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 posted in The Veil of Mystery: Seven Little Gnomes on May 28, 13 6:18 PM
Review based off 48 minutes of the demo. The game glitched out and I had to manually shut down before finishing the remaining 12.

I should start off by saying this was better than I expected it to be. I went in with the impression it would be silly, cheesy, and underwhelming. Although it does suffer from some of the 'spooky' mystery tropes, the game play was decently enjoyable.

Cut scenes could use some sharpening, but are for the most part ok. Voice overs are fine, but some of the commentary while playing is redundant and obnoxious. Also, if you are a fan of finding extra morphing objects in random areas as you play, then you will enjoy this commonly employed feature.

The HOS are very old school which some players may enjoy. The objects are less pronounced from their backdrops and are harder to spot which may present a welcome challenge for some. However, for people like me with iffy eyesight, this became tedious and time consuming. A few of the HOS aren't very well lit, most likely under the pretense of location, i.e. cupboard, closet, etc. Others were washed out, like the bathtub HOS. This only added to the poor visibility and frustration. For future games I would like to see brighter, more defined HOSs.

Transitions between areas and even zones you zoom in to interact with were clunky and slow. You actually have to click on the word 'inventory' for it to come up. This wouldn't be a big deal if it weren't right at the bottom of the screen. It created a frustrating problem when the game wanted to interpret my clicks as a request to back out of an area instead of opening my inventory for a needed item.

Also when playing these sorts of Adventure HOGs I prefer a zoom in area to close off once I've completed everything in it. Otherwise I end up wasting time revisiting every single place the cursor becomes a magnifying glass when I'm stuck and retracting my steps. I realize this could add to the challenge for some and is probably more of a personal preference, but I thought I'd make note of it.

The puzzles weren't anything new if you play these types of games often.

I don't think I can accurately comment on the storyline as I only played through the demo, but I can at least say I was moderately interested.

Overall this game was just ok, but I won't be purchasing. I didn't see enough to warrant the use of a credit.
 posted in Mystery Legends: The Phantom of the Opera on Oct 10, 12 2:21 AM
I know I'm pretty late getting into this thread, but man that ending!

I was fairly shocked when I realized that was it, and now that Beauty & the Beast has come out... I'm wondering if they are planning on making a conclusion to PotO! If I knew there was going to be a follow up, it really wouldn't be that big of a deal, but as there is no word yet, I'm kind of upset. I'd love to play through the rest of Evelina's story!

Other than that I thought the game was gorgeous, the puzzles decently challenging and very much appreciated the map.
 posted in Charlaine Harris: Dying for Daylight on Aug 5, 12 1:54 PM
I agree.

It would be really nice to get an update on this. Like I said on a similar thread, IMO it is very poor ethics to drag in fans of Charlaine Harris and her creations, leave them with a cliffhanger and then give up on production because the seemingly unfinished product upset some BF customers. I understand wanting to start a series and leaving a little mystery to keep people invested in the next game. However there are plenty of series like Awakening, Mystery Case Files, and Dark Parables that do this seamlessly while still providing a complete product.

All the feedback from fellow BF gamers made me wait on this one to become a daily deal or catch of the week before I bought it. After reading reviews saying it was incomplete and very short I wasn't about to dish out the SE price. I avoid short games as much as possible, but this one was really great despite its length. Very well made, just disappointing that it has taken so long for them to come out with another.

Part of me wonders if they are doing this on purpose to hype up the next game, make it more desirable and mysterious. Honestly I think there is enough of a following to make this unnecessary. Just come out with the next one already. Give us some kind of update. I think you will find a mass following that has been waiting patiently.
 posted in Charlaine Harris: Dying for Daylight on Aug 5, 12 1:39 PM
I knew ahead of time that this was part 1 and fairly short by reading the reviews, so I waited for it to become a daily deal/catch of the week before purchasing. Regardless I love everything about it, the gorgeous graphics, the quirky dialogue and atmosphere, and the tie-in to true blood and the books. This is truly a great game and deserves a sequel.

