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 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 22, 17 12:46 AM
What do you get with "disenchant" for items?
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on May 15, 15 3:40 PM
[b]150 ACHIEVEMENTS?????
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Feb 13, 15 4:08 PM
I followed the suggestion to go to the CASTLE and click on DECOR and click out then the MAP button will open. This only has to be done when you first open the game. Hope this helps-- they should fix this with the new update/
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Jan 24, 15 3:44 PM
You need to try to complete your quests before the last tile is given to you. What Gizmotek relic pieces to you mean? There is a timed Gizmotek quest which requires you complete 28 requests -- do not worry about your time -- just try to complete these requests and your last tile should be given. Also, make sure all of SACRED GROVE is finished -- these doors trigger the last tile for the castle door.Hope this helps
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Jan 20, 15 12:22 AM
Thanks for the tip -- I tried it and now my MAP button is working. No reply from Big Fish regarding the problem. Kudos to you and my best wishes for "happy gaming"
If you have questions, just reply to me -- happy to return the favor!
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Jan 14, 15 1:45 AM
[/b]What is wrong with the MAP button? It costs me a lot of time to go into "Collections" and navigate to the HOS scenes! Not very convenient. Did not encounter this problem with PC, but my new Apple Air I-Pad is very fast and I know the problem lies with the creators of this game!!
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Jan 11, 15 12:57 AM
Having same problem with a box reading: "Must be connected to Internet"
What is the problem with this game? MAP button still not working!!!
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Jan 10, 15 2:01 PM
Since the MAP button does not work, I go thru COLLECTIONS and pick an item which takes me to the MAP. This is the long way around, but allows access to the HOS which need to be found. So disappointed in playing this game on the Apple I-Pad --- what is going on with the producers of the updated version? No problem playing the game on my PC, but it is NOT the same game as on the I-Pad.
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Dec 23, 14 5:19 PM
After Level 57 I finished my quests and still had to open up two (2) small windows in SACRED GROVE -- this triggered the last piece of the puzzle for FAIRE OF LIGHT. All other information did not come close to solving the dilemna -- also 72 quests gives reward, but this was stuck until techs fixed gliche. Hope this helps.]
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Dec 15, 14 2:31 PM
I have been playing for several months and just received a new Apple I-Pad so I can continue to play AWAKENING KINGDOMS while traveling. I would like to continue my present level since I have attained level 70 -- what is the the log-in and do I use my Big Fish Account?
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Nov 28, 14 1:29 AM
At 68 years am moving from California to TEXAS!! Hee! Haw!
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Oct 30, 14 2:24 AM
Under "ACHIEVEMENTS" there is a reward for purchase special consumables -- what is this and can you purchase this in the STORE?
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Oct 3, 14 12:37 PM
tdf3k wrote:I have the wounded Pagacorn. I just don't know what to do from here.
Where do you find the potion to cure it?
Thank you for replying.

Cecil and Quinn will give you 5 ingredients needed to make Pegacorn well. Then Blessilda will appear with requests for other ingredients -- map places are given; back to Cecil and again Blessilda for each of the ingredients needed. When ingredient is ready you click on Pegacorn (laying down by Squabbit Hut) and click on the ingredient and give it to him. Quinn will say this is helping him get better. This will take some time with quests. Hope this helps.
I still have not found the last relic piece for Faire of Exuberance -- do you know where I can find this?
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Sep 30, 14 5:51 AM
What is TRI-PEAKS?
I still have not found the last RELIC for FAIRE Exuberance? Any suggestions? Would appreciate your input.
They should have had a journal someplace where we could look back at the conversations from the characters that drop clues as to what to do. This would help with searches as well as what decisions to make in purchasing and "giving" to characters such as the PEDDLER -- I do not trust him -- what do you think?
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Sep 28, 14 9:38 AM
I have GRAND MASTER for "SACRED GROVE" but still have two (2) locked areas -- what is the story behind opening the other doors?
Also, I have completed GRAND MASTER up to MOONFELL CHAMBER and am at Level #49 -- still have not received last relic for FAIRE OF EXUBERANCE and last two (2) relics for ATRIUM VERDANT -- what is the story behind this. Have gone to all places multiple times and spent time playing min-games, etc. Running out of energy and coins. HELP!!!
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Sep 28, 14 2:38 AM
I understand the struggle you are experiencing -- I beat the big "C" and hopefully you will too!! You need to keep your thoughts positive and playing the games on BIG FISH is a means of getting into that frame of mind. This game especially calms me as I listen to the soft background music == other games often bring calmness and serenity and hopefully "peace of mind" which reminds us that this game called "LIFE" is really about surrounding yourself with loving people and prayers of health and happiness for your future. Hope to hear something positive is happening in your life!!!
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Sep 25, 14 2:05 AM
Thanks for your input! I have reached GRAND MASTER and still have one more relic to find for Faire of Exuberance and two (2) more relics for Skycrystal Atriums -- have lost so much in coins and energy that am very frustrated that not one has appeared in any of my map scenes. This game is quite annoying in that you have to spend real money in order to play the map quests 1000 times -- this seems unfair to those who cannot afford to play for "free."
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Sep 23, 14 4:26 AM
Where do you find trophy #4 or #5? Is it in the HOS (Map) or in the Mini-Games -- and how does this affect finding RELICS -- Faire of Exuberance and Artrium Verdant?
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Sep 4, 14 4:34 PM
What is the number of the latest update?
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