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 posted in Otherworld: Spring of Shadows on Jun 20, 12 2:37 PM
Hi I have tried downloading this game and I got an access violation error it would not even let me open the game on several occasions.

I followed all the normal procedures :

Uninstalled / Reinstalled
Ran as administrator
Ran in a different operating system
My video driver is up to date
Have all the latest in flash drives
I have plenty of memory on hard drive

But nothing worked still continuously gives me this access violation error. So then I thought maybe it has nothing to do my computer or BFG it must be the game producers so I tested this theory and downloaded another of their games Death under a Tuscan Sky and lone behold I got an access violation error on this game too so I thought I had found the problem .....but then I decided I would try downloading Otherworld from a different gaming site and it actually worked ?!?!!?!?

I played the whole game and bought it from the same particular gaming site I had downloaded it from and I am now in the process of downloading Death under a Tuscan Sky from them !!!! This is very disappointing BFG as a monthly member of yours!!! I normally do enjoy this website but these particular games would not work for me but they did work when downloaded from a different gaming site I think that is unacceptable from a gaming site of your standard
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