It is really bad marketing and IMO terrible ethics to leave your product at a cliffhanger and then give up production because of some ruffled fins. There are definitely plenty of fans and new gamers discovering this title for them to justify making the second one.

Please don't keep up waiting much longer!
SabreQueen wrote:The Spec Thread of whatever year has usually begun no earlier than one month b4 the release, which has traditionally been on the American Thanksgiving Holiday- Nov 22 this yr(a Thursday also a traditional release day) OR Wed for club members thru the TGT club aspect. Usually the waters start to roil early in October and are a full blown tsunami by about Oct 20ish which is when BFG usually have organized the thread and the accompanying scavenger hunt of leads, clues and red herrings. Have a Good Summer!

Perfect! Thanks so much for the info! Now I can rest easy until closer to the holidays.

 posted in Mystery Legends: Beauty and the Beast on Jun 5, 12 11:31 PM
I just finished playing the SE of this game and had a blast!

Beauty and the Beast is my absolute favorite fairytale so it goes without saying that as soon a fellow fishy here on the forums recommended this game to me, I had to try it out! I think I played all of about five minutes of the demo before I exited out and clicked buy. The gorgeous visuals and music let me know right away that this was a game I was going to love.

Mystery Legends puts a new twist on the Beauty and the Beast fable by making the enchantress a villain rather than a benevolent figure trying to teach him a lesson on vanity and arrogance. This was an interesting twist and helped carry the story along. I loved the inclusion of all the mechanical helpers and talking animal companions. Very cute and unique.

The only real complaint I have is that the puzzles and progression was not very challenging, even on the hardest difficulty. Regardless, the game is still fun, beautiful, and engaging.

A must have for fairytale fans!
 posted in Experiment on Jun 5, 12 3:47 PM
BearKat wrote:First and foremost--Thanks Mods for an M3 with relaxed mode.
It is much appreciated by this Fishie!

Maybe swimming upstream here, but, I LIKE this game.
It's relaxing and enjoyable to me.
Really like the voice over, too!
I'd buy it just for the music!
Well, have played all but 1 min. of the demo and stopped to buy!
Happy Gaming All!

I agree! I don't think it is very challenging, and it could do with some kind of indicator to tell you how close you are to finishing each area i.e. the rooms with the machines in them, but the music is excellent!

I'm considering buying this just for the music. It would be nice to have a game around I could just zone out to. I'm also curious about the story too. The graphics are beautiful too, so even though it has a couple elements I don't like, it seems like it's a generally enjoyable, relaxing game.
 posted in Experiment on Jun 5, 12 3:39 PM
This is a review for the trial game. I played the full length of the trial in Story-timed mode.

This game is gorgeously rendered, but the boards could have had more interesting pieces. I think my favorite part about this game was the music. Very beautiful and relaxing. My husband was taking a nap while I played this and once the demo was over he woke up and asked what happened to the awesome music. lol!

Although there are a variety of M3 objectives and puzzles I didn't find them very challenging. Experiment is definitely a game for relaxing. If you are looking for a challenge, this won't be the game for you.

One thing that really irked me about the experience was that there was no rhyme or reason to the number of puzzles you had to complete in order to progress to the next room/machine/area. It would have been nice to have some type of indicator that would mark off how far you were away from completing that area.

As for the story, well I can't say much about it as I only got an hour into the game, but I am curious. Adam seems to be very reluctant to share any information about what is going on and why he needs Sophie's help so there isn't much for me to comment on. Sophie is a fiery readhead who wakes up in a strange lab and immediately begins demanding answers, but to no avail. I thin the whole, "I need your help because you are special," theme is way played out. Um, duh she's special or else you would have been able to do all this stuff by yourself.

I may pick this one up later just for the music and variety of puzzles and modes. It's always nice to have a game you can zone out too or play while watching a movie.
 posted in Mystery Case Files ®: 13th Skull ™ on Jun 3, 12 11:16 AM
Can't decide whether I want to buy this one. I am a huge fan of the MCF games, but was not very impressed with the demo of this one. Does it get better as the game goes on?
I would really love to see a 2012 Speculation Thread put up soon! I'm dying for another MCF game!
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