:14 PM

Another game that I have gone back to is Awakening Kingdom, while it is a "free to play"you do not have to buy anything in this game if you choose not to, if you go around all of the HOS you can collect everything that you need.
I left this game when MC came out and at that time AK was buggie but there have been several update since then and things have been sorted so going to relieve some frustration and play that for a while I am up to level 44 on AK

 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 30, 14 3:46 PM
eastendteddy wrote:I think it is time for a new ...

 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 30, 14 1:40 AM
gernespieler wrote:the devs need not to find out, they knew this already for a long time and now started to take this advantage away from us as they did with others. It looks that they do not want to have us long time player stay in the game, what they are up to are new players who want to advance in the game very fast and to do so of course need to spend money.

This morning I reached level 41, it is unbelievable what they did to the game. The last quest was for 3 forgotten relic cost for crafting 3500 coins each and 3 sparkling watch cost for crafting 3000 coins each, for ONE quest only !!!!! And now I am on a quest that needs 3 secret opressor crafting cost 4000 coins each and 3 tiara of rapacious age crafting cost 2500 coins each ! I now sell off as much of my inventory as possible and do the rest of this update and will definitely leave the game then.

As one of the long time players I am no longer welcome in this game

I too reached level 41 just today and I went from over 200000 coins to just 4000 WTH it has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous in sixty seconds...
I have so much inventory 45pages and now most of it is useless to me for making money and I am buggered if I am going to keep going around and around the HOS for no pet food or stamps (of any description) yes I know some lucky few have got more, but not for the majority of players.

You know if every player could stay off the game for a day or two to voice our displeasure the dev's MIGHT listen to us.....but I don't think some players could stay off..
 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 29, 14 9:40 PM
Another lovely player has just sent through a few more items that are now pretty much worthless.
Pirate Standard
Spawn of Darkness 1030
Word of Darkness 515
Mirror of Embarrassment 515

Six Paws
Spawn of Light 850
Punishing Hand 850
Power of Fear 850

Bow Figurine
Wind of Change 790
Claws of the West 790
Warlocks Ritual 790

Thank you
LK for this info
 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 29, 14 9:37 PM
Thank you for that, as you know I have been taking a break, I left a note on my avatar so nobody was gifting me.
I started back today and it has gone from bad to worse, what about loyalty to your customers/gamers..
That just bit the big one....I am really in shock , there is no other word for it..but the thing that I do know is this is the first and last "free to play game" that I will download.
I will hang around until they bring something out that allows us to gift our whole inventory as I have now 45 pages (and might I add that is SUGNIFICATELY worth less than it was a few days ago) and I am not seeing that much inventory go to waste, but then those robbers and bandits will probably make sure that you can never gift inventories.......#$%^&%%^%^
 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 29, 14 6:41 PM
Now I am SURE this has been posted since the last up date but I have only just discovered it for myself.

You have always been able to spend diamonds to make coins for example opening ZZ to get high priced items for sale to name a few....

Spawn Of Darkness $1000
Mirror of Imbarrasment $500
Word of Darkness $500

These price are what I can remember so may not be exact, and these are only 3 that I looked at, well they now sell for $90 each.

My opinion is the dev's have finally overstepped the mark, this is beyond disgusting, even if we weren't buying coins we were buying a significant amount of diamonds that would then allow us to make money, but for them to actually deliberately close that avenue to force us in to purchasing coins is reprehensible and if I had of noticed this morning the drop in prices for some of our inventory items I would not have purchased diamonds, my LAST lot of diamonds I might add.
I have not been on here every day lately as this game has been losing it's appeal fast, what with the rigged dice, the drop rate of food and stamps and the astronomical price of advancing...and now this... they can put this game were the sun doesn't shine...

