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 posted in Mystery Tales: The Hangman Returns Collector's Edition on Jan 31, 17 1:31 PM
Started the play the bonus chapter, watched the opening scene, she handed me the book and it disappeared. I have tried closing and reopening the game with no luck, Hint button just says, "Nothing to do here right now." Frustrating!

Well, at least I finished the main game without any issues. That's happiness!
 posted in Forgotten Places: Regained Castle on Jul 5, 16 7:05 AM
Yet another "old school"/"drag-and drop"'s a no-buy for me. Sorry, but this seems to be the norm lately.
Glass cutter up and disappeared after obtaining it from the barn. Can't play the Crystal Game in the observatory without it. Definite glitch in the game. That's a waste of $13.99...ugh!
 posted in Whispers: Revelation on Mar 12, 13 6:22 AM
Well, reinstalling the game did nothing. Game won't open. Nothing but problems so far. Waste of a good credit I could have used on a more reliable game. Shame.
 posted in Whispers: Revelation on Mar 12, 13 6:13 AM
Shut down the game, tried to play again and it won't open. It starts to load, screen flashes, then I get a white page with a small game icon. Uninstalled and am reinstalling now. Strange, as no other game does this on my computer. Tried all the fixes, card updates, etc. Still have problems. Hope it works the second time around!
 posted in Shadows: Price for Our Sins on Feb 18, 13 6:04 AM
Where is the domino in the HOG outside of the attic? I am supposed to get the record, but cannot find the domino. I picked one up, but it didn't register. Now, the game is stuck. The hint will not work. Any ideas?
 posted in Severe Incident: Cargo Flight 821 on Jul 13, 12 2:21 PM
dcanfi1955 wrote:Customer support, they contacted me within the hour and not only gave me a game credit but left the game active on my account so when a fix comes, I can play it again..

I received a similar response from Customer Support, exception being, they offered to replace the game -- but -- I would have to purchase this one (again) when the "fix" has been implemented. Really, Big Fish? I pay for a game that has known issues, yet if offered another game, I have to purchase the game again? Wow.

Guess I'll just wait "up to a few weeks" to see if the game has been fixed.

Happy Gaming!!
 posted in Severe Incident: Cargo Flight 821 on Jul 12, 12 7:06 PM
Uninstalled, reinstalled, updated my system, cleared cache, did everything recommended. Game still crashed. Same error message. Ran a Dr. Felix Report, so will wait to hear back from Customer Support. It's happened four times. Frankly, I'm getting a bit tired of having to go back through the steps it removes when it crashes. Then again, makes me curious about what's next! Ugh!!
 posted in Severe Incident: Cargo Flight 821 on Jul 11, 12 10:28 AM
Was playing right along when suddenly, without warning, the game shut down with a "critical" error message. "Program closed in an unusual way," it said. Brought me several steps back from where I was when it shut down -- always back to the water valve HOG -- and everything is lost. Did it twice. Will reload and see if that helps.
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