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 posted in Sally's Studio on Jul 12, 12 5:06 PM
I got everything on the iPhone version (version 1.2) now how do I unlock the extra stuff?

All of the files are there in the game folders on the device, how do I activate them now that I have unlocked and achieved everything?
 posted in Sally's Studio on Jul 3, 12 10:06 PM
I don't play the computer version, but they are very similar.

What I learned is that the Game Center counts how many customers you have severed in the form of percentage.

It doesn't get higher when I play here and there.

This means that you must serve 1000 customers IN ONE SITTING, without exiting the application (which is what app is short for on the iPhone series).

I don't like this one bit, BigFishGames: You MUST change this to a TOTAL of 1000 customers, NOT in one sitting.
 posted in Sally's Studio on Jul 1, 12 11:17 PM
I was looking through the files in Sally's Studio and noticed that in the shop, there's some disabled "TipsCD" code.

What is this TipsCD, how does it work / what does it do, how do you unlock it, or if you are JailBroken, how do you enable it?

And this Cashier and Greeter: I'm guessing they are completely not in the iOS version because the game is touch?

If you CAN unlock them, how?

What do you get if you get everything? What is the Ultimate Prize?

*** UPDATE ***

I have found that the TipsCD is actually just the string name for the: "Big Spender CD", it's formal name.

I am still messing around to see how to enable this CD and the cashier and greeter.

*** UPDATE ***

I have now discovered a file called: breakupcd_01.xml

My educated guess is that this breaks up any paired characters, like hte wrestlers and the dancing couple.
 posted in Sally's Studio on Jul 1, 12 11:03 PM
eva338 wrote:I can get all three required people (pop star, model, footballer) to leave the dance stations one right after the other, but since I have the cashier I can't get them to check out at the same time and hence, cannot win the trophy. I can't unpurchase the cashier. Any suggestions? Thanks

There is a way to disable the Cashier, I do NOT know how to do this, but I think it's possible because they wouldn't have made the Cashier AND have that medal without being able to disable her.
 posted in Sally's Studio on Jul 1, 12 11:02 PM
To get the Vancouver, BC medal, you need to play the Freeze CD (the blue one with snow flakes on it) while an Olympian is in your studio.

She is the woman. wearing a Canadian Hat with a Maple Leaf on it.

You can just come back to this Studio once you have purchased the Freeze CD later in the game.
 posted in Sally's Studio on Jul 1, 12 10:56 PM
If you cash out a customer with 4 hearts, they tip you the bracket of 4 hearts, BUT if you throw a drink at them really fast, you will serve them at 5 hearts and the cash out will go up.
 posted in Sally's Studio on Jul 1, 12 10:54 PM
What I found was the best strategy to get an Ultimate Ranking (the Heart over the Star) was to seat as many customers as possible.

That should be your #1 priority.

Your #2 priority is to get the customers to the cash register and checked out as soon as possible.

Then worry about 5 hearts.

My wife is an avid player and has been struggling to get Ultimate Rankings as well, the moment I told her about that, she got 5 Ultimate Rankings on levels that she had a tough time getting them on.

I hope my strategy works for you too!
 posted in Sally's Studio on Jul 1, 12 10:48 PM
So let's put this into perspective:

I can serve, on average, 15 customers on ALL 50 levels.

Let's do the math on that:


Why does it ONLY say 160?

And for my wife: 105? (she's played WAYY more than me)
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