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 posted in Fantasy Mosaics on Jul 5, 14 2:10 AM
Game keeps freezing on level 3 game 4. Have deleted game and re loaded and still freezes.

Have deleted game completely. Shame...I like mosaics.

First game bought from you guys that doesn't work.
 posted in Outta This Kingdom on Mar 17, 13 4:34 PM
kitbit wrote:I cleared ruins to top right first and built two farms there.
Then started clearing ruins from left side down.
Hire 4 workers when 60 food.
Keep space closest to base for sawmill and below it build the Superhero HQ.
Keep buying workers.
As soon as you have 7 build the first Wizard Dorm and give it a shield upgrade.
Clear last two ruins if you haven't already.
Every time you have 40,000 gold buy 1,500 wood and build another dorm.
If you have spare food buy more workers.

This strategy finished in time easily - trick is to place farms so that cat can fetch food easily I think.

Thank you for your help. I shall go try that later on today!
 posted in Outta This Kingdom on Mar 15, 13 12:18 AM
mcurty wrote:
I don't remember exactly, but this is similar.
Build farm and get food to buy more workers while demolishing the rest
Build Large sawmill
Build 2 dorms and info booth for $ influence
Upgrade 3 stars and people upgrade dorms
Build Shop of Miracles
Demolish sawmill and built market to buy gems... A 2nd treasury may work also.

Thank you for the suggestions. I came so very close to getting the star, maybe I will need to keep trying, and trying until I get it right
 posted in Outta This Kingdom on Mar 15, 13 12:16 AM
I still haven't been able to get a gold star for this one. But I have worked out I need a magic tower covering the 3 dorms to get anywhere near close.

A farm, market and sawmill are useful, but apart from the farm ( to be built first) I am still having trouble working out the order of placement in order to finish on time.

Any ideas?
 posted in Royal Envoy 2 on Jan 8, 13 12:19 PM
Out of interest to those who get stuck on the trees. I cleared my cache, restarted the computer, I stayed disconnected from the internet, and didn't open my browser.

Then I opened the game up and then kept trying and concentrated on clicking the big drops very carefully. After 5 goes I finally "got it".

 posted in Glow Fish on Dec 23, 12 4:53 PM
Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!

Now I know what circling the enemy means...I can go back and have another go now!
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