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 posted in Hope Lake on Apr 15, 18 12:02 PM
Where is the flashlight I can't do anything with the tweezers and the lamp until I get the flashlight.
How do you get to Sophia's house to put the coloured blocks in place I just can't find it help
What on earth do I do with the paintbrush to allow me to move on with the game tried everything and nothing seems to work HELP PLEASE.
How do i put the lit torch out in 1 of the hops. I have tried every way but i can't get it to go out in the water on the balcony. Help please.
Where do i find the luminous moss i have got all the other ingredients i just can't find the moss help!!!!!
Yes I have it is so annoying as I can,t get any further until I get the water and the cypher.
I can't grab the cypher or the bottle of water in the tent near the sleeping bear. Every time i try to grab them i can't what am i doing wrong help please.
Can,t read the last number on the right side of the till, can anyone tell me what it is been through every possibility nothing seems to work.
 posted in Nevertales: The Beauty Within on Dec 31, 13 11:10 AM
I am stuck at the barrel mini game at the Voodoo Hut. Anyone out there know how to turn them all into zeroes. Would be grateful for some help!!!!
 posted in Enigmatis: The Mists of Ravenwood on Oct 27, 13 3:42 PM
What am i supposed to do on the evidence board i can,t get passed that point in the game Help please would be appreciated.

 posted in Love Chronicles: Salvation Collector's Edition on Jun 13, 13 3:10 PM
Anyone know how to get the snake in the caves if so will you please share . Ta
 posted in Dark Dimensions: City of Fog on Mar 28, 13 2:14 PM
I,m stuck after breaking the window with the brick in the train station. Came out of the station and don,t know what to do next. Need to use the grappling hook but where do i use it and how do i get there HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 posted in Dark Dimensions: City of Fog on Mar 28, 13 1:40 PM
Can,t seem to find the place to use the grappling hook. Think it,s in the cave but how do i get there. Help!!!!!!!
 posted in Youda Mystery: The Stanwick Legacy on Jan 20, 13 10:41 AM
Can't find the last key to get into the smoker's lounge can anyone help please
 posted in Grim Tales: The Wishes on Dec 26, 12 3:08 PM
where is the lady for the cabinet in the forest
Hi Redburnbabe here can anyone tell me where the hammer is to remove the nail in the cellar can't find it anywhere thanks
 posted in Bluebeard's Castle on Jul 18, 12 4:37 PM
hi bfg cimarron, thanks for the tip got the tail
 posted in Bluebeard's Castle on Jul 18, 12 3:51 PM
where is the lamp for the fireflies i have looked everywhere and now think i am going crazy can anyone help please
 posted in Bluebeard's Castle on Jul 18, 12 3:30 PM
Can anyone tell me where to find the cats tail. Ihave the chickens head but cant find the cats tail HELP
 posted in Bluebeard's Castle on Jul 18, 12 6:50 AM
Hi I can't find the quill for the ink and roller can someone tell me where i can find it. Help please......
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