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 posted in True Detective Solitaire on Mar 3, 16 3:00 PM
I am stuck on the Backyard games on the professional level. I complete them all, but they are all locked with my scores listed except for the first one which I am forced to play over & over again! How do I get out & go on playing? Could someone PLEASE reply?
 posted in True Detective Solitaire on Jun 8, 15 7:04 AM
I have a problem progressing past the backyard level one. All the icons are in gray & I can't open them. I've tried troubleshooting, uninstall, reinstall, etc, but no luck. Am I doing something wrong?
 posted in Borgia: Faith and Fear on Aug 7, 12 9:51 PM
What a stinker! It has beautiful graphics and the HOS's but the hint doesn't help when you need it & you get hung up on simple little things.
 posted in Victorian Mysteries®: The Yellow Room on Aug 1, 12 3:48 PM
The directions are to take the honey from the hive under the inn's roof & give it to the innkeeper. I click the honey to him, but nothing happens. I thought I didn't do something leading up to that screen, but I've checked everything ! Any suggestions?

Update: I solved it by just going back to the 1st scene outside the train station & just making my way back through each scene. When I reached the innkeeper, it clicked.
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