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OMG, thank you so much simmi! I must of replayed this level 10s of times always just missing by a few seconds. Got it on the first try after following this walkthrough. My problem was starting on the path to the portal too soon.

Another tip for those trying to get this level. Pay attention to the resources on the last path to the portal and take those into account when figuring out when to stop collecting from your buildings.
I don't remember all the levels....however, if you go to the strategy guide click on the collections tab on the lower right and it will show you where all the special items can be found.
Only one blueprint is needed for the boat. To fix the pier you need to create a piece of origami....this is done by clicking on the purple button on the upper right hand corner of the screen.
On the main entry screen there is a button at the bottom right for trophies. Scroll through that screen....any trophy you have not won will be covered in a cloud.
I don't remember this exact level, but this is a general tip for any level where supplies are limited......check to see what supplies you have too much of at the end...if it is food and there are berry bushes on level, don't fully upgrade your food stand. Or if you have too much plastic...don't fully upgrade that building, etc.
 posted in Viking Brothers 3 Collector's Edition on Jan 1, 18 10:37 AM
Throughout level use speed workers bonus as soon as it beomes available. Collect from food chest until you get farm to level 3. Collect from stone & gold chests all the time.

Collect materials working towards food chest and farm. As soon as possible upgrade worker house. Continue collecting materials towards stone on left and bridge on right. Upgrade house and build farm around the same time. Clear to stone chest and build light bridge.
Clear to wood storage and continue sending a worker until storage is clear. Upgrade farm to level 3, while clearing road to the left. Build bridge, clear stone storage when you have enough materials and continue collecting stone.
Clear stone on right to get to sword. Clear to purple stom on right. Time it when ghost is away and take 10 mana from well. Clear purple storm and send guy to fight ghost on left. Send worker to start taking from gold storage and grab lantern. By this point you should be close to having enough to destroy tower on left. Do this first, then check materials.
When you have enough, clear ghost on right.
Clear to 2nd lantern and destroy right side tower. All the while continue collecting from material storage sheds and mana well until exhausted. Continue collecting from stone & gold chests all the time. Once mana well is collapsed, clear temple by workers house and start sending worker to buy mana. Also start collecting from food chest again
Clear statue at far end of loop, battle monster. Take the large hammer. Finally activate stone circle.

I finished with plenty of time left.
 posted in Viking Brothers 3 Collector's Edition on Jan 1, 18 10:09 AM
This what worked for me....

Throughout game use the speed workers bonus as soon as it becomes available. Don't waste time collecting food/gold right away, let a couple build up....workers can take up to 5 at a time from factories.

Immediately upgrade the house for 2 workers.
Clear road leading to statue on left and farm/ladder on the right, as soon as available build farm and upgrade right away.
Work towards gold mine at top of screen and broken bridge in the middle of screen at the same time.
Repair bridge, build gold mine and clear road around it.
Clear road towards the mana and stone chests and gather as soon as they are available...continue collecting as they become available.
Clear monster at top left of screen and collect stone from cache. Clear monster from center of screen and work towards temple. Once the center monster is cleared you will need 11 stone to finish level, so stop collecting stone once you reach this amount.
Collect mana, food & gold, build bridge to temple, clear statue at bottom, collect amulet.
Send workers to get mana from temple/collect from chest until you have 5 more mana.
Pay attention to the materials you need to clear monster behind purple storm and try to be collecting the last few needed while you send guy to clear storm.
Clear storm, monster and grab yellow spot to finish level.

I finished with plenty of time left.
 posted in Viking Brothers 3 Collector's Edition on Dec 31, 17 10:50 AM
Finally figured it out. Only use the time saver bonus.
 posted in Viking Brothers 3 Collector's Edition on Dec 31, 17 10:40 AM
Anyone have a better walkthrough than the strategy guide? I always run out of time waiting for more food. Not sure when/what bonus' to use for 3 stars.
 posted in Zombie Solitaire 2: Chapter 2 on Nov 12, 17 3:44 PM
You need to clear the three columns of cards in the upper right to get to the Zombie Blast cards. Then use those three cards to remove the infected birds columns.
 posted in Moai V: New Generation Collector's Edition on Aug 24, 17 11:13 AM
You need to upgrade the lighthouses to the max.
You collect coins during game play and then use them to refute each card.
Unfortunately, you can only complete this award during game play. I missed it and tried to complete is from the mini-games in the extras and it did not work.
 posted in Fables of the Kingdom II Collector's Edition on May 4, 17 5:39 PM
General tips that worked for me. Collect bushes as soon as they become available. Upgrade the farm before fully upgrading the quarry. No need to waste food trading for gold...there will be enough gold once you send the wizard to take care of the fog. Leave the dragons in the upper right until after the large dragon to the left is taken care of.
 posted in Fables of the Kingdom II Collector's Edition on May 4, 17 9:18 AM
Any tips for getting in gold time?
 posted in In Service of the Queen on Apr 6, 17 7:35 AM
Wolfangels wrote:On U tube there is a walkthrough by Raili Heiskanen with all the levels ... I used it for the levels I was pulling my out over LOL ... He makes look it easy. They really are once you figure them out ... Have fun


Unfortunately, I want walkthroughs to show me how to get 3 stars. Even this guy can't get 3 stars on Level 5....not worth the 4 mins I sat through to show me what I already know.
 posted in The Spell on Mar 27, 17 7:47 AM
Am not able to even attempt to play the game as the mouse is uncontrolable. The slightest movement sends it jumping all over the screen. Had to task manager to get out of the game. Playing on Windows 10.
 posted in Viking Brothers 2 on Mar 24, 17 8:23 AM
Any tips for finishing in gold time? It takes me just about the entire time just to get to the dwarf, can't even think about building statues.
 posted in Myths of the World: The Black Sun Collector's Edition on Mar 19, 17 10:57 AM
click the arrow repeatedly.....the more you click/faster the higher the arrow will go.
 posted in Gnomes Garden: New home on Mar 18, 17 9:25 AM
Only a few levels left to complete in the game. Thought it was pretty easy to get 3 stars on a level up to around level 30. Still waiting to see where the "beautiful trophies" are.
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