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 posted in Rescue Team 2 on Aug 22, 14 11:18 PM
They obviously forgot something here. I tried it maybe 30 times because I was freakin determined!!!! This post about the pier and the earthquake really helped. But you have to time it all just perfect. Build all the lower stuff but do not build the sawmill or remove that boulder. Then the bridge near the house, then the house, then the rocks near the top bridge. Once you click on the gem then send another man to the pier and a second later send third man to the speed boat. Then work on boulder near gem and wood speed. Then west bridge near all the big boulders and the gem.

But even doing this it took ten times to time it just right. You must have a man ready and have the clicker ready at just the right time. Dang!!!!!
 posted in Rescue Team 2 on Aug 22, 14 11:15 PM
Angel61400 wrote:Here is how I got gold on the level:

Build all the way up to the top gem. As you are building the bridge and about to send someone to collect the gem, start building the pier. As the earthquake warning starts to go off, hurry and get someone to collect the speed boost for the boat.

After the earthquake, don't bother building up to the bridge to the right again - you don't need to now as you already collected the gem at the top. Remember to keep sending out the boat to collect supplies from the lake as soon as you can. Now all you have to do is worry about collecting the other two gems.

It glitched the first time I did it this way and didn't end the level even though I had collected all the gems. The second time I did it, it completed correctly and I achieved gold.

Hope this helps; this was a frustrating level.
 posted in Roads of Rome on Aug 17, 14 11:18 AM
I've wasted time and resources on the storehouse and it has never done anything for me. It claims to give you extra but then it doesn't actually allow you to use the extra. I've needed 9 food to finish a game and I've had 8 with plus 1 in the storehouse and yet it would not let me click on the boulder to clear it even though 8 + 1 is 9. So maybe there is a glitch that does not let it work as it's supposed to work. There are some levels I have tried over and over and can't get expert and if only the storehouse had worked properly I could have finished in time with the extra supplies.
 posted in Burger Bustle: Ellie's Organics on Jul 1, 12 3:02 PM
How do you use the speed boost for the table? It has a design like a gold lightning rod. Someone else said some boosts are applied automatically but these customers take forever at the tables. I know how to use all the other boosts except the table boost.
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