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 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 9, 18 1:16 PM
Sorry you are having problems. I play as Diana with my old Friend Code number. You've been a good friend and I hope you're up and running soon. I don't play as much as I used to, due to Carpal Tunnel. When you mouse 2,000 times a day getting morphs; that'll do it. So, I got a touch screen monitor to avoid the mousing. Love the Game!!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 16, 18 6:15 AM
In all the other hidden object scenes a "mask" is the blue one and the "half mask" is the 1/2 gold one. That is in ALL SCENES consistently - until this one in Atlantis; which is pretty far into the game. I was a Proofreader and just thought Elephant should know so someday they can fix it. I do believe it is an error.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 16, 18 6:06 AM
I'm on a PC. In Atlantis, in the "Altar of a Thousand Candles", the word is "half-mask" and the picture in the scene is the blue "mask".
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 25, 17 11:33 AM
I've made it to level 31 but I cannot find any "Unique Stamps" to go forward. It does not seem that you can create the stamp. The cost to purchase one is very expensive and I need 5 of them. Any tips on what I can do???????
 posted in Weeping Skies on Jan 30, 17 2:21 PM
I "milked" the spider into the venom flask and the flask disappeared - it did not go into my inventory SO I could not make the plant poison. Stuck here!!!
 posted in Haunted Hotel: Silent Waters Collector's Edition on Oct 10, 16 6:57 AM
I see other people are having the same trouble. I'm about half way through the game and the MAP doesn't work any more. I DO NOT WANT TO USE THE HINT. I want the map to work. OK, Elephant - please fix this or I will have to uninstall.
 posted in Mystika 2: The Sanctuary on Jun 13, 14 8:10 AM
I have purchased this game. I have not played a Match 3 Game. I understand making 3,4 5 matches to clear the board. What I don't know is how you get extra "money"? Are the yellow coin matches worth more? Are there extra monies for longer chains - even if they are not the yellow coins? I can't find these answers in the game itself.
If you can help me, thank you in advance.
 posted in Shadows: Price for Our Sins on Feb 20, 13 7:34 AM
This is a "bug" and there is nothing wrong with my PC, Windows 7 system. You get almost to the end of the game. You are at the barn for a Hidden Object session. If you do NOT select the floppy disc in the book (lower left) but change the page and select the beads: YOU CANNOT FLIP THE PAGES OF THE BOOK BACK: and therefore you can never get the floppy disc which is now the last HO item. If you cannot finish the HO you will not get the clues.
The first time I played I sent a glowing review of this game before I tried to finish. Then I encountered this problem. So, I started a new game as a different player and got to this point. If you select the floppy disc - all is well. BUT, if you do NOT select floppy disc and change book pages to get the beads you can NEVER flip the book pages back to get the floppy disc.
Love the game but the developers should fix this. I have Beta tested many games and have a knack for finding hinky things like this.
When I finish putting all the items back HO (the one where the rat goes into the cage) - upon completion I lose ALL inventory items. I've tried this several ways ie different sequences but at this place I lose all inventory.
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