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 posted in Dark Dimensions: Vengeful Beauty Collector's Edition on Jun 6, 17 12:49 PM
I don't know what the problem is, but I can't find my cursor in the scene. In the menu I can highlight different choices if I swirl the cursor around a lot but I don't see a pointer. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the demo and it does the same thing. I have uninstalled again as the game is unplayable. If there is a solution, please let me know.
 posted in Dark Chronicles: The Soul Reaver on Oct 5, 16 4:45 AM
What game on the table? I've done everything I can do up to now. Only puzzle not completed is the one outside with something round missing from the center. I have 9 pieces of 10 of a page. Did I miss one somewhere? I can't find it. I have a pattern that I was told would help me get into the case, but it doesn't do anything. Where have I gone wrong? What do I do next? Hint button not working.
 posted in Mysteries of the Past: Shadow of the Daemon on Feb 20, 16 8:26 AM
I found a video walkthru on youtube that showed the chain behind the bars in that alcove. It wasn't there when I was there and it's not there now. So it's an inventory glitch. I'm not willing to start over a 3rd time. I'm going to get a refund on this buggy game. It's a shame because it is a different and fun game.
 posted in Mysteries of the Past: Shadow of the Daemon on Feb 19, 16 10:08 AM
Where do you get the chain to open the hatch in cabin?
 posted in Lost Lands: The Golden Curse Collector's Edition on Nov 28, 15 10:17 AM
I have the same glitch and I'm seriously annoyed that I can't even restart the bonus game without redoing the main game. I hope this is getting fixed.
 posted in Dark Canvas: A Murder Exposed Collector's Edition on Oct 15, 15 8:09 AM
Nevermind. I found that it worked if I put the cursor tip very close to the side border in the white space.
 posted in Dark Canvas: A Murder Exposed Collector's Edition on Oct 15, 15 6:55 AM
I'm having the same problem. I can manage to get the 19 sometimes, the the next 2 numbers I can't find the right position for. It's very frustrating, especially since you can't skip.
 posted in Love Chronicles: A Winter's Spell on Jun 18, 15 1:54 PM
I am near the end of the game. I called up the ice king and I'm supposed to be given a puzzle piece for the book to melt his heart. However that doesn't happen. The game says the spell is broken and I just need to melt his heart, but I don't have all 11 pieces. I wasn't given the last ice shard nor do I have the 3rd raven feather. I've come so far in this game and really enjoyed it but now I just want to finish it. Does anyone know a work around for this? I have gone through this whole section again and I have not missed any ice shards. I can't continue without this last one.

 posted in Spirits of Mystery: The Silver Arrow on Feb 18, 14 9:20 AM
This game was not for me. Played the demo and liked it to a certain extent, but was annoyed by all the achievements and gathering way to many collectibles. I like games for the story mainly and this one kept interrupting my game play with "You achieved this! You gathered so many of this collectible!" It was just too much for me I didn't like being jerked out of the story for this. I played Royal Detective: Lord of Statues and they had collectible gnomes, but it didn't bother me because it wasn't in my face. I don't remember if they had achievements but if they did they didn't annoy me.

I found the achievements and many collectible items and buying stuff to be intrusive. If the developer ever reads this, please make achievements a choice. Something to be turned off in the menu if you don't like to play that way. The game itself was interesting to me.
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