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 posted in Finders on Jan 9, 15 11:06 AM
The Humanitarian Cargo will show up in your storage at the bottom in the "Misc." section
 posted in Finders on Jan 9, 15 11:04 AM
Some people find things difficult at the start. There are some peculiar wording that throws you off. Like there is a notice that keeps coming up to get more water but everything you do doesn't seem to work. They mean "FOOD". Once you get going you'll see that it is pretty cool.
 posted in Finders on Jan 6, 15 8:48 PM
Megscows wrote:for some reason, I am not able to catch fish. I keep running out of bread because of my attempts. I press and hold the strike button until it's green and in between the red lines and I never catch a fish no matter what. I've tried dozens of times to no avail. I think it's a technical glitch unless I"m doing something incorrectly.

To catch fish you must click the mouse quickly to maintain the light lights to the center of the light bar, between both ends. Try to keep the light bar lit in the green area. Too much or to little clicking and you'll hit either end and your fishing is over, "you've lost the bait", and have to start over.
 posted in Finders on Jan 1, 15 12:55 PM
I decided not to let this game beat me. I decided to figure out the "water" answer no mater what. I have figured out that when the game lets you know your "people" need "water", what it means is that they need "food". Now that I have played long enough to figure the water problem out, I really like the game! In fact, I think it will become one of my favorite games (I have over 300). Happy gaming.
 posted in Finders on Jan 1, 15 5:49 AM
Lots of people can't figure out how to "refill water supply" . . . as you play you get many flash window warnings for. Here on the forum, people guess, even suggesting that it means food and is a glitch. Does anyone know? Your "seekers" get red heads and the window keeps coming up that reads "refill water supply" then after about 30 second the red heads go away and the messages stop - YET I HAVE DONE NOTHING!! And a few minutes later it begins again. First I though make a well - but this only makes more water points. Then I sent them to the forest to gather water - again, more water points. HOW does one "USE" those water points, maybe to " refill water supply???" If only I could find the help/manual/guide/??? - oh, that's right - THERE ISN'T ANY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I played the hour preview and couldn't figure it out. I then purchased the game with a credit thinking I'd surely be able to figure it out with enough time. SO now I'm out a credit, and my time. Just say NO to this game!!! before you feel lost, and at a loss, like I do
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