Edited for postscript
Please while I have enjoyed the forum immensely in the past and have made some wonderful friends outside of the game, the one thing I have NOT LIKED is how
some people feel the need to override your opinion with theirs...this is my opinion and I feel very strongly about this subject if you feel and overwhelming need to nay say me please resist the urge and allow me to speak, I don't care why the dev's have done this or if it was an oversight from earlier on in the game, they should not have done it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 18, 14 7:24 PM
Well I have just completed several more rounds of HOS, I have nearly 200000 coins and still no stamps so money is not my issue, but MY point still remains the same, I can't craft without stamps I am on level 38 so I can keep going around and around for a few measly stamps, that I may get if I am EXTREMLY lucky until the next update, but the thought of that makes me want to drive nails into body parts to see if I am brain dead yet...
Even if the DEV'S gave some sort of mini game within the game to break the monotony and maybe give us something to strive for, and no not something like house wins dice or wheel.
It appears that this is chicken and the egg scenario for people, some want the chicken and some want the egg, the only constant in either is people are not getting what THEY the want or need out of this game leading to frustration with the game as a whole.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 17, 14 8:28 PM
I rest my case, I have just been through HOS start to finish twice, I received 10 plain white stamps, 2 Green stamps, 1 blue and no unique stamps at all. I fed my pets and received a gold chest and still did not receive a unique stamp.
This is a pittance compared to what we invest in this game.

Feeling very cheated, may try the new game valdy suggested.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 16, 14 5:32 PM
(continued) inventory that would take 72 days gifting 5 gifts per day, ridiculous!!! It would be extremely unfair to not allow us to dispose of our inventory as we see fit, after all we have brought and paid for every item one way or another. I hope that the DEV'S actually take the time to listen to the consumer and play fair with us, lately I have heard that so many players have become disenchanted with the game that was so awesome when it came out, and please don't just think that there will always be new players to take the place of ones that leave, wouldn't it be better to have them both ? It is also no longer advantageous to craft things to sell ( a cunning plan?) as they cost more to craft than to sell, this last update cost over 150000, that is a heck of a lot of HOS to complete. It has got to the stage that the Con's are out weighing the Pro's...
 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 16, 14 5:24 PM
I have posted on here several times over the last few months bemoaning what I see as unfairness to the very people that have made your game the success that is.. the player, without us you just have an idea.
Now before anyone feels the need to jump in and say they don't feel exploited etc etc... that is great for you, and yes it has cost money to develop the game, and yes the graphic's are beautiful, and yes is a FREE TO PLAY game and yes some have NEVER spent a cent on this game, AND YES no one made me play it.
BUT PLEASE allow me to voice my opinion. There many MANY players that have spent money on this game, I am not going to vague about it and say "more than I should" I have spent hundreds of dollars on diamonds to craft things and sell for coins..
THAT is my choice and that is the way I play these games.
But what has been happening over the last few updates is just a rip off, I go around and around the HOS and I get items for the airship, the item for that particular HOS and that's it, before you use to get pet food and stamps.
I have no green stamps or blue stamps what's so ever in my inventory, the last one's I had in there was days ago that I used for crafting, now I go around and around and the best I can do is the plain white ones.
Now people have been saying for months that they have no pet food to feed their pets , that it has been get scarce, now it is ridiculous.
People have also mention preferring to nail their tongue's to the floor than have to keep going back to the same old HOS over and over AND OVER again, you changed some of the scenes and that was better ( yes I know there where others that did not like them) but ONE of the things that has stopped me playing recently is starting at the Tavern and working my way through to the latest update scenes, and then doing it over and OVER again.
TEDIOUS is the word that springs to mind, that is one reason I pay for diamonds, so that I can increase the pace of the game, now yes I know other like the slow more sedate pace to enjoy their game, I say again this is MY opinion.
This week I have wrote on my avatar name the I am taking a break so that people don't send through gifts, until such time as I go back to the game or uninstall. Which is another thing that I would like to be passed on to the DEV'S if we decide to quit playing we all have a lot of things in our inventories which we should be able to gift in its entirety as we see fit , as I said in another post with 40 odd pages of (continue)
 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 10, 14 2:36 PM
Well 3 people just sent it through on my daily gifts, but I can not find it in my inventory, so something very strange going on there.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 10, 14 12:41 AM
That's a bit bizarre, perhaps it has gone in there on accident, I have selected it and placed it on my wish list, now I shouldn't have been able to do that if it was just a piece that was given to me to open another area.
But thanks for your reply
 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 9, 14 11:44 PM
While I was going through my wish list I found an item that I do not remember seeing before, it is a "Map Piece" could anyone please tell where this Item is located. Obviously if it is visible I have unlocked the ZZ or HOS, If anyone can point me in the right direction.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 9, 14 12:38 AM
Level 38
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