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 posted in Fallen: The Flowers of Evil on Jan 9, 13 6:12 AM
angelofmusic62 wrote: One of my pet peeves is the obnoxious noises some games include when you find an object. This one of quite annoying, and I had to turn the sound off. It wasn't a bad thing though, because I didn't care much for the music, and the voiceovers were not at all well done. I'm not sure what accent they were going for, but it sounded a mess, and totally overdone.

I have to agree with you on this point. Such a horrible noise, I was so disappointed. Guys, strongly advise trying first before making your decisions...
 posted in Big City Adventure: Paris on Jan 8, 13 8:48 AM
quarlesqueen wrote:

Am looking forward to finding out where the next city will be...robots Hmmm .

Sounds amazing
 posted in The Dreamatorium of Dr. Magnus on Sep 24, 12 8:32 AM
Daisy_48 wrote:You can't get to the Castle before you complete all required steps in Chapter 4. After you complete all these, you'll get a popup notifying you about it and only then you'll be able to leave to the Castle gate.

Thanks, Daisy_48, for helping out of this situation!
 posted in Mystery Trackers: Black Isle on Sep 21, 12 6:34 AM
The game is worth buying, good features are superb graphics, excellency of puzzles.
I do not want to sound very much picky, I did not enjoy it completely. The story line did not grab, a couple of times I was lost. Sometimes I could not figure out what to do, the walkthrough helped of course, but I am not so fond of referring to it often.
Taking these things apart, I think it is rather enjoyable.
 posted in Eternal Journey: New Atlantis on Sep 9, 12 9:21 AM
Not a moment did I hesitate as to try and purchase this game. What shall you to expect to see in Eternal Journey? Very much appealing sci fi concept – a pleasant switch from the plots so popular today in this genre of games. The game includes such features as 2 gameplay modes, VO, a map and a diary. HOS are interactive. Artwork could not have been better. I also want to mention outstanding sound effects. Not every game can offer decent music.
On the whole, a well-done game. Highly recommend!
 posted in Rite of Passage: The Perfect Show on Sep 9, 12 5:52 AM
High-quality game that will satisfy even the most seasoned players. It has so much to boast of. First of all, it is crisp and gorgeous graphics. Second in the list is excellent navigation system. Finally, the level of challenge is high enough not to leave you bored to death. The iHOS are nicely sized and clear enough to find objects without too much unnecessary efforts. On top of positive features are original puzzles and varied mini-games.
I never regretted a minute spent with Rite of Passage. Wish the same to other fishies!
Much as I wanted to love it, unfortunately, I have to say ‘No’ to the game. The reason – lack of challenge. Seriously, it seemed to me a kind of simple. No buy this time, Big Fish.
 posted in Love Chronicles: The Spell on Aug 22, 12 2:18 AM
A relaxing fairy tale with enchanting graphics… it is evident who this game is loved by If you belong to this group, it is your cup of tea. As well as mine.
 posted in A Gypsy's Tale: The Tower of Secrets on Aug 22, 12 1:15 AM
To me A Gypsy’s Tale is a solid quality game, definitely not the one you abandon after a couple of minutes. From my part I have to mention the music. Relaxing and changing as the game goes, it gave a completely different impression from the repetitive stuff that you always turn off. I had to turn to walkthrough several times but it is ok with me.
Don't pass this game by.
 posted in Wonder World on Aug 10, 12 6:05 AM
The demo ensured me: it could be better. I am not saying it’s absolutely a waste of time, at some point it was more or less satisfactory, but the first impression was spoilt and this time it is no buy.
 posted in Fierce Tales: The Dog's Heart on Aug 10, 12 5:20 AM
It’s too hard to be objective while you like the game. The key points I enjoyed: extraordinary concept, top-notch graphics and amazing HOS.
Thanks the developers! I had a great time!
 posted in Grim Tales: The Wishes Collector's Edition on Aug 9, 12 4:11 AM
I did not have the chance to play the first 2 parts of the series. So I had quite fresh eyes on the Grim Tales and I must admit I liked it . The most appealing of all were HO scenes – very clear and just of my level. Of course, 3 gameplay modes which is very useful when you can’t boast a great game history yet, I think. Oh, I nearly forgot to mention fabulous special effects – they stole my heart.

There is no other way for me but to buy this game!
 posted in Chronoclasm Chronicles on Jun 30, 12 7:49 AM
Yesterday was my first day on BigFish . And I decided to try the game that appeared on the day I had joined the pool. And I was not disappointed.
I’m not a sophisticated kind of player (yet), but I will say my 50 cent. I can imagine that there are greater games out there in the Collector’s Edition, and I’m looking forward to enjoying them. But I’ve been spending a great time with Chronoclasm so far, and my rating is 4 out of 5.
After a 60 min demo, I can say that the game has all of the ingredients from the recipe: awesome graphics, an interesting plot, and some brainy puzzles . I had to turn to the walkthrough a few times, but I could do without it I think. That’s because I wanted to get as far into the game as I could during the demo. Did I say that I’m buying it?
 posted in Kingdom of Seven Seals on Jun 29, 12 9:12 AM
Kingdom of Seven Seals is one of my favorite games. Perhaps I should agree it won't be ideal for everyone but if you are the fan of HOG's and fairy tales just like me, you will definitely like it

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