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 posted in Parallels Cross on Jan 18, 16 7:00 PM
I ended up being stuck too. You need the rope and grappling hook to pull the boat toward you. You go back to the room where you used the rope/grappling hook to drop down the opening in the floor. You can take the rope/grappling hook back and pull the boat in to get the controller.
 posted in Spirit of Revenge: Gem Fury Collector's Edition on Dec 13, 15 3:16 PM
I have windows 10 x64, all software up to date. Like others, the game is freezing up for me. Two different locations. First, after crossing the bridge and climbing the hill, it froze. I was able to get by by "skipping" this scene. Next, in the school music room, the game freezes after capturing the ghost in the room. I was able to back out, but my location on the map won't change from the music room, and when I try to access the school yard, the game freezes again. Cannot move forward. Will be asking for refund, as there are major issues in this game, and I can't move past the latest one.
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